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I recently discovered the reviews of the NAD viso hp50 and I think it is what I'm going to go for. It will cost something I'm comfortable with and not replace my akg's... I might get something else to compliment them with, since they are cheaper, but likely I'll buy an interesting watch as head-fi is not the only forum I obsess over. (-:
No worries, and I meant I don't want to change the amp - I very much like my Gilmore lite.
So did you keep the hd700s? What amp are you using? One of my goals is to only buy new phones, so I want the new headphones to pair well with the Gilmore lite... I haven't been deterred from the hd700 by the reviews but I also haven't heard them for myself.
Quote:That's my instinct as well. I'm really excited to try the HD700, as based on what I like about my current headphones, I think it will bring together a lot of qualities. I do enjoy a variety of phones - I just need to break out of the price point I've looked at because in the 100 - 200 range a lot sounds similar. I really like my k601s... but we'll see. Like I said, I'm lucky to have some places to demo. I won't really be able to provide great feedback on phones here,...
Ironically, I can demo Hifiman, Audeze, the Senns, and maybe a few other options that I hadn't considered at:
yeah yeah. I know. And then what happens if you accidentally raise your kid to be a head-fier? I suppose that's their problem.   I wonder where I could try the Fostex th600 or the AKG models? I think I might actually be able to demo those here in NYC.
Like any good head-fier, I think my kids will be fine with a state education! (joke - or maybe not... still too early to tell)
That's really good feedback. I much appreciate it.  That's what I'm really dealing with here. I want to make sure that whatever I step up to satisfies me for a while. I've had my k601s for about 2 years now and I'm only now starting to think about other choices. I really wish there was somewhere that I could listen to any of these. I live in NYC so I figure there has got to be some boutique hipster store that sells some of this junk?
The HE400, HE500, and the newer versions of both have crossed my mind but I've never tried a planar magnetic headphone. I really don't know what to expect... In my research today I also discovered the new fostex th500rp...   This $400-600 price point is getting really crowded. As of right now, the AKG options seem really strong given that they have already dropped down to the $350 range brand new from a higher original price point - and I do like my k601s.   I guess...
Hey, ALSO, how do you like the TH900 through the GLite? I'm considering a pair of TH600s and I do want to change the amp...
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