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 Followed this recipe without any modifications: It was well received at the party I went to.  Reducing the vinegar created a fruity and tangy custard which complemented the fresh in season berries.  
Something a little more festive for this past holiday in the US.  Mixed berries and white balsamic vinegar custard tart.    
@tomscy2000   The photoshop make up makes the images of the women look very unnatural to me, almost like it was fully digitally drawn.  Not a huge fan, unfortunately :( 
Can't wait to sous vide more often when I get the second generation Anova water circulator from buying in during their recent kickstarter.  It's not due until October though :(
 Maybe it's a modification with the recent batch, but my Enigmas have a plastic piece in between the headband adjustment slider that adds a bit of resistance to prevent it from sliding after you adjust it.   I haven't had much time to listen to my Enigmas lately unfortunately, as my amp is out of commission and I haven't had time to open it up and see if there's a disconnected wire as the issue.
 Do you mean the Takatsuki 300B's?  Quite a few fine 300B's you have there!
 That's really tempting.  Around the same price for a pair of EML mesh 300B that I had been considering.  
My thoughts exactly when thinking about hacking at any bone with my Shun gyoutou.
I have received Enigma number VIII with the suji finish from Luis today while I'm at work.  The end of the day cannot come soon enough!
Clayton is still the culinary mastermind of this thread with his many gadgets, so jealous!
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