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Yes still available
Selling my Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable for Hifiman with old screw on connectors. The cable is 15ft in length with 4 pin xlr termination. There is also an adapter included which is 2ft in length and is female 4pin xlr to spades, to connect to speaker tabs. This works great for the HE-6 but you can use it for other headphones too. Cable+adapter new costs about USD 630+ shipping. Free worldwide shipping is included in price. Pp gift or add USD 9. Pics soon. PM for details.
Selling my Toxic silver cable for audeze (mini xlr, also works with ZMF, LFF headphones. Single ended 6.5mm connector. 6ft in length. Free worldwide shipping included. Payment via pp gift or add USD 7. Pictures soon. PM for details.
 I have this "issue" with one of the sides of my hifiman cables and the voice cuts out on that side sometimes. I emailed Frank back and forth and after about 20 days from the first time I pm'd him, he asked to send the cable in for warranty. The cable was received last week, but no information on it yet after multiple PMs. I can only imagine how I'd feel about buying his more expensive cables and one of them failing on me, with such slow responses from his end. It was May...
No sorry not looking for an LCD2.
They're even more comfortable and sound better with the vegan pads.
I meant by a commercially produced set of headphones. The Code-X is special but not everyone has access to it. I dont think it entirely trumps the HE6 in every way but it's better in many. Very complementary.
 Was just wanting someone to post the pricing on it.  Also, would be great if more people shared pictures of their Silvergrade. I love seeing nice looking cable pics 
I agree. Ive yet to hear the he6 topped, which is why im curious.
Those are the starving student version. These are custom ones and cost a few hundred more and include worldwide shipping via courier which is expensive.
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