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People were complaining, that was the problem. Although, they were complaining about the rules laid out by the mods. Remove the rules (at least some of them) and there's less to complain about.
That would be really lame. Do you know of any way to verifiably test if my USB input is going bad? If it's messed up, I'd like to get Apple to handle it.
I'm getting some weird crackling on my modi setup right now. As I'm listening to music (Macbook->Modi->Powered Monitors), cracks/pops start coming in and gradually grow more and more. I stop the music quick and try different players, same thing. I'm not sure if it's my MacBook being weird or the DAC, but when I play through the headphone output of my MacBook, no crackling.   Crappy USB cable? Any ideas?
Those have been priced like that for several months. I bought a pair and returned them. I settled on some Emotiva Airmotiv 4s that sound superior (to me) in every way.
Refurb'ed, but an authorized seller (warranty and all that)   http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/DENAHD600/DENON-AH-D600-Music-Maniac-Over-Ear-Headphones-Black/1.html?c=wg
Post some pictures and/or info if you end up doing this.
Do you think SQ is still good when you drop system volume?
Same issue I hit. Are you running Audirvarna Plus or Audirvarna free without a USB dac?
  30%ish.     I use and love Audirvarna (free), but when using a USB dac (Modi) it doesn't allow you to adjust volume.
Yep - OSX defaults to 24 bit which I verified in the Audio MIDI Setup.   I came across a helpful paper at Wadia's website that shows how their digital volume control into a 24 bit dac doesn't result in any lost resolution when attenuating a sample:   http://www.wadia.com/technology/technicalpapers/Digital_Volume_Control_2.pdf   Makes sense, but how things work elsewhere would perhaps depend on the digital volume implementation?
New Posts  All Forums: