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Yeah I was thinking of ordering the Zeros but theyre a little over my budget plus the adapter thing is putting me off completely. Any other suggestions?
I'm worried they would be thin sounding with a little less bass quantity than the PL30s. Also since I've ordered the M1s I don't think the PL50s are going to be an upgrade. I'm looking for an upgrade.   Thanks for the quick reply.
Im looking for a smooth sounding IEM under $90. I dont like fatiguing/aggressive sound and I don't need excessive bass or treble. I like them in normal quantities with probably a decent soundstage. Will be listening to mostly pink floyd/radiohead/beatles and so on.   Suggestions please?   I've got the PL30s and ordered the M1s so far.
I'm thinking of getting the HJE-900.   I love my PL30s and I've ordered the M1. I mostly listen to Pink floyd (my main music), radiohead, Muse, led zeppelin (acoustics mostly), beatles and the likes. I want to know if I would enjoy my music with the HJE900 more than the PL30s and the M1s. I don't like excessive bass which gives me  a headache... usually listen to music while im going to sleep so I need phones which are a little relaxing. Btw- I have the KSC-75 and I...
Or it would be really helpful if someone made a comparison with the Re0
Im thinking about how they stack up with other earphones in similar price range
I would like to know this as well. Can someone who owns both or has heard them tell us?
Thank you very much :) Appreciate the help joker.
How good are these compared to the Brainwavz M1?   Joker/Mark/Clieos can you guys please shed some light on this?
    I really can't live with the clamping force :( I tried the Sennheiser HD205s once and the clamping force was enough to put me off those. So the ultrasone's are probably out of question if they have any sort of clamping force. My hunt continues for a comfortable full sized can which is around the ear for less than $70-80.   Btw- you've made my buy the Brainwavz M1 after the PL30s. I finally ordered them   I would've really bought the aurvana live if they were...
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