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 I told myself I didn't need any new stuff last year, then went and bought a pair of UERM's due to the steep discount on Massdrop.  My wallet still hates me.  
Point to point soldering always makes me nervous.  Really need to be organized for that type of circuit building.  
 That's sounding pretty good.  I've been a fan of them after seeing them on the same night as Russian Circles, both opening for Coheed. 
Haven't been to a meet in a while, posting to remind myself and probably go.  Will post again if I decide to bring gear.
Ah, I loved Lunch from Maine Beer Co when I was able to get some fresh bottles.  Some of their pales are also very nice.  Ghandibot I finally tried out of the can but it was also only ok for me.  On the Wings of Armageddon was also something I last traded for about a year ago before I put a stop to that and it was very good.  It's just good to see there are so many good beers everywhere in the country now, that I would love to travel more within the US just to try more....
 I guess we'll just have to differ there since earthy and herbal is pretty much how I describe most of the older east coast and midwest IPA I've tried in the past.  West coast IPAs started using more of the fruit and citrus forward hops like Simcoe, Amarillo and Citra and that's pretty much what most brewers use in newer IPA's across the country in the recent craft beer craze.   Also, that Weyerbacher beer sounds delicious!
I traded for a couple of 4 packs of Heady Topper a few years back.  Definitely a great DIPA, but comparable to decent DIPA's distributed in CA like Sculpin or Stone's Enjoy By.  The only DIPA's not available here I'd actively seek out again are ones produced by Hill Farmstead or Fatheads (Head Hunter and Hop Juju are both amazing).  However, I've decided to stop trying to trade for every single new hot beer because it's impossible to keep up with nowadays.  And it got...
I'm still pretty active with keeping up on local craft beer releases and events here in the Bay Area.  Just not as active posting about it :/
  An empty the fridge pie for 3.14.15:  Lemon curd on lemon cheesecake in an all butter shell.  Had the pie shell dough left over in the freezer and randomly had lemons and 8 oz of cream cheese sitting around from lack of use in another project.  
Nice article and mirrors my thoughts about the Enigma as well.  When Luis demo'ed his first pair at a meet early last year, it took me only a few days of dwelling on it to contact him to have a set made.  I don't use the Enigma too often since my W3000ANV are more my everyday headphone, but they are a nice slightly bass boosted complement to them for rock music.  
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