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  I was surprised to see that there is a new Revocation track out. Even more surprised to see that a new full-length release is coming this year.
Quake II has awesome music.
Really liking Cult of Luna. Glad I'm checking out their stuff.
I've been looking for more Technical/Brutal Death Metal. Giving Defeated Sanity's new album a listen.
Dark Souls is hard. I played it until I got to the second boss and then took a break after about 10 failed attempts to kill it. I spent some time leveling up but it didn't make things any easier. I'm not sure I'm going to return to it.
I should have checked out Baroness sooner. Blue Record is great.
I haven't checked out much Electronic music and I don't have very much. Currently I mainly have Ambient stuff. My collection is very small and I would like to start exploring and get more, but I have no idea where to start. I'm going to start looking through this thread and listening to stuff, but I was hoping for some help too. For Metal, I use Metal-Archives to help me, but I don't know of any similar site for Electronic music. Also, if anyone here has any...
I really like Bandcamp. I haven't bought many albums on it though, due to not having much money.   My most recent purchase was:   Ochre - National Ignition (2013) (Electronic)
I didn't know Deathspell Omega had released an EP until I checked their page on Metal Archives for some other reason. Same thing happened with Revocation. I'm really liking both these EPs. I think I need something to alert me of any/all new releases of bands that I listen to. I guess Last.FM might do that. I decided to check out Sylosis' new CD. I didn't care much for their 2011 release and haven't given it many listens, but I'm really liking their latest.
  Nice, I'm definitely going to check out more of their stuff.
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