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I prefer both my TH-x00 and emu teak/rosewood over the bloated th900.
 Sell me the D7000 instead. I promise to take good care of it 
After 2 doublings in HFM flagship pricing, (HE6~1300 to HEK~$3K to Edition 6~$6K), we have two more doublings to go ($12K and $24K), before we reach the Shangri-La pricing at $50K. Incoming: HEK V3 and Edition 66.
 To me the audiophile way of life is "fun sounding" and "exciting" and I could never own in the longer term the more "audiophile" sounding phones like the HD800 or SR009 etc. Yes the usage of the words is debateable, but their generally acceptable meanings in context of defining sound are mostly not (yes some people disagree etc as evident here). Yes if you think the HD800 are fun and exciting to you, good enough, but that comment would be understood that you mean they are...
 Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my post, but I meant fun sounding and exciting compared to the other woods. Yes they are still fun sounding compared to the HD600/650 to me and I'd take the teaks over them any day.
 When I say fun sounding and exciting I  mean a more V shaped sound signature, as it is generally assumed, which teak is not. I'm open to listening to what your definition would be.
I also wanted to note, that from reading the impressions on the THX00 PH, the PH has slightly better bass and treble (more "fun" sounding), and it should therefore essentially be very close to the rosewood since I have the rosewood and mahogany and I feel the rosewood too has slightly better bass and treble. It feels slightly more refined too, compared to mahogany. So I'm not sure if it will be beneficial for someone to consider the Rosewood and PH at the same time,...
I don't know about you guys, but I find it crazy that we are talking about the HE-1 and the Shangri-La in the same line now. Time and again with all things HFM it has been proven that the build quality is sub par. How anybody would trust build quality like that for a $50,000 set is beyond my understanding. Just because they are priced same, does NOT mean they are the same or sound the same or are built the same. As much as SQ matters, they need to stand the test of time...
I have the teaks, ebony and rosewood on the Emu and THx00 mahogany. I find the rosewood to be the best sounding middle ground. As much as I love bass, I feel the bass on the ebony overpowers other freqs a little. The teak are pretty good and lush sounding and have the best sound stage, but I want a bit more bass on them. They have less bass than thx00 mahogany. The rosewood seem to fit in the middle of ebony and teak. I like the rosewood better than the THx00 mahogany...
I wish some of you people with tubes lived here in SF so I could try them out!
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