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I've pretty much used my W3000ANV daily since I bought them when they were released and the leather was starting to degrade and tear at the thin areas along the sides so I bought some replacement ones for when they do fall apart.  Haven't gotten tired of the sound yet, even if I have purchased other headphones since (Enigmas and TH-X00's).  Can't imagine ever letting go of my pair.  
We've been saying this every year for the past 10 years :P
  A little chocolate babka for fun.  
I've been listening to quite a bit of Riverside the past week.  Some dudes I met at a Steven Wilson concert a while back had recommended them but I never did get around to checking out their music.  I've waited too long as they're fantastic.
Could try contacting Luis (LFF) and see if he's still producing them.  He tends to be swamped as a mostly one man show though.  
Posting to remind myself in case I can make it.  Haven't been on head-fi much the past year, but it would be great to catch up with folks I've met in prior meets and to check out all the new gear.  
Anyone have some tips for cleaning the fabric covered cables of these headphones?  I had a little bit of a stain from a beverage spill on it and I'm not sure what is a safe way to clean it off without ruining the color beyond what it is like now.  
I ended up cancelling my participation in the drop after a morning of soul searching and research.  My stable of closed phones already hit on most of what these might offer so it was best to let someone else snap a set of these up.  My wallet thanks me for my restraint in the end.
Well damn, I just impulse bought this drop, even though I have way too many closed headphones...
  Peach pie as summer nears its end.  Whenever I ask what I should bring for a pot luck or bbq, friends tend to ask me to bring pie and/or beer knowing I love both.  Pie was up this time.  
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