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 That is somewhat something I do with my setup too. I run the Liquid Glass as a tube preamp into the Anthem MCA20 power amp for the HE-6. How are you using the Freya as a headamp?
HI,   If you are selling a Dynahi amp, please PM!   Thanks
It this the V2?
 I can tell you that's a LOT more fun compared to some phones   You can at least buy table service for a night at Armani Prive or Cavalli Club for the price of a Z1R.
Spot on impressions and I agree 100%. I had posted the exact impressions about a month ago (Post 532/534)"I find the rosewood to be the best sounding middle ground. As much as I love bass, I feel the bass on the ebony overpowers other freqs a little. The teak are pretty good and lush sounding and have the best sound stage, but I want a bit more bass on them. They have less bass than thx00 mahogany. The rosewood seem to fit in the middle of ebony and teak. I like the...
Im not entirely sure what could possibly go wrong with leaving it running without a load? Yes when leaving the house you should always turn off tube equipment generally, but these tubes can't really cause massive damage to anything unless they have some major shorts etc.
 How do these sound with electronic music? can the Rag drive them easily?
 You can run it very well out of a mojo!
The worst is they'll die and take nothing with them. Dont puncture the tubes etc or break them. Also, dont keep the headphones plugged in or use it as a preamp to speakers during burn in. Occasionally plug in headphones to check on low volume to not transmit bad sound into them. Best of luck!
If they are indeed NOS and not just tested as NOS they might not have been burned in. Furthermore, some unused tubes are noisy in the beginning due to carbon settlements, and therefore open up and settle after some burn in. Yes if the tubes are past their healthy life they will get worse, but if you are going to use them or return them, the burn in period won't matter so no harm in allowing them that time to work themselves out.
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