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 Would be really interested in your comparison of the HP8 vs the LC if you can share please
 There is a list of recommended settings that was shared on this thread for various tube types by alex. You can follow that.
Hi,   Selling one of my Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon amps. This is from the first run. It's in perfect working condition and I do not see any marks or signs of usage on it. It's comes in the original box. It comes installed with rubber feet. I can add a three pin UK power cord if asked for it. If you buy more items from my open listings, I'll give you a small discount.   I will include free worldwide shipping in the price. Payment via paypal gift or add USD 27. I use a...
Hi,   Selling my pair of ZMF Omni Walnut headphones. These were bought from ZMF as B cups (used). They're in great working condition. In the past when I have not used the headphones for a month or two, it has happened once or twice that the right driver comes on after like 1 second instead of instantly. Once I keep using it, I have not noticed anything else at all, and the drivers work perfectly all the time. Just thought it was worth mentioning. They are exactly how...
     Your comment against the TH900 is interesting. Every now and then I pick up my TH-X00 and find them a lot of fun to listen to. The SE-M1 has me very interested for a while and Ive been following that thread. I wish you had the HE-6 so you can compare the SE-M1 for me :D I really do wish to hear these phones before I drop that kind of money on them.
I tried the vegan pads and didnt like them. Maybe I should try the audeze leather pads.
Im also very interested in reading the impressions of the MZ2 against the Elise.
Hi,   Putting my LTA MicroZOTL 2 amp with Linear Power Supply (LPS) for sale. The condition is great with no marks, scratches or signs of use that I can see, except for one extremely tiny chip on the acrylic on top left corner (visible in pic). So condition wise I'd say it's 9/10. It's hardly been used and comes with the box and manual etc. I will also include a UK 3 pin power cord if you ask for it. This is the standard locking version. The amp/LPS work in both 110V and...
I wish there was a list or summary of good tubes (both driver and power) for the Elise with some impressions summarised, so I could buy them in one go and try for myself. Something like the 6SN7 reference thread. (however that does not includes tubes very commonly  used on elise like C3G, El3N, ECC31 etc). 
 What tubes do you consider better?
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