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Dropped to $300 SHIPPED
FS :Sennheiser HD800 Stock cable. The cable is just like new. I replcaded it with my cardas cable since the first day I got the headphone, so the cable is  technically new. $90 including shipping via USPS
Price dropped to $320
Price dropped to $350
My guess is: 90.3lbs 93.3lbs 108.8 lbs
Still available, please send me offer guys
Sold to ksufiji
For Sale my 4 months old Schiit Audio Bifrost DAC with Uber Analog Upgrade. The DAC is in mint condition with no cosmetic damages.I'm selling it because I just purchased Sennheiser HDVD 800 and I no longer need this.    When I purchased this DAC, I did not choose USB input but I upgraded Uber Analog. If you need USB input function, you can send the dac back to Schiit Audio to have this feature installed any time.   $350 shipped including paypal. U.S Only. Papal...
I'm selling my 4 months old Schiit Audio Lyr Amp because I just purchased a Sennheiser HDVD800  for my HD800 headphones. The amp is in excellent condition with no cosmetic damage or etc.   It includes two original 6BZ7 tubes. I can include a new pair of matched hewlett packard ecc88 vacuum tube 1969 (same as orange globe) for additional $40   $380 (dropped to $320) shipped includes Paypal. US only. Paypal confirmed address required.   P.S: the eminem decal can be...
FS My Matrix mini-i 24bit/192kHz Balanced DAC From a non-smoking home, this unit is in very good condition, but retail box not included   Price: $200 shipped, Paypal gift or +4% to cover the paypal fee   Only ship to Con. US
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