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I've tried that, but it noticeably effects SQ. The more you lower the digital volume, the more dynamics are crushed. At least with iTunes on OSX.
Anyone else having trouble with the limited gain/volume range? Maybe everyone is using higher resistance headphones than I am (see my sig), but I don't have a lot of room to play with the volume between channel imbalance on the low side (7 o'clock) and super loud on the high side (8 o'clock).
I don't get any hiss with my UE triple fi 10s, but the gain is a bit much for them (IMO). Sometimes I like to listen to music at a medium or low volume while I'm working, and that's not really an option since anything below 7 o'clock on the dial hits the channel imbalance on the pot, and above that it gets loud really quick with the IEMs (and my other HPs, actually).
Wishing for a gain switch.   There is a channel imbalance before 7 o'clock on the dial. Anything past 8 o'clock is really loud with the headphones I own. That doesn't give me a lot of room to vary the volume while listening and I find myself trying to find the sweet spot between the channel imbalance and a comfortable listening level. Any tips?   I could lower the digital volume on my computer (playing through something like iTunes), but that noticeably hurts...
What kind of surge protector are you using? I'd like to think something like a Furman would be ok?   I think there was one other comparison as well and they found them very similar.
Any popping/noise when turning on/off with the headphones already plugged in?
What's the recommended power on/off routine for the Magni? Is it similar to other Schiit amps - plug in after power on, unplug before power off? Would I experience a pop or voltage surge if I powered on or off while plugged in?
I ordered them too - should get them and the MM stack on Monday.   I read in the reviews for the Monoprice cables that some people thought they were super tight and some people thought they were loose. It might depend on the equipment they're being used on, but either way they should loosen up with use. And if you really want, you can loosen the contacts "manually".
You're talking used? New is $217 right now.
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