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Let's not turn this into a nasty thread and let the details come in. Maybe they have switched things around, starting with the name. There's no point fueling a fire unnecessarily.
Hi, If you have a power conditioner or regenerator for sale, please PM with details.   Thanks
I look forward to seeing more notes on quality, testing, pricing etc. 
  I'm still not sure if I should buy the F7 or the J2. I can't seem to find comparisons between them, and both of them have raving reviews. I might end up getting both if I have a chance to compare, and then the AHB2 as well. Keep the one I like.
 Correct input selected on the amp?
 Really interested in what you think of them :)
   I'm not sure if upsampling everything is a good idea and I don't want to keep changing the sampling rate manually as I have a lot of different kind of audio quality to play. Sounds like it is not worth the hassle to improve the little bit of sound quality over the Singxer SU-1 > Yggy. 
For RN3 to work with the Yggy, what cable are you guys using in case you have to use AES/EBU? Also, does this setup have the problem like the undaes-o where you have to manually change the sampling rate for any change of sampling rate in the music you play?
 I was curious about calling that amp the pinnacle if it has not been compared to other highly recommended amps for the HE-6 like the J2, so I was wondering if you had compared a few of those amps to come to that conclusion. Both the J2 and AHB2 are highly regarded amps, but I'm not sure which one pairs up better with the HE-6. One problem with the AHB2 is that it has balanced inputs only. Benchmark suggests that you use their XLR to RCA adapters if you want RCA inputs,...
 What preamp were you using to hear the AHB2? Also, have you compared the AHB2 to the First Watt amps?
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