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Muse fan, eh? Want to hear the gritty bass in Panic Station and not have your ear obliterated by the guitar? Sennheiser
My Sennheiser 558 are excellent. Super light but secure.
Bump...can I get some help?
I'm trying to install Rockbox on my iPod Classic but I have a 160gb iPod latest gen...and I have a Mac, no real opportunity to use Windows...any help?
Go with the 2240b. The late 70s Marantz are durable and sound incredible. I have a 2252b and it's the best amplifier I've ever heard/used and I work in a Magnolia Home Theater. The earlier 70s Marantzes are good but usually aren't as nice sounding, also usually need some more work.Speaking of my Marantz, some dude is selling a serviced one for $600 on eBay. Good lord. I spent like $200 on one in pristine condition.
The Momentums are pretty much the best closed back headphones out there without going reference, that's why Sennheiser markets them as their "Orpheus" line, each one of their premiere headphones gets that classification. The only possible thing I could say are those new closed Audeze that are coming out or maybe downgrade to the K550...maybe a Fostex or Beyer set instead? They really are I think everything else is gonna be semi or mostly open. The Momentums...
          Sennheiser Momentum Brown Leather Over-Ear iPod Classic 7g 160gb FiiO E11 Bowers and Wilkins C5 Sennheiser HD280Pro
 I want the simplicity of the iPod Classic, and I like iTunes. I use ALAC and 320. Not a fan of the X3.
I've wanted a real portable rig for quite a while and finally sprung for it. Bought the Sennheiser Momentum, an iPod Classic and a FiiO E11. Advice, opinions, etc? Should be pretty fantastic.
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