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i think i had to pick a slightly larger font size to see all chinese/jp chars properly.. also i think i am using a utf-8 theme  
it does charge when plugged into the wall, however the ipod just won't show a charging icon/screen or the USB plug screen while it's plugged into the wall.. afaik, if you unlock the device and press a button while plugged into the wall, it will show you the usb plug screen (and won't let you go to the menus since you are stuck in the usb screen)         the device becomes a USB storage device (Windows only I believe, as it uses some USB protocol not compatible with Mac...
blox just posted on their website, seems like they will have a limited quantity of TM7 drivers + M2C housing earbuds for sale
Woohoo join the tm7 party!! They've replaced the pk1 as my main earbuds
with my setup (iPod 160GB + RSA Mustang) and earbud fit, i would rate PK1 vs TM7 like this:   using subwoof3r's comparison as a base/scale:   bass | mids | highs | speed   PK1: 1.5 | 3 | 2 | 2 TM7: 2.5 | 3 | 2 | 3   the mid-focused sound i get from the PK1 is quite different than what subwoof3r rates his experience with them, so it might be partly due to the pairing with a mid focused amp (RSA Mustang), but i guess we all have different ears   i am...
I've got about 50 hours of burn in and 25 hours of listening on my TM7, and so far I've found the TM7 to have a better balance of bass/mids/highs than the PK1.  The TM7 is also a bit more musical than the PK1, as the balanced bass/highs fills in the music better between notes, or pauses in vocals.  The TM7 has better decay which also makes the music flow better.   This is from A/Bing PK1 and TM7 with iPod Classic + RSA Mustang.   Comparing amped (above setup) and...
yes i will do a bit more comparisons of the TM7 with/without an amp to hear the differencejust wondering.. what is your favorite gear/setup when you listen to earbuds with and without an amp? thx!
received mine today    - comparing TM7 (left) to PK1 (right).. it is only slightly larger in diameter than the PK1... with foams (DIY cut donut) it has better isolation than PK1 for my ears as it is slightly thicker and does not have any vents on the back   - the TM7 exhibits stronger magnetic repelling force (when drivers are put face to face) than the PK1   out of the box impressions:   iPod Classic (ALAC) - Fiio L3 - RSA Mustang  - TM7: Low gain,...
i think my ordered will be delivered today/tomorrow.. so hopefully i can go pick it up after work before the weekend!
Check out ClieOS' review http://www.head-fi.org/t/621504
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