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Dear d4free,   We will exchange the new products of last batch Xcape IE for you, which we tested very carefully already. We need you return the products that you think are faulty to us so we can analyze it. Our dealer reported that you still keeping 2 Xcape IE and both have the problem. We are very sorry to hear about this and will pay the shipment cost for you. Please arrange the shipment and just shot the picture for us, we will arrange the new products to you to...
Dear customers,   I represent for Sunrise Audio. We are sorry to hear about your problem with our product. The first batch of Xcape IE had the imbalance problem because of heating voice coil and removed damping. There are some products had problem with weak glue that may cause split housing. We did tested carefully and destroy all batch that has defective products like that. We improved the glue, the structure and also voice coil glue (which connect the voice coil...
Thank you very much for the review! Xcape IE and Xcited are on the way to dealers.
  We found the problem already, there are about 10 pcs of Xcape IE in first batch short of glue which causes the heating in voice coil, our staff made a mistake when send some of the faulty products to UK. We will replace all the faulty products with new one and will check everything careful. Thank you for understand!
Thank you for the review!
Can you please tell us which source did you use, and did you hear at extreme high volume? It is really strange that your friend does not have problem with the same product. We do want to support every consumers for our company's mission is that, so please do not say bad thing even when you are angry. We are staying here to help you, please do not worry.
Dear Sphinxvc,   Please tell us where did you purchase this product. We did not make any product like this, it seem to be a fake.   Best Regards,  
Please check if you use right tips and have good fitting. If the product has problem, please send it back to our dealer and we will exchange a new product for you.  
Xcape IE's bass will increase after burn in time, it will also tighter, more control; mid will be smoother, treble refined without harsh. These things can be easily recognize after 50-100 hours. after 200 hours, the sound will be almost stable.
Thank you for your review. I appreciate your time to write the review!   Regards,
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