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Up for sale is an Ipod 5.5 60 gig. It is Rockbox'd at version 3.13. Battery is pretty good and it works well. It comes with a rubber case, plus two spare cases (black, red, and white).  I'm also including my Meier Audio Corda 3Move. This amp can be used as an amp only but it also can function as a DAC/Amp attached to the computer. It takes a standard mini-usb cable (which I will include). I am also including an apple dock cable for charging and data transfer...
Price is dropped to $375
Note: This is now also posted to ebay. I'll end the auction there, however, if it someone buys it here. Price is dropped to $385!!
Thank you!
Bump - still $395 - includes paypal fees and shipping CONUS
bump still $395
Price drop: $395 shipped!
I'm itching to buy a new camera - so help me out by buying this great little amp!!
I sold these to my brother. Listing closed!
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