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Bought these sound unheard from an Amazon vendor for $180.00 on the strength of reviews by evaluators I've come to trust. They do require breaking in as do all headphones/loudspeakers, etc. before they begin to sing. I'm more than satisfied with the sound quality not to mention the solid build quality. While many reviewers/owners classify these as "bass-head" phones, I find the audio to be very well balanced across the spectrum with no particular frequency band...
A different point of view:
From CNN:
Hidden in all the iPhone5 hype is the new iPod Nano: Approx. 1.5" X 3" with the new Lightning connector and 16GB. A Lightning to 30 pin adapter cable (approx. 8") is available but is not compatible with iPod Out or video. The new iPod earbuds use the new connector and there is a regular headphone out.   IMO if you have accessories (LOD, DAC, amp, etc.) with your current iPod/iPhone, trading up (?) to new model obsoletes all your expensive toys. At least until the...
I'm looking for the same thing but it must play FLAC files. Except for the Sansa Clip+, which I have and the low end HiFiMan I haven't found anything.
Is Mp4 Nationite's website down?
Just got the Nu Force Icon Mobile. Not burned in yet but much better than my Headroom Total Bithead. Much quieter, more detailed sound (not harsh or edgy). deeper, wider soundstage than my old Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2S laptop card. Noise floor apparently much lower than previous options with much less "hash" at higher volumes. And this with old Koss KSC75's! Acquiring new headphones soon, maybe Grado SR 60's or Sennheiser448's. Any thoughts , recommendations? ...
The Fubar IV is out now. It's 24/96 with a Cirrus Logic CS4344 chip. Has USB/Digital coax/Toslink inputs for $347. Fubar IV Plus by Firestone Audio | Sound Additions
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