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I ordered them too - should get them and the MM stack on Monday.   I read in the reviews for the Monoprice cables that some people thought they were super tight and some people thought they were loose. It might depend on the equipment they're being used on, but either way they should loosen up with use. And if you really want, you can loosen the contacts "manually".
You're talking used? New is $217 right now.
Ok great. So I just fired up iTunes again and it sounds fine, or at least it sounds like it did previously. It's been a few weeks since I gave up on it, but since then I got the 11.0.1 update. Maybe that was it? Anyways, the sound is close to Audirvarna again.
I recently did the iTunes 11 upgrade on my Mac and noticed the sound quality was immediately worse. A lot worse. I've always noticed a slight improvement using Audirvarna instead of iTunes, but now it's a massive difference. Any idea what changed with iTunes 11 or how to unchange it? 
Yes, frequency response would be great to see measured.
I'm selling my Sony MDR-F1s that my father bought and gave me years back. These are great sounding headphones. 100% aluminum. Super light and super comfy. The reason I'm selling is because I live and work in a noisy environment and I don't have much use for open headphones anymore.   Some things to note: There are a few scratches on the finish which I tried to highlight in the pictures, and there is a very small (hard to notice) dent in the mesh on the outside of...
Been a while. Still for sale?
Are there any frequency response graphs of the Magni floating around? I haven't found any..
Would love it if you could share some thoughts on Modi/Magni versus your Dragonfly.
LOL. Well put. Thanks for the recommendations. I am indeed looking at a Dragonfly or Modi/Magni (still waiting to see a comparison between these setups).
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