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Quote: Originally Posted by RAQemUP Plus you can also amp the X series now with an LOD apparently. Which means get an X now and then an amp down the line. would you have a link to this LOD? i'm in the same situation as the OP and would definitely like to explore the sony X if it has a LOD option thanks!
i've done some research on RE0 vs RE1.. but i'm a bit overwhelmed with all the sound terms.. perhaps i can get some help with matching music genre to the IEM's?? i listen to about 50% rock/indie (green day, my chemical romance, shiina ringo/tokyo jihen, metric, yeah yeah yeahs....) 30% rap/hip hop and 20% pop/others.. and my music preference is more towards female vocals (unless it's rap/hip hop) would RE1 be a better fit (compared to RE0) for me because: - bigger...
i've been considering getting a set of PK1 and RE0/1... would the iBasso T3 be an adequate amp for the RE1's? my sources will be either iPhone 3G -- line out or the Clip+ -- headphone out for the iPhone setup i'll be using it in a quiet environment.. while the Clip+ will be for gym/travel thanks!
i also drag and drop files onto my clip+, i find that it works best if you create the directory structure you want on your hard disk first, copy all your flac files into these directories, then copy/paste the directories onto the clip+.. i've had issues with garbage characters showing up when i create a directory on the clip+ then rename it to the desired name i'm using vista ultimate 64bit with the clip+
are the forums on Little Dot Amplifiers • Information down again? i'm getting message: your username has been permanently banned.. yet i'm not even logged in..?
thx for the replies! Quote: Originally Posted by kostalex I would not bother with amping Clip headphone out for driving OK2. It is unlikely that some would gain reasonable benefits if any. yeah i've been trying it out with the clip+ and it doesn't need to be amped wen using the ok2's.. especially since i mainly use them in a quiet environment.. i was just using that as an example for my volume vs gain question cause the iphone line out...
i've been playing around with my setups for a while.. and i was wondering... when i use clip+ --> T3 --> yuin ok2, i max the volume on the clip+ and set to the T3 to about 4-5 volume with 0dB gain is it the same if i set the T3 to +3dB gain and lower the volume? i've been listening to it and i can't really tell the difference with the ok2's
hi, thanks for the in-depth review! i'm considering a set of grado's phones and i've been reading a lot of reviews of the different models.. however i'm confused on the different type of pads too.. could someone confirm if i got this right?? comfies (stock on SR60i and SR80i): bowls (on SR225i and others in SR series): flats (previous models - EDIT: thanks Cankin): thanks!
these are pretty good speakers.. its battery is charged using mini usb and it's got an internal amp.. so u can use it for pretty much anything Tweakers Pull-n-Play Speakers (Black) Tweakers Portable Speakers [SPKR-R1-BK] - $29.95 : one-way retractable headset, armbands, hdmi cables
hi, i'm still new to the audio equipment scene.. yesterday i just got my T3 and i've been trying it out with my DAP's: 1. sansa clip+ using headphone out --> T3, playing mp3 v0 and flac encoded songs.. 50% volume on clip+ and 6-8 volume with 0 gain on T3 2. iphone 3g using apple universal dock's line out --> T3, playing aac itunes plus encoded songs.. 2-3 volume with 0 gain on T3 yuin OK2 earbuds are used for both setup's.. so far i couldn't really tell the difference...
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