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 Yeah that's one of the things that put me off as well. I wish there was a separate button for the amp alone. Although im not sure how else to go for a balanced setup without stepping up to the Master 7, at which point the Yggy seems very attractive too. That too at almost double the price of the Master 11 if I choose to go with the Rok etc.
 Why not go for the Master 11 instead? Giving you a complete balanced setup for less. Even as per Kingwa, the difference between a 7+9 and a 11 is not that much.
If I go ahead and order the amp now, when can I expect it to ship? I don't need an exact date, and a ballpark one would do.
Well once you spend another $550 and go for the Chord, then it's another $600 away to the Yggy. Slippery slope really..
I was actually considering selling my DAC-19 and going for a balanced Master 11 setup.
 So the jury is out for the FP030 and the EF6 as the best amps for the HE-1k then? Everyone keeps mentioning that the HE-1k scale very well with amps... I'd like to buy the best amp I can for the HE-1k.
This link is for the SDXC and not a microSD
What is the exact name of that amp and how much does it cost?
What is the best amp that you have heard the HE-1000 out of if price is not a concern (maybe only something that you feel provides the best price/performance ratio at any price)?
 I'm probably the one who has asked millions of times in different places (You were a big reason of why I got the DAC-19 in the first place!) :D
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