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Do the 334 have the same 3d presentation , with great instrument placement and layering that the F111 have?
U can just cut the plug and put a 4pin XLR connector on it. I would recommend a gold plated one. To smooth the highs a little bit. I heard the little dot with T1 in high gain sounds amazing!
For sale are my Amazing PFE 232 the IEMS are in mint condition , I have all accessories and original box, It comes with 2 of the regular cable but no microphone cable. Also included :a new package of black filters. The asking price includes shipping in the US, for shipping to other countries the buyer  pays. add 3%for paypal or send payment as gift. These retailed for $699 new so I think half off the price is fair , therefore the price is firm. If you need pictures please...
Have u listened to the peak volcano, I am thinking about selling mine to buy the master 9. Thanks
TThank u so much for the info, you know I tried the tubes on their own , and they make contact, seem snugged but not sure I should use like that. Did u try without the extender at all?
I am about to list my pair of 232 with 2 of the regular cables no volume control cable. They r in great condition and I also have a brand new kit of black filters. $350
Does anyone know where I can buy the 6sn7 or 6sl7 tube extenders so I could use my cv-181 on my little dot . I have not tried but other people said that their base is too big for the little dot driver tube openings . I have a first version of the MKVI+ . Please send me a link if possible. Thanks in advance
I will take the tube if still available! Thanks
The peak volcano is one of the best amps out there and a hell of a pre amp as well. I don't understand how todd has not selled 1000s of them
Does this new ova reader work with the dx90, how do u switch from its own reader to this external one when u have them both plugged in.
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