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 Which brings me to my question, do I need an even bigger sound stage and sacrificing the sweet sound that I have right now? at this point it's hard to upgrade from the H10, considering firstly how sweet it sounds and has plenty of power for the HE-1K. If there was anj amp which was considered to be an upgrade to the H10 without sacrificing its qualities, I'd bite asap. Right now not as worried about the soundstage. The search continues... Instead of the finding a DAC for...
 When you say benefits of going balanced what do you mean exactly? Other than soundstage does anything else change much? Any impact on the bass and treble? I have the HE-1K coming in, which is known to already have a pretty wide soundstage. I really enjoy my 560 out of the H10 and DAC-19, and I'm thinking if NFB-1AMP which is said to be more "transparent" would sacrifice the sweet sweet sound of the H10 and increase an already huge soundstage on the HE-1K. 
 Yeah that's one of the things that put me off as well. I wish there was a separate button for the amp alone. Although im not sure how else to go for a balanced setup without stepping up to the Master 7, at which point the Yggy seems very attractive too. That too at almost double the price of the Master 11 if I choose to go with the Rok etc.
 Why not go for the Master 11 instead? Giving you a complete balanced setup for less. Even as per Kingwa, the difference between a 7+9 and a 11 is not that much.
If I go ahead and order the amp now, when can I expect it to ship? I don't need an exact date, and a ballpark one would do.
Well once you spend another $550 and go for the Chord, then it's another $600 away to the Yggy. Slippery slope really..
I was actually considering selling my DAC-19 and going for a balanced Master 11 setup.
 So the jury is out for the FP030 and the EF6 as the best amps for the HE-1k then? Everyone keeps mentioning that the HE-1k scale very well with amps... I'd like to buy the best amp I can for the HE-1k.
This link is for the SDXC and not a microSD
What is the exact name of that amp and how much does it cost?
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