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Hi,   I'm looking to buy the Noble K10U in decent condition. Please PM me your offers if you'd like to sell  yours!   Thanks
Ordered the spinfit medium tips. Will see how they sound with the FLC8S.
Thanks just saw them there but couldnt find much info on the shipping. Which shipping service did they use? did it have tracking and how long did it take to get to you?Thanks for the info. Might order some.
Those are the CP100 right? where did you buy yours from?
Any free app for android? I cant seem to find any.
Which version of the spinfits fit the flc8s? considering buying some
   I actually tried the K10U for a brief period of time and enjoyed them. Was wondering if there are any other IEMs from Noble which are better suited for Techno/electronica. Have gone through their website but beyond the N5 the descriptions don't seem as direct. 
Youre right. Couldve damaged my iems if the source was too loud.Whats more interesting is that I never knew there was a 3.5 input on the LC. So basically you can use the mojo straight out from 3.5 to 3.5 instead of 3.5 to rca as I had thought.
Interesting. I never really saw that 3.5mm before. Plugged in my IEMs in the 3.5mm jack. The volume control doesn't work and the sound is very distorted. Yes it works even when the amp is turned off, but with the same level of distortion.
I'm in the market to try to get hold of some decent universals. Which one would work best for techno/electronic music? I hate sibilant highs and need good lower end extension.
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