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 Interesting. How did you find it compared to your liquid crimson?
 Really looking forward to your review and comparisons against the MZ2 and LC. Any initial quick impressions? 
Have you compared the 6SN7WGT (Brown Base) to the 6SN7W? Any comparisons?Also, if you didnt like the bass on the 6sn7w, which tubes do you think do better bass except for the Ken Rads Vt231?
What is the difference between Skoll and Draug/zoetic?
Always hunting for a trip  
Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the Norne Skoll and Draug/Zoetic?   Skoll:   "4x24awg (12-wire)OCC (Ohno Continuous Cast) Fine Stranded Litz Headphone Cable in Tri Multi-conductor geometry"     Draug:   "DRAUG V2 - 8X24AWG (24-WIRE / MULTI-CORE, EQUIV. 4X21AWG)"   and the Zoetic is similar as well. How do these translate to sonic capabilities? Is the Draug/Zoetic better than the Skoll (which I believe is now discontinued)?
Regarding my lawton modded TH600, the bass on the fostex is very nice and the sharp treble is very nicely tamed by the Lawton mods. However I find the sound stage a little cramped (although much better than unmodded fostex). I think they'll be very headphones for you and not entirely sure if they're going to replace your LCD3.
 What characteristics do you specifically like about the LCD-3?
 You need a sharp blade/cutter to strip the covering off the double sided tape. It's extremely thin and it's difficult to probe into the tape even with a blade, but it's definitely double sided and works pretty well.
 Welcome! I see you have the Adam F5. How do you like them? What other monitors do you like?  Locally they're very expensive ($1600 for a pair) and shipping from the US to me costs a lot too. I tried them recently and they're decent. I also tried the Adam A8X and those were pretty good too although even more expensive ($ 2100 for a pair).
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