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 AudioGD NFB-28 - http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB282015/NFB282015EN_Specs.htm XLR preamp output and has a switch on the front labelled "DAC/HP," so I suppose that determines front panel HPoutput and rear panel DAC/Pre outputs just like on the later NFB-11 and NFB-15.
 The Shures are smaller than the Sennheisers, they're tight around my earlobes and likely worse for yours.
 What's the point in the DAC? The PXA-H800 can output analog. I'm not even sure if it can output digital. At the same time building a surround sound system around an iPhone isn't practical because there's only one way to extract a surround signal from it: HDMI. Mobile DSPs however use toslink since they haven't exactly caught up with HDMI. You're going to have to use an HDMI to toslink converter, which is one more box in the middle of your cables, and since its HDMI you...
 Well, first off, it depends on what kind of surround system vs what kind of headphone we're talking about, and for what. If we're listening to an actual surround programming - movies, games, some action TV shows, etc - then nothing beats a real, serious surround sound system in terms of sheer performance. You have large main speakers that depend a lot less on the subwoofer for the upper bass, making for strong "kicks" to the chest for music, like live performances on...
 No, especially with all other options. You can get an Ibasso D-Zero MkII later on for $119 - that comes with a DAC so you can hook up an iOS device to send it digital audio.
 AFAIK, they would.
I'd much rather spend all your $200 on a headphone that won't need an amp than get a cheap amp, like the Beyerdynamic DT770. At 32ohms it won't tax your iPad for voltage and with 96dB at 1mW (plus a closed back) it won't need enough power to get it into audible distortion.   I have the Superlux HD330 with a 93dB efficiency (3dB is a LOT) and 150ohms, and in bed I use that with my iPad running Spotify.
 I didn't know these were plastic, but when I used those none of them hit my ear. YMMV of course, but you can always see if the HD600 pads will fit without any issues. If they can fit they're a little thicker (than the HD380 and HD555), but of course if you wear them for long periods the compression will set in and at some point it might take a bit more time to bounce back to their original shape.
AFAIK it's the same chassis save for the driver baffle, it's the HD580 that has a more resonant chassis that they fixed in the HD580J (which is basically the HD600 without the tacky paint job).
 HD380Pro, HD555, G4ME - earpad thickness however is another matter.
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