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Amazing synergy , I enjoy this set up as much as I do my big rigs.
DX90- cable pro reverie mini to mini-Kojo brass- DT1350 with t51 pads A match made in heaven, talk about synergy
Selling my amazing sounding Cayin C5 amp, It is in great condition and comes with original packaging. Buyer pays for shipping, I include the paypal fee. This is one of the greatest bargains in portable amps, it sounds amazing and works great. I am only selling because I  got a kojo brass amp and a op ha-2 that I use with my iPhone to listen to tidal, yes the kojo is better but it cost 9 times the cayin's  price and it weights about the same,  times more. I will post...
Hello Is the Kojo still available? Thanks Cesar
  -Audio The Nucleus Headphone Amplifier/Preamp “Great Sound for the Masses” By Cesar Gutierrez - Audiophile December 2014 It is always exiting to discover and learn about new companies in this wonderful hobby of ours known as personal audio.  Covalent-Audio, founded in 2013, is one such company based in Chatsworth California. Covalent-Audio owner Ronnie Holtzman, once of Theta-Digital in the glory days working for Mike Moffat, had a goal of offering headphone...
Lavri-Cables Pure silver Quad Core cable for Ultrasone SIG PRO       I first learned of Lavri-Cables on an Audiogon Add one night when I was looking at the headphones for sale, in those days I was looking to purchase a silver cable for my Fitear F111 IEMS. I decided to contact Konstantin Lavri owner of Lavri-Cables who is based all the way across the pond in the country of Latvia. I was  right away impressed with Konstantin fast response to my emails and great...
Maybe Not Tonight by Glen Hanard Cafe Blue by Patricia Barber  We Take Request by Oscar Peterson
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