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Hey joker. Sorry I meant the ATH-M30. The one in your review. All these ATH-M50 recommendations everywhere are getting in my head it seems lol.   Im on a budget of max $70-80 for the new closed headphones.
Oh that's a bummer. I had big time comfort issues with the HD202s so I really can't get the HTX7 since they have the same inner pad diameter as you say. I really want something fully circumaural for myself which are considerably better than the KSC-75 in sound quality. How do you think the ATH-M50 are for me then?  
Are the RX700 fully circumaural? As in dont touch your ears at ALL? and when you say competetion is closer.. between which two do you mean? I was considering buying the HA-RX900 but I read they become really hot after a few minutes.. so I was considering getting the HD 428
Joker can you tell me how big are the HTX7? are they fully circumaural? How are they compared to the Sony MDR-X200 sound wise/size wise? I had the sennheiser 202 and I had to sell them off because they touched my ear.
    Have you tried the SB with similar music? Don't you think that would be more suited for pink floyd? I would hate pink floyd to have thick bass.. the only concern I have with SB is the SB might sound distant due to their huge soundstage as per reviews?  
What HPs?   Im talking about the Sennheiser HD428.
How long did it take to arrive in the US from the day you ordered?
  My concern with the UR40 is that I don't think they're fully circumaural. They would probably be the same like the HD202s which would touch my ears and become uncomfortable. Although I'm liking the reviews which say they sound decent.     UR55 seem good, but do they justify the price tag.. say compared to the HD428? or the V6?     I've read pretty rave reviews about the MDR-V6 but my concern is the same as the UR40... they might not be fully circumaural given that I...
I've read up in various reviews that the M50 have a very bad clamping effect which kind of makes them a no-go for me. Thank you for the suggestion though.
I am wanting to buy headphones which are FULLY circumaural and DON'T need an amp to use. I will be using them directly out of my laptop. I was wanting to buy the creative aurvana live but i dont think they're available for $60 anywhere anymore.   My budget is max $70.   Im confused between the following choices   1) KOSS UR-40 2) KOSS UR-55 3) KOSS DJ100 4) Sennheiser HD 515 5) Sennheiser HD 428 6) Sony MDR X-200   Comfort is really very...
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