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So u r saying the Zeus have better soundstage?
Hell o, I wonder if anyone can suggest a head fier that is good with re terminating IEM cables .  I got mine re terminated and I am not sure if the phase is correct.  Of course I will pay for labor and shipping, should not be a huge deal for someone that has some experience  with this.   Thanks
II have to bite my tongue, I am selling mine because I just take my mojo everywhere I go. Any interested Buyers please send me a pm.
I have and heard a few hi end USB cables and my favorite is the Lavricables made of 2 separate cables one for the power and one for the data.  Inside each cable there are 4 solid silver condunctors. compared to kimber silver USB cable , cardas, wireworld, audioquest and my previous favorite the silnote all silver USB cable the Lavri sounds cleaner without sounding analytical or harsh, it sounds more dynamic with better attack and more detail.
[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]I have for sale a mint pair of the original LCD2 in mint condition with travel case included. I don't have the stock cable but I have a 8 conductor ALO braided cable with 4 pin XLR.  4 silver and 4 cooper conductors , cable also in mint condition. will sell the cable for $250 alone or with the headphones for $200 so $900 for both. Buyer pays paypal fee or send as gift and buyer also cover shipping.
Thinking about buying the onkyo, could u please brefively compare them to the mojo sound and the Sony ZX2 in case u have heard them.Thanks
Can u please tell us how u like the sound signature of the QP1R, what does it do better than mojo.Thanks
I think this will be the piece of audio equipment I will miss the most out of all the ones that I have sold. This is a masterpiece of portable audio, It sounds like tubes without having to worry about tubes, it runs for a good 10 hours. Buyer will have to polish it if they want it shinny, I like it with its natural patina. Enough said because I am sure if you are looking at this add is because You have read about this beauty before.At asking price I will include a pack of...
I have only heard the U12 so I can't comment on the rest of the U series, but the highs on the 12 are nearly perfect to me, never too bright which I also hate. They are extended enough to present nice details and to keep up with the amount of bass. Some people think that the U12 bass is a little much, but to me they are very nicely balanced through the whole frequency range. Most natural sounding IEM I have heard. They won't wow u at first but when they burn in and ur...
Has anyone here heard both the TG334 and U12 if so please short comparison would be great! Thanks
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