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  I really don't want any lesser bass than the MH1C. What else would you suggest I go for? I really like the rumble on the MH1C. Max I can spend is up to $100-$120. Would that give me a good enough bump in the SQ as well as the comfort?
Hi ClieOS.   So I got the MH1C and the Brainwavz M2 that I had ordered. I don't like the M2 since the vocals seem very veiled and bloated. Not pleasing at all. The M1 I had previously sounded MUCH cleaner. The mids are also worse than the KSC-75, Aurvana live and the R1. They're not recessed, just bloated.   However, the MH1C are worth their weight in gold. I spent $35 on them. They sound AMAZING. I can't believe how good these sound. ANYTHING I try which I own, doesn't...
  The MDR-1R are AMAZING comfort and sound wise both. I absolutely love them. You should definitely give them a try. I did and ended up buying them.
I absolutely LOVE the sound on these. The only slight thing which could improve is the sub bass. Which iems under $100 sound similar to these? I got the  MH1C and I'm not too pleased with them.
  My main concerns are   1) How good the XBA-3 are compared to the MH1C which I have just ordered 2) Would the highs be fatiguing like the KSC-75 or are smooth like the MDR-1R/Brainwavz M1? 3) Comfort wise are these better than the XBA-2/M1/MH1C?   Thanks for the quick response.   They're available as refurbished from Best buy.
    Hi again ClieOS.    I've ordered the MH1C. I wanted to check one thing, based on what I've explained how good (sound and comfort wise) will be the XBA-2, XBA-3? They're available for $60 and $75 respectively and I'm temped to buy them.
Thanks. Ordered! Can't wait to get them now :D
Hi ClieOS,   I'm looking for some new IEMs. Based on the below can you tell me IEMS (Multiple - whatever fits - so I have a choice - There's lack of availability here) you would recommend me? Budget is max $100 but if it's lower it'll be nice. I might even buy a couple just to keep myself busy.   1) I like the sound of the Brainwavz M1 2) I don't like the fatiguing treble on the KSC-75 - too harsh 3) I like the sound reative aurvana live headphones - and...
Can you please confirm to me the seller name where you bought yours from? There are two sellers selling at around 15 pounds. One is "Mobile style" and the other is "Total digital stores". In the user comments some people have mentioned they got the older version. I just want to order from the seller which actually sells the MH1C as advertised.
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