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I think arnaud is right.   On their website, there is a photo with a 1/4"-Neutrik plug.
The edition-10 website states that these are prepared for balanced use.   Does anyone know what this exactly means?   As I saw a common neutrik-jack on a pic, it's perhaps only a indication for a 4-conductor-cable.(?)
I think the best would be a Y-cable with one mini-jack on one side for your iphone and 2 mini-jacks for the 2 analog front and rear inputs on the other side.
There are also the Westone KidzSafe Earbuds   But I have no idea how good or bad they are.
nikongod, your right,  it seems my answer is only partly correct.   wikipedia says: Silver is stable in pure air and water, but tarnishes when it is exposed to air or water containing ozone or hydrogen sulfide to form a black layer of silver sulfide [...]. (  
Pure silver doesn't oxidize.
I found a picture with the foams here:     The K1000 outperforms the PFR-V1 in nearly every aspect. The Sonys have more mid bass and sound a bit warmer, but both lack deep bass (~<50Hz).   The PFR-V1 is my everyday phone, because they are very comfortable and lightweight and can be used straight out my soundcard!
I own a pair, bought it used, but in 'as new' condition for 120€. Pretty good price for what you get.   btw, i got small foam thingies with them to stick them over the bass pipes. You should also get them, I'm pretty shure that's a standard accessory.   However, I use them without these without any comfort issues.
I've been looking for the K1000 selector for a while, but haven't found one. Quite hard to find.
  @ BebopMcJiggy    Why did you use a mini-xlr-plug?
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