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My fiio won't download apps from play store, it freezes quite a bit and crashes too. I am about to give up on it and return it while I can. Too bad because I like it quite a bit.
Thank u much Musiclover
Also has anyone tried the firmware from windows x A guy says he is using it an the player sounds 5x better than with fiio software
Question What is that circle next to my wi fi signal strength meter on the top banner of the x5
I do not hear any hiss from the balanced or SE outputs using my U12. I do like the sound but I know decisively that the soundstage , instrument placing and layering could have been better. The DX 200 does that better, but the gen 3 does other things better and it cost less than half the price. For a minute I was tempted to return my fiio and get the onkyo because for what I read the onkyo sounds like the dx200 for much less money. I don't have the DX, a friend does.
Is the m20 better than the b1 ? If yes how and which impedance adapter do u use?I have 3 different ones?Thanks in advance for any help
For the people who have had the x5III for a little while, can u please tell me how the sound changed after burn in? I like what I am hearing, musicality, nice tone, the details are not as present as with mojo, also the mojo is more layered . Fiio did an amazing job with this unit and the value is outrageous.
Problem fixedThanks
I have a silver cable from toxic as well as the B1 module, the 2 change the sound of my U12 to more transparent sound compare to the stock version. U r correct they are both smooth but I like what I am hearing so far. Only time will tell!
When I put the player on the screen mode that shows the album art of a single album, I get no sound. Any help would be appreciated
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