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 How do these compare with the DAC-19 at about $900?
Sorry they are sold.
Maybe it wasnt you but I remember an HA-1 user having moved to the Violectric V220 + DAC-19 setup and liking it. Also, which headphones are you using right now? Ive been reading that the Ether are not MUCH of an upgrade over the HE-560. Also, instead of a pre-amp you can go the split cable route for the pre-amp, and then use an amp of your choice.  Ive ordered the upgrade to the 2 RCA options so I can hook up A5+ monitors as well. I didn't want to go the route of split...
What is the advantange of acss over rca?Yeah once i get and am convinced myself
 You, Stillhart, ammeford and lukeap69 have been very influential in this decision with your PMs and posts (I inquired to purchase your DAC-19)! :D I have the Gustard H10 and of course the amp on the HA-1, so going to try with both. I believe ammeford is using the Violectric V220 which is similar to the V200 and Gustard H10, and he likes the combo. Im hoping for a similar outcome.
Another HA-1 user chiming in. Just placed my order for the DAC-19 with the Amanero upgrade! Now the wait begins... 
I think tonality doesn't matter much with electronic music considering it is already recorded with artificial sounding "instruments". What Im more interested is the slam and tightness of the bass and softening of the treble. Also, a lot of electronic music isnt recorded and mastered well, therefore a slightly forgiving DAC should help. Sabre only makes this worse, for me personally. For reference, I use the Gustard H10 and absolutely love it. The Gustard X9 that I...
I mostly listen to techno and trance. However, I currently have the Oppo HA-1, which I dont like. The treble glare is pretty apparent and is worsened by the fact that I have the HE560 which is also slightly bright. This has put me off Sabre pretty much. Ive therefore been considering DACs with a warm tonality and one which seems very decent is the Gustard X9 with dual wolfson chips and balanced out for around $400. Between that and the DAC-19 im not sure if spending $500...
Some people have commented thaat this DAC has soft tonage. Has anyone tried it with techno/electronica music? how do you like it? My main concern is the bass not being impactful or the tones and shifts being slow defeating the purpose of planar bass somewhat.
Why did you opt for the marantz and which one?
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