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    Haha, yes. Nine Inch Nails specifically is my favorite band by a long shot.      It's on my bookshelf now! I rearranged my room. I'll be moving soon, so was trying to cut the clutter. I know, I'm down to 325e or Senn 650. I really need to get my Marantz professionally restored first though.
Some new stuff...                 Pictured is my amp, Marantz 2252B, my Sennheiser collection of 280Pro, Momentum & 558, and my direct drive Pioneer turntable. The hooks for my headphones are from Ikea.
I can give you ten good reasons and I hate Beats. This thread is the most elitist defener circlejerk in the entire forum.
 MartinLogan says no to this.
Good looking setup for a newbie to the audiophile world!
 Well, I'm also a speaker junkie, so mine has a large footprint. I posted it two pages back I think, I have a NuForce uDAC running into my vintage Marantz 2252B. Fantastic speaker amp but honestly it's a beast of a headphone amp. I was gonna buy a Schiit to complement my old Pioneer stereo amp before I got the Marantz and put the money into restoring it, but the vintage Marantz are highly regarded headphone amps because of their dedicated amp they have inside. Running into...
 Welcome to the marantz club. Some would disagree, but there isn't a better vintage IMO than a 70s marantz.
I started working at my local Best Buy in the Home Theater department in 2008. Not long after I started, Beats by Dre became a thing. First, they showed up in the headphone section, innocently enough. Then they had their own endcap. Best Buy, naturally, being Monster's, well, bitch circa 2008, let them run rampant with training and marketing in the stores. They trained all the media associates to refer to them as "studio headphones" and spent millions of dollars to allot...
 That's a fantastic little setup. Jealous of the small footprint.
 Saw them in 2010 at a small club and I'll be seeing them on the 28th in Dallas. If you like shoegaze concerts, go. It's not really much of a metal show IMO, it's much more of a dreamy shoegaze kinda show. But it's fantastic. Although my barometer for metal shows is Dillinger...then everyone else.
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