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 I wish it were that simple. ;-)  Actually took quote a bit of time away, back for a bit to check things out.
 What's wrong with that? :)
I am using the STX with Windows 8 without issue.  Getting it to work initially was a bear, but I found that was due to an incredibly out-of-date BIOS.  I have not had any problems related to OS with the STX.
That UE11 remake is on its way to me.  This is the first glimpse I have had of it.  So pumped!
pm sent
Don't get too comfy re-shell project should be there soon.  I can't wait to see what you can do!
Best thing to do would be email him. I asked him about redoing a set and he was very helpful and excited to take on the project.
For those interested in a case, I got the following response from iBasso: 
Quote: Originally Posted by uzziah my last annoying comment ... i have a little theory that goes "the more complex technology becomes, the more there is a desire to simplify". take a look at old star wars and then take a look at modern scifi movies; you'll see that people's "visions" of the future are now inexplixably moving toward NO buttons, no more mangled consoles with switches and lights and all that, but rather toward intuitive, tactile, sleek...
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