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Price is for each. Excluding shipping cost for me across the world, Im effectively selling them for half price.
I meant hifiman wouldnt have both kinds in stock to replace 4 or 6 screw types, so you would have probably received the same ones I did when I got mine replaced, the 6 screw type.Not denying that there might not be differences. Going to find a pair with 4 screws and compare as well.
Selling my 2 additional pairs of the Denon AH-C300 iems.  These will make your ears RUMBLE. Keeping one pair as an example on how do to clean hard hitting bass     Also, consider this as a suggestion for the new top 10 contender if anyone can get a hold of these locally and verify it as well.     Links for the...
Selling 2 brand new pairs of Denon AH-C300 iems. Some of the best bass I've heard in iems. These make your ears rumble. Got them in haste since I really enjoy them, but realised that I'm not going to use the extra pairs. IEMs come in original packaging and full box with all accessories.   Price includes free worldwide shipping. Payment via gift or add USD 6.   PM for details.
Hi,   Looking to buy a pair of 64 Audio U12 iems. Please PM if you have them for sale.   Thanks
Hi,   Looking to buy a pair of LFF Enigmas. If you have one for sale, please PM me details.   Thanks
If you had your 4 screws drivers replaced, wouldnt they havejust used the new drivers also being used in 6 screws now? I highly doubt they have 2 different kinds of drivers in stock.I believe Tyll heard the HE-6 in the very begining of it's release and couldnt like the treble, possibly being the 4 screw version, if in fact all differences between 4 and 6 screw versions are real.
 Correct, but of course there will be people who prefer the brighter 4 screw version.  
Would love to try it out too, except the fact that Ive never soldered anything in my life. Does this thing come with a switchable power supply?
What are the differences between a 4 screw and a 6 screw and why do you consider the 4 screw one better?
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