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Would be really nice to compare the Liquid Fire to the Liquid Glass sometime. I am in San Francisco too, and can be doable if you'd be up for it some time :)
Any decent speaker amp will trump most headphone amps. You really have to hear some speaker amps on the HE-6 to believe it. I find it pointless to spend dough on headamps for the HE-6. Get cheaper speaker amps instead.
 If the Utopia had the same bass as the HE-6 Id be all over it too, but I didnt hear it. It's a very competent headphone, but my HE-6 is staying for the bass.
Not on amazon but by sonicelectronix
Thats not a good price. Theyve gone for USD 530 a lot of times.
 Audio Vision in San Francisco. They have the Elear, HE1K, LCD-4, Utopia, Ether Flow and tons of other stuff.
 It's a terrific amp indeed. The best tubes I've used so far on the Glass are Mullard ECC32, which are expensive tubes. The gain on the ECC32 is higher, which also helps with the HE-6. Other tubes that work very well with the HE-6 are the 6SN7W Short Bottle. If you want cheaper nice quality tubes which have a good sound stage but sound a bit more solid state, try the Hytron (Pre-CBS) 6SN7. They're terrific tubes for the price. For the settings, use...
 You're right, some people haven't heard the HE-6 ;) I really wish someone could post detailed impressions of the Z1R against the HE-6 so I get rid of the itch of wanting to buy the Z1R :o
 In the other thread you mentioned MCA 2 vs the MCA 20 here. Are these two different models? What is the specific one you have? http://www.head-fi.org/t/529873/amps-that-can-drive-the-hifiman-he-6-planar-headphones/4890#post_13114843
 Do you think it sounds better than the lower end krells youve had in the past? have you compared it to something like the J2? Edit: Also, can you look at the back and say if its the made in US or Canada version?
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