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You were right - it was set to -12 and I reset it to +6. Quite a bit better now.
Thanks for pointing that out! I meant low gain/volume. And you're right, I forgot about the pre-gain switches. I was using them with my k501s and k601s in single ended mode. Those AKGs are a little hard to drive. The v181 had a much easier time driving my focal spirit pros. I'm going to try bumping up those pre-gain switches and seeing if it makes a difference. I need a pair of balanced headphones for this amp - any suggestions that are sub $450ish?
Well, bd-usa (on ebay) cancelled my purchase - out of stock apparently (BS - it stated 1 available on ebay... I'm a little annoyed) - so I'm not going to join this crew right now.... Back to the hunt!
Stefanaudioart wrote me an essay on recabling with their cable - a cool $600. Personally, I believe in good quality interconnects, not cheap radio shack junk, but I can't fit a $600 recable into my budget. FYI.
Ha. Actually it seems I'm not the first to think of this - lots of examples online. Hopefully it will make them more flexible in that they will be less boomy!
I just bought some black yoga blocks - 12 bucks - to serve as monitor stands. Seems like the cheapest way to bring up your monitors a bit and provide some isolation. I'll take a pic when they come in!
I just got my v181 and set it up with my emotiva XDA-1. Balanced out to the v181, then right now I'm only listening in single ended mode as I don't own a pair of balanced headphones yet. I'm shocked by how low power the SE output is on the v181 compared to my Gilmore Lite. The GL crushes it. But, I didn't buy this for the SE outs... I'm waiting on a T1 and then I intend to have them reterminated balanced. Then I'll know if the v181 was worth the upgrade over the GLite.
Look around on the sale forums, I see FSP and FSC fairly often. And I wouldn't count out the classic - Tyll described them pretty similar to FSP. This said, I'm very happy with the FSP however, if I had taken the time to really consider, I think I would have gone for the Classic if only for the comfy headband.
Since I asked the question I'll give the answer I found: BTG will reterminate the T1 for 40 bucks + shipping with a 4 pin xlr neutrik plug. will do it for 50. For 100, they'll reterminate and also build a 4 pin to 1/4" short cable out of the excess T1 stock cable. I also contacted a few other companies, when I get responses I'll post them so others can know the options.
OK, I'll consider giving it a shot - my eyes are fine! What plug do you all recommend?
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