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 What are you currently using as your amp and have you modified it in some way? I'm asking because I dig bass too 
are leather pads not available for the HE-1000? Im really starting to dislike the feeling of velour on my ears.
 Just go for DAC-19 and you'll never look back. It's THAT good.
Do you guys know of any other good amps under $1000 which also have a phase splitter and can go balanced out (even though you have input as SE)?
 Edit: It kind of does. This has been mentioned by someone a few pages before, quoting Kingwa. (DAC-19 > ACSS > NFB-1AMP > XLR out = Balanced.) Also, which is why I said "effects of going balanced" (which are usually associated with a bigger soundstage and better separation, which I understand need not be the case always and is not a hard and fast rule) which Stillhart said he has heard by going ACSS from DAC-19 into the C2 (Substantiating Kingwa's claim, but since C2 is...
It it because of the power and driveablity Marantz has and the fact that HE6 is difficult to drive or do you also like the sonic characteristics of the amp paired with the Hifimans? What about the marantz with other headphones?
 Thank you for the summary. So to conclude, if I have to get the effects of balanced, from the DAC-19, you can either go ACSS to NFB-1AMP, or SE to the LC and go out of XLR (the latter combo as mentioned by Stillhart sounds better). From all this discussion, LC has come out as a great option if I want to go balanced, which I thought was only possible by ACSS to NFB-1AMP ( @aamefford have you considered this? if yes why are you planning to choose the NFB-1AMP over the LC...
You mean DAC-19 to C2 via acss.Thanks for the answer.. Im thinking more about the LC than i am about the NFB-1AMP if theyre both going to have the same balanced effect, but LC having the more cavalli house sound vs the NFB-1AMPs transparent sound.Cheers.
Yeah that's exactly what I asked. Going from DAC-19 via SE in (since no balanced) to the LC and out of the XLR (balanced) to 560,does it have similar effects of going balanced as going acss out from dac-19 to c2 and out to the 560? (the effects which he already mentions he has heard)
   So just to probe a little further, from the DAC-19 to the LC and out from XLR to 560, does it have the same effects of "going balanced" as the DAC-19 via ACSS into the C-2 out to the 560? LC has started to sound like the next logical upgrade or side-grade of sorts to use with the DAC-19.
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