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I have a pair of k501s and k601s. The k501 is a really well balanced headphone that just lacks a little bit of bass impact. I really like them when I'm working and I want to be surrounded by sound as opposed to pummeled by it. 
Yeah - I knew that from the violectric. I guess I could get an app on my phone and try volume matching the inputs to see whether I can really discern a difference. Regardless though, I'd like to step up the dac and I think with the above configuration, it doesn't make sense to elimate the XDA-1 so I figure I may as well go back to balanced...
Yes, its that marv golden site you linked a ways back in this thread. I found it by chance, googling around - emailed to make sure it was in stock - and then ordered. Fast shipping, good communication, etc.
Well - I got mine from a flight equipment store in San Fran - I got the edt 800 in black - threw them on this evening and I am so pleased with the purchase. My dt880s were used so having a brand new and so luxurious a pad has made the headphones feel new. I think this is going to be my main can for a while. The bass is up a bit, the soundstage perhaps down a tiny tiny bit, but more than anything they just feel and look great. 
My dt880s were already recabled to 4pin balanced and I'm using them with the violectric v181. I got the edt 800 pads for the dt880 (this really comfy leather pad beyer makes but is tough to find) and I'm really happy with them. I probably won't buy anything for a while but I have a friend with hd650s that I may borrow to do a comparison... These headphones! Even though its a money sink, its still pretty fun.
Yeah congratulations! I've been doing similar purchasing recently - trying to buy stuff that doesn't sound like my AKGs. The HD600 is on the short list for sure. (I ended up with beyer dt880 600ohm and a pair of ultrasone pro 2900).
I'm posting this in the Computer Audio thread because I figure there are other computer types out there who have added other components over time, but wanted to keep their comp in the mix for versaitlity. If this isn't the right place for the thread, a mod is welcome to move it. Thanks!   I've been slowly building up my collection of headphones and components and I'm now starting to think about upgrading my emotiva XDA-1. The thing is, when I went from using the balanced...
That's great - 100% not serious!!! I buy crazy expensive milk for my kids and while it be better for them since it lacks all sorts of dangerous chemicals, I don't think it tastes any difference than regular old milk. OJ on the other hand - don't get me started!
If anyone is interested, I picked up a pair of dt880s with a zynsonix 4pin cable and it sounds awesome with this amp. I've also got a pair of ultrasone 2900 and Bryan at zynsonix is going to make a balanced cable for them... I'll let you know how it sounds - the German German pairing (not the senn pairing of course...)
 Well clearly you have no idea what you are evening tasting for. Those of us who have developed our taste buds know that small batch, locally raised milk, sourced from cows who receive massages 6 times a day, tastes infinitely better than just regular old milk. 
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