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Quote: Originally Posted by xguntherc Hey everyone. I got my TF10 today and damn they are amazing. Say goodbye to the W2. Lol no jk but maybe They come with 6 tips in the box. 6 The phones have stock tips, as well as the box having S, M, L regular soft flex tips. And then the box has some complys, as well as another pair in the metal case so far these are great. I got a fit, seal, and great listening setup my first try with the complys....
Quote: Originally Posted by mark2410 those tips do fit, they are the default tip on my tf 10's very similar to the UE bi flange but so much softer thanks, just ordered some. we'll see what gets here first - the tips or the TF10s
Quote: Originally Posted by MaoDi If it fits on anything from UE, then it'll fit he TF10 with exception to the UE700 Cool, tnx.
Quote: Originally Posted by bcpk These tips are linked to in mark's sig, I reckon the pink would go nicely with that blue! i checked those out. Several Ultimate Ears models are listed as being compatible, but not the TF10.
Has anyone tried different tips with these? I'm really interested in trying some Klipsch gel tips, but I'm not sure if they'd fit.
Looks like a lot of people's head-fi signatures are going to be getting a new addition soon (me included) e-mail says shipping estimate of Dec 9th
Glad to find this thread. I've been looking for a decent price on some X5s, but no luck yet. A question for owners: do your X5s have any line noise or hiss at all? I don't have much experience with earphones, but I recently tried some e5c's and the line noise was VERY loud from my iBasso D2.
I went through the D2 versus D4 dilemma recently. I chose the D2 since I had no interest in messing with the opamps (which is one of the benefits of the D4) and I liked the simplicity of the internal rechargeable battery.
I'd have trouble telling if there was a mismatch at normal volumes, but it sounds fine. I just didn't know if a mismatch at a lower volume was indicative of a problem. Thank you for the info.
I received an iBasso D2 several days ago, and I like it so far, but I noticed today that the left and right channel volumes appear to be slightly different, the left channel being louder than the right. It's clearly evident when turning the amp volume very low, such that I can quietly hear music from the left channel but not the right. I've tried a few pairs of headphones with the same result. Does anyone know why this might be happening? I should add that at "listening"...
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