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 You're using the AD797 instead of OPA134 and the OPA2604 instead of the NE5532 yes? Can you please post links as to which chips did you buy exactly?  Also, instead of OPA2604, have you tried other opamps? Im really interested in getting the warmest sound and hardest bass out of the H10 without sacrificing on much detail or clarity. However, reading reviews of the OPA2604, it seems like it isn't much different than the NE5532, and a better choice is maybe the OPA627.
 It's just the treble being further extended and visible part in the AD823 that puts me off. If I were to go for the OPA627 to replace the dual opamp NE5532, which one of these will I have to buy? http://www.analogmetric.com/goods.php?id=1722 http://www.analogmetric.com/goods.php?id=1145 http://www.analogmetric.com/goods.php?id=1724 I'm still trying to understand what the difference between a single and dual opamp is. Is it just the feet? or is two chips? and from the...
 I think for single opamps to replace the OPA134, the AD797ANZ seem to be the best option. Still can't decide what to order for the dual opamps which gives me a warm low end with hard hitting bass, forward mids and smooth treble. Have you tried the OPA627?
That also happens when you have poor interconnects.
These will replace the single opamp (opa134) or the dual opamp (ne5532)? what is the other set of chips you are using?
 Anyone? Why do you guys not buy from ebay considering they're reputable sellers and are much cheaper?
 A comparison between the MicroZOTL2 and the EF-6 would solve world problems. 
 Thank you. I read the review and it is difficult to decide of the EF-6 or the MicroZOTL 2 is a better amp for the HE-1000. Wish there was some way I could hear them both and decide. No one seems to have both to compare and post some impressions.
 I think I'm going to go with these. I'm choosing the OPA2604 over the AD823, which supposedly have an effect of making the sound transparent and opening up the treble more. Compared to the AD823, the OPA2604 have smoother highs. At least this is what I have gathered from the reading some 30 pages now. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. Also, I'm not located in the US so is it safe to order from ebay? Are these these links fine and same things we are talking...
Have any of you guys tried the EF-6 or the WA6SE with the HE1K? Im trying to find impressions but have so far only found very brief ones.
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