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 You can cut them in half, cut some portion of it, enough for them to be small enough to stick to the inside edges of the pads. The inside edge doesn't need to be 100% covered for the pads to stick. Stick some lint to it as well by sticking them to a cloth a few times before you stick them to the pads, so they're easier to remove. They tear the pads sometimes if stuck directly.
So they're selling the equivalent of a $99 system at $499 because hifiman?
 It is indeed a sign of very good power supply. However, it's a much better measure when it comes to speakers that require similar power that the amp provides. The non-doubling of power does not degrade the quality of the amp for the HE-6 all that much, where the spikes and peaks don't even reach that high. Instead of going by thumb rule, it's easier to find reviews of the amp and determine it's sound signature and quality as most decent reviews are done on neutral...
Has anyone heard these? They've just been released (and very quietly at that).   http://store.hifiman.com/index.php/hifiman-x100-desktop-hi-fi-audio-system.html   Please post impressions if you have heard them. Really curious since this is their first venture  into speakers. Priced at $499.
Read reviews of it and see how it pairs with decent neutral speakers. Generally good amps dont start suddenly sounding bad on the HE-6. Yes the translation from speakers to he6 might not be exact, but it isnt night and day. Is there better bang for the buck for the same price specifically for the HE6? Possibly. However you'd need to try many many amps in order to isolate that risk at any price point.
 Just bid on a pair of HR824 for EUR 925 and lost. Damnit. Will try to get my hands on these soon.
 Yeah would love to hear your thoughts as your taste in music seems very similar to mine based on the techno thread posts :) 
 Have never heard these. Thanks for the suggestion. Will keep an eye out for them! From the looks of it, they don't seem to be very comfortable?
 Have you compared them to any headphones? or bigger speaker systems? Never heard it, but I read that it's better than the F version due to it not being as dark.  I have the 6 screw version. Im planning to buy a 4 screw version and see for myself what the hype is all about. Is this the mod? http://www.head-fi.org/t/763965/fostex-th900-mods The problem I had with the TH900 bass was the bass overshadowing everything. Does that reduce with this mod?
@Benny-x   You have the HE-6 as well right? Can you post some comparisons between the HE-6 and the SE-M1
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