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Few questions about the K10UA:   1) Is it possible to wear the K10UA cable down? (Assuming you straighten out the memory wire), if yes, how do they feel and any differences in the sound? 2) Which cables are recommended with the K10UA (without memory wire and not too expensive) 3) Is it better to get the Mojo for the K10UA and use with my phone, or a DAP will sound better in similar price range? Any recommendations?   Thanks
Had similar issues with my amp but was covered under warranty and they even paid the shipping back and forth. There is no reason to worry. It has lifetime warranty that is fully transferable so contact them and they will sort you out. They have one of the best customer service.
Do you mean sound wise? why?
It's been said that the original flc8 cable degrades the sound a little. I want a replacement cable which at least maintains the SQ.
Has anyone managed to get ANY cable to work which does not have the memory wire and is less microphonic?
Because you start getting used to how it sounds
 Can you please share some comparisons between the Draug2 and Solv X? Thanks
 Email hifiman. They can courier the full headband to you (up to the point of screws on the sides), and then you can unscrew from the drivers and install it yourself. It's pretty straight forward.
How much was shipping? Any idea where it ships from and which service they use? Cant seem to fins that information anywhere on their page.
 Which version of the cable did you order and how do you like it? Microphonics? Any difference in the sound?
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