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^ Missed the game because my internet feed wasn't working.  I followed the game on yahoo but lost interest as it looked like the Grizz had it in the bag up 25ish in the 3rd.  Then checked back late in the 4th and the Clippers were within 3!  Awesome win for the Clips.  Dayum.
The Lakeshow turned that one into a rout, a block party featuring one Drew Bynum.  Good times....  Off to watch the Grizz vs the Clips.
  Wow.  Orlando over Indiana in Game 1, who saw that one coming??   Tragic what happened to DRose.  Chicago appeared to play well without him during the regular season, I wonder how they'll do now.   Just got done watching OKC/Dallas, what a finish!  This series looks promising.  I'm really looking forward to Grizz/LAC as well.
It's that time of year again.  Time to bump this thread and talk basketball.   SA vs Utah OKC vs Dal LAL vs Den Mem vs LAC Chi vs Phi Mia vs NYK Ind vs Orl Bos vs Atl   Let's hear some first round predictions...  
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