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I was with a few buddies discussing ideas for  a restaurant, and naturally we did a lunch meeting right next to his gas grill. Two kilograms of rib eye and striploin were consumed and two people's crossfit diets ruined.    
 Well, in fairness, I know a lot of girls who will sleep with a number of dudes they like even without long-term expectations, but that's likely due to my more cosmopolitan upbringing. In the provinces, it's naive to think the kids there don't get any action - in fact, if anything, they probably start younger, but at that point you'd also have to consider a lot of other factors: less education in general and in particular less of people drilling into their heads that their...
 Anything that won't need anywhere close to the 5v USB power (that even some motherboards don't send out on all USB ports) and don't require special drivers (usually the case with anything over 16bit/44.1khz o 48khz) works with the S3. On my reference system, the Meier Cantate.2 only needs enough juice to power the LED for the USB input indicator (that's the one on the right - the manual comes with instructions on how to disconnect the LED if anyone wants to for any reason). 
 No but I assumed there's bound to be someone who would see that and assume you were, and likely take that as some sort of generalized warning so I tossed out a few other examples  
 Those aren't things that would be traceable exclusively to either Catholic nor Filipino, not even in combination. Those are more consistent with "poor" people who see you as a ticket out of poverty. In our mostly Catholic milieu (but also Muslims, Methodists, Baptists, and the like), your experience of that will be like if I brought home someone from Jersey Shore or  My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and my mother would totally flip out, and the only reason why my father wouldn't...
 Ibasso D-Zero works. 
 Lowering the volume on the computer OS drops the bits, so if you're using 16bit audio, then you'll drop below that (although 14bits is still good). In any case the reason why that was necessary for the UDAC was because it had a severe channel imbalance, among other issues that if I discuss here will just get deleted.
Ibasso D-Zero - $99 and works on some Androids too.
 Actually even Schiit disavows any improvements aside from fixing obvious USB power problems that some cheap motherboards and some laptops have. For a lot of other people who would spend $50 more on a red motherboard, that should solve the issues for half the price - gaming motherboards now come with dedicated USB ports for audio, or come with SPDIF outputs, and also decent DAC and DSP circuits. I personally prefer smartphones since they're more focused, don't need a 500w...
 Why not set the laptop to 100% then use the Icon DAC's volume control as a master control? You'd use it at lower than 11:00, which can mean less distortion - whether there's audible at that point already anyway means you might not really notice it, but then that's still the proper setting anyway. The only reason to want the amp's volume control higher (aside from more dB's) is if the potentiometer is so badly designed that even at 10:00 it has audible channel imbalance.
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