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Ok great. So I just fired up iTunes again and it sounds fine, or at least it sounds like it did previously. It's been a few weeks since I gave up on it, but since then I got the 11.0.1 update. Maybe that was it? Anyways, the sound is close to Audirvarna again.
I recently did the iTunes 11 upgrade on my Mac and noticed the sound quality was immediately worse. A lot worse. I've always noticed a slight improvement using Audirvarna instead of iTunes, but now it's a massive difference. Any idea what changed with iTunes 11 or how to unchange it? 
Yes, frequency response would be great to see measured.
I'm selling my Sony MDR-F1s that my father bought and gave me years back. These are great sounding headphones. 100% aluminum. Super light and super comfy. The reason I'm selling is because I live and work in a noisy environment and I don't have much use for open headphones anymore.   Some things to note: There are a few scratches on the finish which I tried to highlight in the pictures, and there is a very small (hard to notice) dent in the mesh on the outside of...
Been a while. Still for sale?
Are there any frequency response graphs of the Magni floating around? I haven't found any..
Would love it if you could share some thoughts on Modi/Magni versus your Dragonfly.
LOL. Well put. Thanks for the recommendations. I am indeed looking at a Dragonfly or Modi/Magni (still waiting to see a comparison between these setups).
Have there been any Dragonfly comparisons yet?
bump :)
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