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Well yeah that's the reason I needed a opinion. Having read up alot and not knowing what to go for because I don't want to end up with an iem which has the KSC-75 like treble or is uncomfortable like the first iems I got and so on. So far having made informed decisions I've ended up with two really good iems. I need an upgrade.   I can increase my budget upto $130 if that helps..
Any other thoughts people?
The RE-0 needs an amp to sound good. My fuze can only drive the M1s which I listen at around 70-80 volume so I don't think the RE-0s can be driven with my fuze. Secondly I've read that they lack bass and sound thin. I really can't risk bass lesser than the M1s because I enjoy some trance music too sometimes and I need some bass quantity too.
Hey everyone.   I currently own 2 iems. The PL30 and the Brainwavz M1. I'm loving both of them. I can't listen to the KSC-75 because of the piercing treble. Now I'm looking to upgrade for them. The most important factor for me is comfort because I sleep in them and I have small ear canals. Sound should be similar to the PL30s and the M1s with smooth treble, no excessive bass and clear vocals where I can enjoy my pink floyd.   . I looked into the MC5 but the...
Hey joker how are the silver bullets compared to the brainwavz m1? Can you post some detailed thoughts.. including the comfort aspects and build quality comparison? Im thinking of the silver bullets to upgrade to from the brainwavz.. thanks alot dude. I can't thank you enough for the M1s and the PL30s
Cant wait for the reviews on the westones!
Bump. Can someone please answer this
Do you think the Xcape is a $40 upgrade over the M1s?   the question is.. are they THAT good?   Edit: Is the treble smooth? or is it KSC-75 like aggressive?
Yeah I was thinking of ordering the Zeros but theyre a little over my budget plus the adapter thing is putting me off completely. Any other suggestions?
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