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Any word on the upgrade?
Sorry if this was asked before, but does this thing play tidal? Thanks
I have for sale a Norne Audio Vanquish cable in good condition , the cable is terminated on a Single ended 1/4" Viablu connector. I used it with my Ether C with great results. It is a great sounding cable in my opinion. The cable has the engraved wood Y splitter.  The price includes shipping with paypal sent as gift. Thanks for looking Pictures added below
So u r saying the Zeus have better soundstage?
Hell o, I wonder if anyone can suggest a head fier that is good with re terminating IEM cables .  I got mine re terminated and I am not sure if the phase is correct.  Of course I will pay for labor and shipping, should not be a huge deal for someone that has some experience  with this.   Thanks
II have to bite my tongue, I am selling mine because I just take my mojo everywhere I go. Any interested Buyers please send me a pm.
I have and heard a few hi end USB cables and my favorite is the Lavricables made of 2 separate cables one for the power and one for the data.  Inside each cable there are 4 solid silver condunctors. compared to kimber silver USB cable , cardas, wireworld, audioquest and my previous favorite the silnote all silver USB cable the Lavri sounds cleaner without sounding analytical or harsh, it sounds more dynamic with better attack and more detail.
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