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I just use power as an initial benchmark because I cannot appreciate an amp regardless of how good it sounds, if I cant even get it to go loud enough. Im travelling but once I get back ill try a few different combos and see if things improve.Is it possible that something isnt functioning as intended in the amp? what would be the best way to rule that out?
I have a combination of a tube preamp into the A21 power amp which yields the best results for me. Best of both worlds.
Regardless or price, which driver tubes do you consider the best? I have a pair of ECC31 incoming, and Im wondering if there are better tubes out there of any kind that are worth trying.
SQ wise gibosi, which tubes do you consider best sounding, regardless of type? they dont have to be 6SN7 necessarily. Im thinking if there are better tubes than for example 6SN7W that I can roll into my amp using adapters.
So the stock model power supply is not included with the MZ2 Deluxe? I thought the LPS was an addition, and not a replacement of the stock power supply for the selling price of a deluxe combo, so one can switch back and forth if required, or sell the LPS etc, without having to buy an additional power supply.   I tried the HE-500 as well, and going past 2 o clock on the MZ2 with it as well, I can hear distortion in the bass, just like the Omni. I've never heard power...
Yes my question is, what does the standard MZ2 come with, and is that not included in the deluxe package so I can try the amp without the LPS. What did your MZ2 come with before you got the LPS? maybe someone who has gotten just the MZ2 can chime in
There is no need for digs like these. If you cant handle criticism against the magic amp, you shouldnt be in a discussion thread.
Im using the DAC-19. Using the same cables out from the MZ2 into the LG/LC and both of those amps seem to have enough power half way on the pot.
I was curious how I would have used them out of the box had I just ordered the MZ2 without LPS but that seems to have gone unanswered.I have the LPS and currently im facing trouble powering 3-4 of my main headphones so Im not sure how Id be able to post comparisons or even use the MZ2 as an amp. Its also difficult to post comparisons as I dont have 2 pairs of same tubes, and tubes contribute to a lot of the sound, so side by side comparison would be impossible. I could...
I thought that he only meant that for the HE6. I plugged in my LFF Code X (HE5) as well. They are lets say equivalent to HE500 power requirements wise and get too loud on the LC even under half way on the volume knob and the MZ2 cant even power these without getting distorted? Then I plugged in my Omnis and same results. Why do I keep reading these have enough power for most headphones and what not?I read enough comparisons between the LC and MZ2 mentioning how MZ2 trumps...
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