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Anyone who has the Schiit Fulla, can you please comment on how it performs with the fidelio X1? I'm looking at buying a dac/amp for the X1 (the FLACs I have sound too low directly from my laptop) but Im really lost.
Hearing all this talk is making me want to listen to all the gear! :D   A good post new year's plan would be a head-fi Dubai meetup!
I truly think the COP are much better than the ATH-M50/x which are highly praised here and for that price theyre a much better deal too.
So apparently the Custom One Pro were for $72 on amazon yesterday. We all seemed to have missed it. sigh
IE80 east in 40 mins. These were on sale at woot a few days ago at $160.
Damnit. Missed the X1 deal again. I really hope I catch one of these deals at $180!
 I see. Another option I currently have is to get the Sennheiser IE80 for about $230. I want to upgrade from the MA750. I've enjoyed my journey as follows .. Brainwavz M1 > MH1C > MA750 > xxxx? Im ok with having a little bit more treble as long as its not sharp or sibilant. 
Hi Joker,   Can you please tell me how the UE900s will compare to the RHA MA750 sound and comfort wise? Would these be a sizable upgrade?   Thanks
Where is AB Electronics located? Do they have all the versions of the DT880?
Hi Joker,   What do you think would be a good natural upgrade to the RHA MA750 with a similar signature?   Also, have you heard the funktion one speaker systems? can you recommend any iems/headphones which sound the closest to it?   thanks
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