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Since Star Wars has already been named, I will nominate 2 other movies that have made indelible impressions on me over the years.  I have heard it said that "Movies should either allow you to come to terms with life, or make you forget about life's terms."   The first movie that spoke to me from that perspective was V for Vendetta.  Basically this movie predicts the future of society if we continue on the current corrupt political path.  As always hope prevailed in...
PM Sent
Price reduced!!!
I bought these from the Best Buy sale a few months ago and I've decided to let them go.  I will sell them for what I paid plus 3% for paypal.  I'll cover the shipping cost in the US.  Overseas buyers will pay actual shipping.  Box and all accessories are included.  I may have listened to these 3x total so they are in perfect condition.  I can supply pictures upon interest and/or will post them this evening when I get home.  Please let me know your...
Forget the TF 10. Has anyone seen a deal for the Monster Turbine Pro Copper?  
Also interested in trades for MTPC, Westone 3 or Earphonics SM3 or something along those lines.
Bump . . . price reduced!!!
I am selling a pair of Klipsch x10i that I have used for about 1 month.  They are MINT condition.  Package comes with everything original.  PM me with offers.   thanks
Are these the ONLY folks in the world who stock this cable???  I need one badly!
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