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Price is dropped to $375
Note: This is now also posted to ebay. I'll end the auction there, however, if it someone buys it here. Price is dropped to $385!!
Thank you!
Bump - still $395 - includes paypal fees and shipping CONUS
bump still $395
Price drop: $395 shipped!
I'm itching to buy a new camera - so help me out by buying this great little amp!!
I sold these to my brother. Listing closed!
My first purchase at Head-fi was this Gilmore Lite + PSU. As time has passed I've also acquired a violectric v181 and I find I really don't use the GLite anymore. This is a really good, well balanced little amp that plays well with every headphone I have - AKGs Ultrasones, Beyers, Audio Technica, etc.   Included is both the amp, the power supply unit, the cable that connects the two, and I'll throw in the generic power cable I use with it.   The amp is in really nice...
I have a pair of k501s and k601s. The k501 is a really well balanced headphone that just lacks a little bit of bass impact. I really like them when I'm working and I want to be surrounded by sound as opposed to pummeled by it. 
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