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No out of Australia shipping? United States?
I had ath pleathers on my s500 but I ordered the ESW9 pad directly from the AT parts department. I wouldn't say that the sound is much different, but the real leather pad is much more comfortable.    FYI they are available for 18 dollars a pad plus shipping. Steep, I know, but the comfort was worth it for me.
Personally i find the stock pads more comfortable than ath pads but the sound is definitely more open with the ath. I'm using the pads of my esw9 and i must have small ears as my whole ear fits in the pad. I will probably pick up some senn pads to compare as well. Currently i am at my inlaws but i left the s500s at home plugged into selections from the alan parsons soundcheck cd, drum and bass volume 9 and the tron soundtrack.
Inspired me to dig this out too! Of course mine is just flac.
I am using the pads off of my esw9s and I am really enjoying them. Definitely better than the stock pad, at least for my preference. Probably going to get a second pair of pads since I'd like to put these back onto my esw9s eventually as I also like those headphones. ' Where do you get the HM5 pads? I'd totally give them a try as well.
And a final question for the evening - pad mods... I think I will first try the HD-25 velours, since I can just run down to B and H and get them... but has anyone tried a pad like this: Garfield Softies. I wonder if they would make these sound a bit more open.
Here's a question: I realized I could rotate the headphone cups such that they rest against each other. With a little pressure, you can barely hear any sound coming out with normal listening volumes. Now, since I don't have a good sequestered spot for burning in phones, I was wondering what you all thought about me rubber banding the headphones together into that position? It would irritate my wife a lot less and help me get more burn in done.
I have about 5 hours of burn in on these now and already I can tell that they are winners. I've been a/bing them against my canare cabled ESW9s and while the Audio Technica has better sound stage, I'm incredibly impressed with how well the quality of sound out of the HA S500 compares. Give the fact that they are lightweight and fold up, I think I have found my ideal portable headphone - using it now in my portable rig and I'm very satisfied. I'll be taking a photo for sure!
Just recieved my HA S500 today after ordering about two weeks ago. A ten second listen yielded this impression: good midrange and treble, where's the bass end? So they are burning in now. I use a variety of burn in tracks typically which include sweeps, pink/white/brownian noise, and this track by Kharma legendary speakers which is a bunch of instruments playing at extremes (piccolos, kettle drums, etc.). However, it sounds like I should skip all this and just use dubstep...
Well, I think you mean the e11 as the F11 is the LOD dock to mini adapter thingy... Both the ibasso and the fiio are solid - I think you'd have to read around a bit to figure out which you'd like better (or just go for whichever is available used here in the forum). Here's another suggestion... Headroom Total Bithead. I tend to forget about the headroom gear, but that is a very well regarded amp/dac that does what the d-zero and the e11 do. Also, correct me if I am wrong,...
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