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So does it sound better than the regular 2.1?
Can u please post the link where u got them from, I recently got one from UK because the one in the picture was just like yours but I received a Korean-Chinese one.Thanks
Do u mind explaining how u did that and what case r u usingThanks
I got a pair from my friend Amd they sound amazing. So relaxed I can listen to them for hours . They r not the most detail or have the best separation , but I don't care they just a joy to listen to all kinds of music with them . If I want more detail I just use my PFE232.
I am using a cooper whiplash cable with mine , the cable still burning in , so far I like it quite a bit. The stock cable sounds good too.
I have the F111 and they sound great with the DX90, but to me all my IEMs sound good with the DX90. I have PFE 232, zero audio Tenor, westone 3 , I had the FX850.They all sound good , but they all sound different . The 232 has the most detail but could be a Little bright at times depending on music, the F111 are the most musical, the others fall in between these 2.
Does anyone have a different link to the japan made batteries , the one listed 4 pages ago is home crazy and is asking $50 for one battery .
Does anyone make an aftermarket cable for the PFE 232?
HE5LE impressive but very thin sounding.
Is that what everyone is paying , they are a little pricy .
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