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Purchased new from in Nov 2009 and used for about 4 months.  100% functional and comes with original box and manual, unused rubber earbud pads/rings, unused IEM adapter and tips, unused IEM filters.   Will ship worldwide. Asking for $xx USD via Paypal, buyer pays Paypal fees and shipping costs.   ***Price decreased***
new rsa mustang to replace my ibasso t3
received mine from RSA in 4 days after payment, charging now and looking forward to pre/post burn in impressions!
upload not working in tapatalk.
Note: RE-ZERO earphones are balanced design earphones. If you need to use RE-ZERO earphones on regular earphone socket,  you have to use the balance 4-pin TRRS plug to regular earphone TRS plug adaptor (packed in the  box). If you directly plug TRRS balanced plug to regular earphone jack,  RE-ZERO will only have sound in one channel   from
i believe you need to set the USB mode to MSC mode in the system settings of the Clip+ for it to work in Mac OS  
    got a chance to compare FXT90 and PK1.. disclaimer: I am a complete noob with reviewing/audio terms so feel free to correct any mistakes below   gear: iPod classic 160 GB -- iBasso CB07 LOD -- iBasso T3 -- FXT90/PK1   1. Jimi Hendrix: All Along the Watch Tower (ALAC)   FXT90 @ T3 volume 0.9 - drums: - cymbals: much louder than PK1, to a point where it's fatiguing as it repeats through the entire song - guitar: handles the rapid guitars note transitions slightly better...
hmmm i'm not that familiar with all the audio terms used in some of the more in depth reviews here on head-fi.. but i can try to help.. anything in particular you want to know about the PK1 vs FXT90?  and perhaps any sample songs/tracks you would like me to listen to as a comparison?    
did some comparisons with PK1 today   PK1 - iBasso T3 (volume @ 2) -- LOD -- iPod Classic 160gb -- flac FXT90 - T3 (volume @ 0.9) -- LOD -- iPod 160gb -- flac   - more bass impact from PK1 - FXT90 made me realize that PK1's mids and highs are slightly veiled - my ears can stand the high's on FXT90s just fine (ie female screaming at 0:21 of this track) - sound stage is wider on FXT90's, but then it's comparing earbuds/iems with different sound...
updated impressions:   - after 30 hours of burn-in/listening in the first week, the static/noise that was present when it was plugged into the iBasso T3 - LOD - iPod Classic setup is gone!  i can touch/bend/pivot the plug and it will not result in any static/noise - settled on the stock small tips after trying the stock mid and meelec balanced gray double flange tips   did most of my A/B comparisons with the RE0 using iPod classic headphone out, and i prefer...
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