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do we get a free retail monk when we order zen from ali express?
   Thanks, I will read back through the thread to learn about this mod.
I've been away from headfi for a while... What is this dx90 mod that i've seen mentioned by a few ppl?The!
You can export the playlist which will put it in the m3u folder of the internal storage, then connect the dx90 in USB storage mode to computer and rename/edit the file... Once done you can import the playlist back by browsing to it in directory mode and clicking it once
 this happened to me today for the first time on my first time using 2.1.5L2, multiple times on the same track that played fine previously.. formatting and recopying songs back onto mSD card as suggested by lurker and going to factory reset the dx90.. will see if it happens again
does the optical input and output work as a pass through to another DAC? if yes, does the unit need to be powered on for the passthrough to work? thanks!
Mac os x file system creates one hidden file: ._filename for each actual file, which is a link to the real file. if you copied the whole folder from Mac to SD card, the you would have copied these hidden links as well. the dap would read this file and then play it, giving the impression that each file is played twice.either select and copy files (not folders) from Mac to SD cardorshow hidden files on the SD card and delete all files with pattern ._*
http://bloxearphone.com/   BE5 model coming soon.. is that their new flagship model to replace TM7?
 I don't have an X5, but I've had something similar happen to me with duplicate files on a Rockboxed Clip+.  Did you use a Mac to copy an entire folder of flac/wav files from a OS X file volume onto the micro SD card?  Mac OS X creates a bunch of ._filename hidden file for each actual file, and some systems like Rockbox will interpret the ._filename file as the actual file, and depending on the database/file browser, it may show 2 copies of the same song.
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