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As far as tips go, I've found that the best tips for my W4 by far, are the black silicone tips that came with my Monster Coppers. They have a larger exit hole. I have to make an adaptor from a Shure Olive but OMG! The soundstage and details REALLY open up and allow for a bit more brightness in the treble region making these just perfect for me. Still very smooth and full but with more treble extension.
What Spyro said to a T. Nothing to add. He must hear just like me as that's precisely what I perceive. Both very, very good IEMs but I give the edge to the W4 for overall musical enjoyment.
Just jumped from the UM3X to the W4 and couldn't be happier. A supremely balanced IEM with just the right amout of everything to sound smooth and natural. Instruments sound very real and the presentation has just the right amount of "weight" to not sound thin or too pumped up. Can't stop listening to these.   I've tried SuperFi Pro 5, HF5, S4, TS02, PFE, TF10, SE215, SE425, UE600, UM3X and I have no desire to try anymore. Don't want customs and I always seem to be...
Set of lightly used UM3X-RC, IEMs. Purchased the end of July 2012 from authorized Westone dealer with full 2 year warranty. These have been kept in perfect shape and always placed in the case when not in use. They are a fantastic listen if you like your sound a bit dark and laid back with no fatigue over long listening sessions. I've simply moved on to another sound signature that I prefer.   Includes all tips, case, accessories and original packaging. Price does not...
Westone UM3X. Nice amount of bass with non-fatiguing mids and highs. Not as bright. A little dark sounding but once your ears adjust, you can listen all day to them. Plenty of detail.
Damn, I'm such an idiot. I just took the tips off my UM3X's and noticed that I had decored a couple of Shure Olives and slipped the M6 tips over them. If you need some I can decore a couple of Olives I have and send the cores to you.   Sorry,   Ed
Yes, I believe those are it. I have the clear version though. The mushroom tips have a smaller bore hole which seems to restrict the highs and make everything sound too congested and dark to me. These tips seem to open up the sound more and give a nice balance between bass, mids and highs. I use a very light seal not inserting too deep only push them in a little bit to where they just seal.   Ed
Yep. That's exactly what I did. I also found another tip that I like a lot. The Meelectric single flange medium. I think it's for the M6 series. Very nice sound. I like it even better than the decored olive with the Sony hybrid. No mod needed and adds even a bit more brightness and clarity.
Have a lightly used pair of Klipsch S4 for sale. Moved on to other IEM's. I have the case, the large tips, medium tips and I cut down the dual flange to a single small flange. $35 + shipping.
  None of the tips that came with it worked that well for me. The tips that did the trick were the medium Sony hybrids. I de-cored a couple of Shure Olives and put the hybrids on those in order to fit the UM3X stem. Perfect balance of bass, mids and highs with these for me. The other tips didn't sound very clear.
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