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Thanks for helping me out with the crosstalk. It's assuring to know that it's normal.
Would someone here do me a favor and test this L/R channel test and see if you get crosstalk - basically test with only one phone in your ears and tell me if you hear sound only for that channel. I did a cable swap and I'm getting quite a bit of crosstalk (~30%) and I want to know if it's normal.
I used the stock cable. I'm not entirely sure how everything is wired up with the stock cable.   There are 4 wires Red - right Black - left white - It doesn't seem like this is connected to anything, testing the resistance between this and the left, right, and shielding shows it's open. Shielding - common ground   The L/R/Ground wires seem properly isolated. I used very little solder to ensure there isn't extra that might create a short. I placed heatshrink over...
Do any of you get crosstalk with your ER4?   I replaced the minijack on my ER4P to a neutrik plug and I'm getting loads of crosstalk now(about 20% of the opposite channel feeding through). I want to know if this is normal or I botched my job up somehow.
I've tried several sources including my laptop, my iBasso D2+ Boa USB DAC, and my desktop soundcard. Same results in all three.   I don't have another good pair of headphones so I was hoping someone else here could help test that for me, especially someone else with etymotics.
I never bothered to check the crosstalk before I replaced the cable. But after I replaced the cable, it just didn't give me that same sense of transparency that I was so accustomed to with my Etys. I decided to do tests with it and found it had a good degree of crosstalk.   I also tried setting youtube to 1080p and I heard the same amount of crosstalk. 
I don't hear any crosstalk on my speakers either.   I just ordered a set of monoprice 8320 and I hear a decent amount of crosstalk. I need to know if the crosstalk in my etymotics are normal so I can decide if I want to spend $50 for a replacement cable.
Mine broke so I'm looking for a replacement. I would consider custom/third party options.
anyone?   I just replaced the minijack on my Etymotic ER4P and I hear a good amount of crosstalk (about 1/5th the perceived volume of the opposite channel).   I tried with a pair of Samsung IEMs that came with my Galaxy S and I also heard a bit of crosstalk, albiet much less (about 1/10th).   I'm trying to figure out if a bit of crosstalk is normal or should there be no audible crosstalk at all.
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