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The remarkable thing about it though is that it still is able to remain very detailed and clean despite being strong on the bass. The instrument separation and the imaging both are really great. It's laid back without sounding muddy. 
I got these comply knockoff tips with the 4.9mm inner diameter, or T500 size.It works great! Way better than the stock tips IMO since they extend out further. These give me a much better seal than the stock ones.
Yeah I bought these 1more triple driver earphones because it should be physically capable of reproducing any frequency response curve with its three drivers. If that's the case, theoretically, it seems that it should be able to be tuned to sound as good as any earphones. 
It seems like we either have different resonances in our ear canals or the tips create a very different response (I'm using comply knockoffs I got off aliexpress). I adjusted yours a bit so it sounds flat to me.    But overall, we both clearly hear a big dip around 6000-7000Hz and compensated for that.    One thing I have to admit though is that my brain seems to have burned into the midbass boost. I don't really hear much anymore in the frequency sweep. I tried...
That's fine with me. As I said, even your basic onboard audio is unlikely to sound drastically different, if at all, compared to a dedicated, high end DAC.,3733-19.html
I'm not going to answer those questions because I don't see its relevance or I already addressed it, or I just reclarified it in a different way. Reference sound isn't relative to another model of earphones, it's relative to the original sound that the recording captured.    DAC isn't going to make that drastic of a difference that would lead to a 3-5dB midbass forwardness unless it's actively boosting the bass. An amp would also make a minimal difference for the 1more...
Reference sounds means you're hearing the sound exactly as it was originally created, eg, a live performance. That means a bass guitar should sound exactly like a bass guitar in real life. That is, for the most part, an objective measure and not an opinion. The 1more triple driver certainly does not have a reference bass response in that regard. That's a fact, not an opinion. Even Luca says he wasn't aiming for the reference sound when he tuned these. 
You can disagree with someone without claiming they're wrong. I also bought this partially based on your review. You said the bass was "controlled, not diffuse", and a "more reference, balanced, and therefore satisfying earphone."   That's what I was expecting when I ordered these earphones. I disagree with your statement and so do many others in this thread.  In fact, I would go as far as saying you're wrong in making that statement. It's certainly not reference and not...
Yes that's why I said I disagree with it. In the end, it's all subjective. Luca specifically states this on the box that he dislikes the "objective" flat, neutral sound.  I'm certainly not alone on my opinion of the midbass bloat judging from many of the comments in this thread. 
 Um, the EQ plot perfectly depicts in what specific ways I disagree with Luca's tuning. The main complaint I had is the midbass bloat that sounds very boomy and masks a lot of the details in many tracks. 
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