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 It is but you don't know for sure what all of those modifications are.
 I totally deleted all cookies in all listings; Facebook is slow as hell now, but Head-Fi still has errors when I open each section. Main index has no issues.
I just developed a ringing predominantly in my left ear, but here's the kicker: it only happens on my HD600, but never with my ASG-1. I decided to use a smartphone dB meter app, but noted a few factors first to make sure I wasn't listening too loud to begin with, but I first took into account the following:   1. HD600 listening environment - at home, with fan or A/C running, never earlier than 9pm; average noisefloor with fan or A/C is roughly 41dB to 43dB at 7am, drops... haven't been reading enough around this forum? Scroll up to the search box and type in NFB-11. Search for threads first and you'll see how many will come up; then search for posts, and you'll see how many "recommend me headphone and/or DAC/HPamp under $xxx" threads have the NFB-11 (and the NFB-12) coming up in the responses.  I've tried the NFB-12 and the original NFB-11 on the K701, HD600 and HD650. I'll call the sound of the NFB's "unremarkable" but you have...
 Well, let me put it this way. Let's say I run an eBay store where I sell fakes, maybe to fund my purchase of authentic products. You ask me to send you photos of the box. What's stopping me from pulling the fake item out, padding/carton and all, and pushing it into the box of my authentic item? Then when you ask for a photo of the actual IEM, what's going to stop me from taking a photo of my personal, authentic unit? (aside from any damage or wear) basically, what I'm...
Does ChromeOS have USB audio drivers? Many DACs work with generic Windows, Android, and Linux drivers; if you tried one that works on all those but not on ChromeOS, then there's a possibility that it either doesn't have its own or it's different enough. If it's the former, you can ask manufacturers that sell a DAC with proprietary drivers if these can be installed on ChromeOS.
Deleted cookies, no improvement on Chrome. Internet Explorer works properly on indexes, but when I hit Quote or Reply, it takes me to the full page editor but the editing options above the text box doesn't load. Unfortunately my laptop has errors on Firefox (FlashPlayer issues, pop-up blocker doesn't work on pop-ups but affects websites that open when left clicked, etc) so what I'm doing for now is opening the indexes on Explorer, then I cut and paste the URL of pages I'm...
 You might want to fix how this is phrased. It can be interpreted to mean for example that if the Stax amp driving the Stax headphone sounds different from the O2 driving the Stax headphone, the Stax amp is defective. The difference in sound isn't the amp itself but that some amps may have some difficulty driving certain headphones - the real problem is that this idea has been drastically overblown everywhere on headphone forums.
 Nope they're using computers, which are actually more dominant if you look at it another way. iPods require a special kind of chip that allows digital streaming; by contrast, many iOS7 devices just need the CCK to enable USB audio streaming.
If you're going with a dedicated audio source, consider a dedicated audio server. Most of them have digital outputs and WLAN connectivity that allows you to use your smartphone as a remote through the home network. Most of them work with FLAC and all sorts of MP3s, and some even have on-board HDDs instead of just USB storage ports.      
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