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 How much did the cable cost you and where did you order it from? how is the quality of the cable?
 Point taken. I would then like to know what cable options with 4pin XLR connectors are available and their quality. I've already determined my amp works better on XLR using a friend's cable. 
Is anyone using the 4 pin XLR connector and cable with the HE-560? if yes, which one and how does it sound compared to stock? Currently considering best in the verse.
The Gustard H10 is back on massdrop and is only going to be worth it once it hits $299.99. It's cheaper on ebay till that point and is still going to be more expensive for some after it hits the last price compared to ebay due to high shipping costs for some countries (USD 60+)
  Thank you for the detailed impressions. That's what I was looking for. The biggest difference I noted on the DACmini was the slam and how hard the bass notes hit (lower bass). The overall texture and extension seemed similar to me. From what I've been reading, the Bifrost is not much of an upgrade over the Modi (not considering input options, upgradeability, looks etc; purely sound based comment). Once your DACMini (hopefully soon) comes in you will be in a situation to...
I'm looking at DACs closer to $200-$250 which replicate the same kind of performance.
 I confirm this. @Koolpep was kind enough to let me try the H10, and compare it to the Magni2U. We also tried multiple DACs with the H10. There was a noticeable difference between the Modi, Modi 2U and the X5 used as a DAC and the DACmini CX while using the Gustard H10, even though the DACmini and the Modi have the same chip. The DACMini with the H10 had better slam and the bass notes hit harder whereas the with the modi they more flabbier. I'm pretty positive of what I...
I saw some on the website too. Was just curious what an actual one looks like (not pictures from the guy himself) and what choices people make for cable colours etc.
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