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Hi there,   I'm selling my pair of Fostex TH-X00 Mahogany headphones, which are in very good condition. No signs or marks/scratches on the cups or anywhere (all reflections in pics). They were modded by Peterek to do a removable cable mod, and the cable was reduced to 6 ft in length with a 4pin XLR termination for a more comfortable length. This mod makes them much more comfortable to use and can be used balanced as well.  The wiring in the cups was also upgraded to Moon...
  I have the Singxer SU-1 coming in. Looking forward to see if I hear a difference. I currently use a normal USB out of my laptop to the Yggy. My USB out doesn't have any noise etc that I can hear. However I'm still curious if the quality of the AES cables has any impact.
For folks who have upgraded the dsp, what USB blaster did you get?
I have. I still like my HE-6s openness.My he-6 doesnt need adoption at all I dont really need a closed back pair. I actually listen to my studio monitors a lot too. So it all comes down to pure SQ for me.
Selling my Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon amp (first run). It's in very good condition with no visible scratches or marks that I can spot. Has lifetime transferable warranty on it, so you can have it transferred to your name. Comes in its original box. I will include a generic power cord if requested. Price includes shipping to lower 48 states. Will be willing to ship international for additional USD 40.   Please PM for any details.
I feel I'm still reaching for my HE-6 most of the time and not my Z1R (When Im listening to headphones that is). I think my Z1R will go up for sale.
Selling the Chord Mojo. It is like new with less than 6 hours on it in total. No signs of usage or scratches etc whatsover. I will also add an extra dual microUSB cable to charge and connect to the computer at the same time via one USB port. Comes in the original box.     Price includes shipping to lower 48 states. Paypal fees on buyer if any. PM for details.
 Would be interested in reading your comparisons.
I'm considering selling my Feliks Audio Elise amp which comes with a lot of tubes and adapters which will bring you up to speed with regards to tubes. It's a very good sounding amp but I'm going to stick to my higher end amps so selling it off. This is the 110V for US.   The package contains the following:   1) Feliks Audio Elise Amp 2) 8 x Philips EL3N tubes in original Boxes 3) 2 x EL3N to 6SN7 Adapters 4) 2 x Dual EL3N to 6SN7 Adapters 5) 2 x Siemens C3G...
 That is somewhat something I do with my setup too. I run the Liquid Glass as a tube preamp into the Anthem MCA20 power amp for the HE-6. How are you using the Freya as a headamp?
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