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Done!   BE5 model coming soon.. is that their new flagship model to replace TM7?
 I don't have an X5, but I've had something similar happen to me with duplicate files on a Rockboxed Clip+.  Did you use a Mac to copy an entire folder of flac/wav files from a OS X file volume onto the micro SD card?  Mac OS X creates a bunch of ._filename hidden file for each actual file, and some systems like Rockbox will interpret the ._filename file as the actual file, and depending on the database/file browser, it may show 2 copies of the same song.
Actually if you have the JDS labs o2+odac combo, when the o2 amp power is off, the line in jack functions as the line out of the odac, so you can connect it to another amp.When the o2 power is on, the line in jack functions as the line in for the o2 amp, and you can actually send signals to the o2 at the same time from both odac and line in.
Is it a good idea to keep the output of odac at 1.0V for 1.0x or 2.5x gain on the O2? Thanks!
 sony does offer a cradle for the ZX1 it says:- works with bundled USB cable or separate USB cable WMC-NW20MU- works with ZX1 in the case, or with headphone plugged in- USB can be connected to PC or AC adapter, for data and charging so it seems like you can combine the cradle with this other cable to send line out...
 From their official site, the box includes: carrying pouch, spacer (?), USB cable, WM-Port cap, user manual and they only offer official screen protectors to purchase, but i'm sure you'll find after market cases once it's out..
i've used my LD I+ with the following and it works well with my Grado 225i's   Opamp:   OPA2107   Tubes:   Sylvania Gold Brand 408A - These are harder to find and usually cost more than WE 408A   Western Electric 408A   Remember to change the jumpers for 408A type tubes if you switch from stock!  It's been a few years since I had OPA2107 and GB 408A combination, so I won't be able to give any comparisons to the stock tubes...
 Mac OS X creates those files as part of their file system.. it's normally hidden when viewing the file system in Finder.. but those files show up when copying a folder to another file system (such as Windows NTFS share).. so it's not really the fault of the DX50.. depending on the app that created the hidden file on the Mac.. sometimes it's a backup of the original file.. so it actually plays the whole song on the DAP making it seem like each song is being repeated even...
what other dac/sources are in your chain.. and which headphones are you using?   the beatles recordings have very distinct left/right channels, so perhaps the LD I+ has zero crossfeed, where as your other dac/amps introduce some level of crossfeed into the signal?
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