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Just received 'em, and gave them an initial listen. Initial reaction: VERY NICE! More listening to come, but I'm pretty damn happy. Fit seems fine too on the first attempt. Bass test - Fiest - The Water - Excellent Mids test - Jeff Buckley - Grace - Excellent Highs test - Magnet - Where Happiness Lives - Very nice w00t!
Quote: Originally Posted by ericp10 I doubt it will affect mine. Mine are coming from Arizona..... ditto. i live in CA and UPS says they went from Arizona to Kentucky
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia Oh I haven't received them. I'm just wondering if there are any version differences, like if one is an updated version while the other isn't, etc. There's probably no way to know for sure, but there should be no difference from what I know. If you're up for it, you might consider selling your extra pair to a fellow HeadFi'er instead of sending it back
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia So guys, is there any difference between the logitech ones and the Amazon ones? I plan on sending one back. I wouldn't think there should be. What difference did you notice?
I've seen this critique a few times, and each time it seems to be coming from an Etymotic owner. I'm wondering how many TF10 owners who find them muffled are also Ety owners?
Edit: SHIPPED! Arrives Monday (12/21). W00t!
Quote: Originally Posted by xguntherc yes this thread has derailed. anyone that bought within the first 10 hours or so already got them. I got mine monday I'm not sure when they went on sale exactly, but I bought around 11am PST and my ship date is the 19th. The wait continues.
Having owned and sold the HD-280s, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. They clamped HARD on my head, and couldn't be comfortably worn for long periods. The sound was pretty good, but they definitely sound closed, and I've found other excellent phones in your price range that I'd choose first. Perhaps check out the Shure SRH440 and 840.
Ship date bumped to the 19th, delivery estimate bumped to the 24th I just fired off an e-mail to see if they'll cut me some slack.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kenix Mine still says the 9th but they have not shipped yet and as far as I'm concerned, the workday has ended. x2
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