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Monster turbine $65.85
Those are the MH1 I believe. Not the MH1C.
Already have the MH1Cs. They sound pretty good for the price. It's EXTREMELY difficult to justify anything for above it based on the price. It seems that to get a jump in SQ you have to spend considerably more to get any decent jump.
Hi CLieOS,   Can you please tell me how similar the Phonak Audeo 122 are compared to the MH1C? I really like the MH1C except that I'd like the vocals slightly forward (think MDR-1R) and I hate the comfort on the MH1C. The 122 are available now for $80. Do you think I should go for them?
Can you please post a picture of them in the ears worn down?   That'd be great! Thanks in advance.
Hey joker   Can you tell me how similar the MH1C and the R02 Silver are? I dont like the cables or the fit on the MH1c but I really like the sound. I'd love to replace them with something very comfortable.
So what you mean are the mids on the mh1c are reccessed as compared to the vsd1? Vsd1 are more forward? Im comparing these vs buying the r02 silver as well. Thry also seem to fit my requirements fine.Thanks for the detailed responses. You seem to be the only one having them yet!
  If you had to rank them and the MH1C numerically from 0-10 how would you rank them? Comfort wise are they better than the MH1c? Are they heavy?   Also, are the mids more forward than the MH1C?   I LOVE my MH1c except for the fit issue. These seem good for the price. Where did you get them for $30?   Thanks for the impressions.
  I really don't want any lesser bass than the MH1C. What else would you suggest I go for? I really like the rumble on the MH1C. Max I can spend is up to $100-$120. Would that give me a good enough bump in the SQ as well as the comfort?
Hi ClieOS.   So I got the MH1C and the Brainwavz M2 that I had ordered. I don't like the M2 since the vocals seem very veiled and bloated. Not pleasing at all. The M1 I had previously sounded MUCH cleaner. The mids are also worse than the KSC-75, Aurvana live and the R1. They're not recessed, just bloated.   However, the MH1C are worth their weight in gold. I spent $35 on them. They sound AMAZING. I can't believe how good these sound. ANYTHING I try which I own, doesn't...
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