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Just finished the blu tak mod. You guys were right    The biggest challenges were to not break the drivers while pushing the drivers and keeping them out of the cups while applying blu tak, and getting the alignment of the screw holes of the driver against the housing right.    Also, I used faber castell Tack-it (green) instead of blu tak.
 Can you please elaborate on why you liked the ECC31 more than the TS BGRP on the HD650? and vice versa for TS BGRP on the HD800. What are the differences between the two? Im trying to decide if I'd need the TS BGRP if I were to have the Ken-Rad VT231 and the Mullard CV181/ECC32? Going to use with my LFF Code-X and ZMF Omni. Yeah not sure of the LG accepts those either. Trying to find out.
Thanks for the recommendation. Will look for those but initial searches dont yield anything.Regarding the glass, the biggest improvement I had was the soundstage and details. It all depends on tubes too. I only have stock and RCA 5692 tubes yet, and Im waiting to receive a few pairs. This also confirms that the LC is no slouch and punches above its price. I also use the LG as preamp into my A21 power amp to HE6, which has shown good improvement over the Parasound preamp I...
Hi,   if you have a matched pair to sell of the ung-Sol 6SN7GT (Black glass round plates - BGRP) please PM me your offer.   Thanks
 What exactly do I search for to find these? Tung-Sol 12SN7 only yields the clear tubes and not the black glass ones
 So what do you thin is a better way to go if I need the Mullard CV181, go for the 6SN7=ECC32 or the ECC31 with an adapter? Or whatever is cheaper between the two if I dont care about using adapters?  Can you post some comparative impressions between them like bass slam, soundstage etc or a one liner defining sound? I've read about them individually, but would be nice to read a quick comparison if it doesn't take too long.
Just put up my pair for sale if anyones interested. IEMs arent for me.
Selling my pair of FLC8S iems. They have barely any hours on them and are in mint condition, except for one really tiny nick on the housing (see picture) due to changing filters. The original tips are unused as I was using spinfit tips, medium size, which I will also include. Free worldwide shipping is also included in price. Comes with all original accessories/box as shown in pic. Payment via pp gift or add USD 13.    PM for details.
The Mullard ECC32 seem to be US 800 a pair and the ECC31 about USD 500 a pair (used with adapters?)What would be a variant of those that can be rolled instead of the 6SN7 type?
 I did try the Mullard CV181 and it was very nice. I think better than the RCA 5692 brown base I currently have. Some others on my very small list (hopefully) are the Tung-Sol round plates 6SN6GT and the Sylvania 6SN7W. I believe both are said to have a nice bass impact and open sound. Edit: Missed the question. Are there any "equivalents" of these Sylvania and CV181? @jamato8 mentioned that the 6F8G version of the Tung-Sol are similar with 6SN7 adapters, so looking into...
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