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I would like to trade an amazing portable rig for your unwanted Fostex TH-900. The IEMS r in mint condition and have everything that comes with them from factory. The Kojo comes with Box and Sanyo rechargeable batteries which are the best sounding batteries  with this amp, tried many so I KNOW this for a fact.   Thanks
Any word on the upgrade?
Sorry if this was asked before, but does this thing play tidal? Thanks
I have for sale a Norne Audio Vanquish cable in good condition , the cable is terminated on a Single ended 1/4" Viablu connector. I used it with my Ether C with great results. It is a great sounding cable in my opinion. The cable has the engraved wood Y splitter.  The price includes shipping with paypal sent as gift. Thanks for looking Pictures added below
So u r saying the Zeus have better soundstage?
Hell o, I wonder if anyone can suggest a head fier that is good with re terminating IEM cables .  I got mine re terminated and I am not sure if the phase is correct.  Of course I will pay for labor and shipping, should not be a huge deal for someone that has some experience  with this.   Thanks
II have to bite my tongue, I am selling mine because I just take my mojo everywhere I go. Any interested Buyers please send me a pm.
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