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 Was just wanting someone to post the pricing on it.  Also, would be great if more people shared pictures of their Silvergrade. I love seeing nice looking cable pics 
I agree. Ive yet to hear the he6 topped, which is why im curious.
Those are the starving student version. These are custom ones and cost a few hundred more and include worldwide shipping via courier which is expensive.
All this talk about the Odin being super HE-6, it's disappointing they're not available yet. WHEN are these going to be available? People have been talking about them for ages, and it's stretching a little too far when it comes to availability.
Can anyone post the pricing on the silvergrade? They're still not up on the website.
 What amp and pads are those? and that HE-box degrades some clarity. Try going direct to speaker taps (very carefully)
 Went back and searched, I read vibrant and not dynamic. Did you hear the glass? If yes how did you like it compared to your MZ2?  Other than clarity, what else did you like on the Zotl vs the LAu? I've just acquired the Liquid Glass, which is an amzing amp in it's own right, but my curiosity is still making me consider the MZ2.
Hi, Selling my pair of LFF Paradox Slants in blue colour. The condition is great with the colour still shining, except for one paint chip behind the headband on the cup (see pic). Price includes free worldwide shipping. Payment via pp gift or add USD 28. PM for details.   PM for details.
I read on the LG thread that you were getting the Glass. Did you get around to it? managed to compare it to the MZ2?
I assumed thats what more dynamic meant.That'd be great
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