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Does anyone know the bore size of the K10 in mm? Im thinking of getting custom tips made.
 Thanks for that!
 Not sure why you're comparing prices of IEMs. The noble replacement cable costs $50, so I'm pretty sure it costs much less to make. FLC8S has terrible microphonic cable with a bad memory wire AND someone decided to go with connectors for which cables are non existent so people can't even use their own cables. Doubled the damage.
The FLC8S can learn a thing or two from Noble K10 when it comes to the cable and memory wire. One of the most comfortable and least microphonic stock cables Ive used. The memory wire is also extremely well done.   On another note, I enjoy my FLC8S a lot :)   Im thinking of getting custom tips/sleeves done. Any one knows the bore size of the FLC8S in mm? 
 One of those things that make you wonder about Hifiman. They discontinued what many people (me included) deem to be the best headphone in the market with no true successor, the HE-6. Now if MD took the HE-6 drivers and somehow made them more efficient to be able to drive them from normal amps, changed the headband to the latest design and made the grills open, at a price point closer to 350-400 USD, that would change EVERYTHING. I can discuss costing and mods in private,...
What is the difference between the Arcane and the Silvergrade S?
Hi,   If you have a pair of AKG K3003/K3003i to sell please PM me.   Thanks
 Can you elaborate on this please. What do you like better on the M2? What kind of music do you listen to?
 Can you please share some pics of your reshelled pair? Where did you get them done? Also, how would you rate them against other similar price offerings?
 What is the difference between R2PRO and R2S?
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