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really?? and i just ordered a pair from ebay/japan last week.. well if it's true then it's good news!   edit:   just found release date at futureshop (april 9 pre-order, $99 CAD)... i guess i'm lucky that i ordered the gold limited edition.. otherwise i could have saved myself $30
if i see you i'll come up and ask you why aren't you wearing beats.. then i'll run off with your hd800's    
Just joined the FXT90 party by ordering the gold wire edition off ebay!   I've been looking for another pair of IEM's with more of a Grado/PK1 sound, and these seem to fit the description from what I've seen here so far.   Now I need to figure out which tips works well with my ears and gives me a sound that I like.. I've never experimented much with tips and in general used Comply Tx-400 for the RE0's.  Just switched in a few of the stock tips and Sony hybrid's...
I've done a bit more forum searching/reading and I think the JVC FXT90 seems to be closer to the Grado/PK1 sound that I'm looking for.  Most reviews have described the mids as being forward, and more in your face sound (compared to GR07 for example).  Also a bonus that the FXT90 doesn't necessarily require an amp so it'll work better with the Clip+.   Anyone tried these FXT90's with music that has lots of guitars/female vocals?     Thanks!
Hi,   My main setup for office use is: iPod classic -- iBasso T3 -- PK1, and as I like the forward mids/"Grado" sound, this setup has served me well for my music which is 60% rock, 20% hip-hop, 20% others, mostly in AAC 256 kbps VBR.  (Can go all loseless ALAC but I can't hear the difference).   Eg. The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Shiina Ringo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric, Jay-Z, etc..   Recently there's a lot of construction going on and I've switched to my...
there's a bunch of sylvania gold brand 480a gold pins available on ebay now   i bought some to try out to, will update when i get a chance to compare them with my other tubes 
i've been listening to the I+ with OPA2107 + WE408A for about 3 months, and i've just recently rolled in a pair of Mullard EF91, and on first listen i find that the WE408A provided more bass than the EF91, so you may want to give the 408A's a try if you find the bass a bit lacking with your existing tubes
here's my setup:  
here's a great iem review
hi!   thx for having this giveaway, and merry xmas + happy new year to everyone!
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