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I don't have experience purchasing from either web site, but clay pots are nice for brewing tea.  Since they are unfinished, the pots are porous and will gradually absorb the tea you brew in them and will contribute flavor to the next pot you brew.  However, as you're aware of since you're thinking of getting separate pots for green and black tea, you will not be able to brew all types of tea in the same pot as you would be allowing it to absorb all different types of tea...
I thought it was a little overrated when I visited Chicago last year...  Way too much cheese for my liking.
For the moment, I still tend to use my W3000ANV more than my Enigmas but I've been listening to more female vocals than anything else lately which is where the W3000ANV works better for me.  
Where in Oakland?  I might be interested in swinging by tomorrow to pick it up since I work in Dublin and live in South San Francisco.  
That does look nice.  Perhaps being an early adopter for the Suji finish limited my options.  
Scribbles notes for a possible trip to Japan next winter.  Was planning to combine a week in Hokkaido to snowboard with a week hitting Tokyo/Kyoto.  
I live very close to SFO and would like to sneak into your suitcase.  
@HemiSam   It's a Rooms Audio FS stand:
For sure.  Luis takes great pride in his craftsmanship, and especially with his woodwork, and it shows visually and audibly.  
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