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I bought a custom cable on eBay.   One of the connectors is much looser than the other and the connection breaks apart easily. It takes about 1/3rd of the force to pull that connector off compared to the other side.   Has anyone had this happen to them? Did you come up with or find a fix?   Thanks.
The cables don't have a resistor, only the adapters do. I really enjoy the combo and would recommend it if you like to wear the earphones over your ears.
Do you guys hear crosstalk in this test?   I heard about 10% crosstalk with the stock Etymotic cable. I just bought these cables with the Shure MMXC adapters from AWWAN and there's ZERO crosstalk. It makes me wonder if...
I got a replacement set of stock etymotic cables and the crosstalk was still there. I then bought a set of aftermarket shure cables with the adapter for my etymotics and there was absolutely no crosstalk at all!   It's curious to me why Etymotic would choose to have crosstalk in their cables.
It's mostly breaking at the same spot. It breaks on the joint of the left earphone. I wear these over the ears on my bed. I lay on my right side so it's not even the left side that's being pressed down. The 90 degree one seems like it'd work well for wearing over the ears, especially when laying down since there's less protruding out.
Hmmm I'm going to need one that's cheaper to replace or figure out how to use it so that it doesn't break in a couple of months. I'm not sure why it broke on my three times this past year. I've had the ER4 for 10 years now and aside from the three times past year, it's broken on me twice total in those 10 years.
What is the most durable cable for the ER4?
I've had three Etymotic ER4 cables fray on the left earphone within a year.   I've had the ER4 for 10 years now, it's frayed one times before this. I'm not sure why it's all of the sudden going bad at such a high frequency this past year. I can say that I often use this in bed with me laying on my right side. The left ear is facing the ceiling. I always wear etymotic cables over the ears to reduce microphonics. Would anyone have a suggestion for a cable that's less...
 They look like those. Do yours have the white plastic mesh in the tube? When I used ones without the white mesh, they were the best tips I've used. But with the white mesh, I found them too fatiguing to listen to.
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