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Well, I had a chance to audition these two at my local shop, and I personally found that the WS99 sounded like it had more bass, and also more treble than the PRO700MKII. The WS99 also felt more comfortable to wear.
So I was just wondering if anyone could provide a comparison between these two. I too am also after some good bassy headphones, and I know that the PRO700 seems to be known for its bass, but there isn't as much feedback on the WS99 that I can find on the web. Has anyone tried both? How do they compare?
I don't want to get too off-track, but I was under the impression that software equalization is not as good as it being done on the amp.
Hi all. Could anyone recommend me a good DAC/amp that has adjustable treble and bass, or at least adjustable bass? My FiiO E17 has stopped working on me so I am now considering upgrading. I will be using this with my Beyerdynamic DT 880 250 ohm headphones, and the source will be my computer. Thanks.
Sorry, I just realized that I should be posting this in the "Introductions, Help and Recommendations" section. I shall head over there.
Hi all. My FiiO E17 stopped working on me so I am now considering upgrading. What I love about the E17 though was that it had an equalizer. I currently have a Beyerdynamic DT 880, and while I like the sound of these headphones, I find the bass underwhelming. Being able to use an equalizer on the E17 to increase the bass (and the treble a bit as well) made the sound much more enjoyable to me.   So I would like to know: what amps or DAC/amps are there that have an option...
Hi all, I just want some clarification on this too. I have just ordered the Beyerdynamic DTX 101 iE which has an impedance of 12 ohms, and was wondering I could use it with my amp, which is the FiiO E17, which also has an impedance range of 16 - 300 ohms. Would it be okay to use it with this amp? Would there be any issues?   I'm also interested in getting the FiiO E02i to use with these IEMs.
Thanks for the clarification James. Could you also confirm the other question I had as well?  
I was searching through the forums and came across the below comment from this post that James from FiiO made regarding the firmware:   James, hopefully you will see my question. Do you mean to say that the newer firmware prevents the gain from defaulting back to 6dB when docked? I suppose there wouldn't be a way to upgrade my firmware would there? I've checked and I have the older firmware.
I have received my Fiio E09K, and after having played around with it for a few days, I must say that I perceive little improvements from the upgrade. I'm not sure if this because of the headphones that I am using, if it's just simply that the E09K isn't that much of an upgrade or maybe I just don't have good ears, lol.   I did find that the sound feels a bit more spaced out, a bit more open? There's a bit more impact I suppose, for example, the bass feels a bit more...
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