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Please let me know if the sale falls through.
Can someone confirm the bore size of the K10UA in mm?
Yeah I read that the ridges on these get uncomfortable after a while and comfort is the main reason I was getting the custom tips.Edit:Can anyone confirm what is the bore size of the FLC8S in mm?Thanks
So Piotr emailed me that they have an FLC8 and cant make custom tips for it. Bummer. Any other ideas?
Would appreciate if you share your findings regarding pricing and other details.Thanks
If anyone is willing to sell their U8 or U12 please PM me.
 Thanks Ive emailed him. Please do let me know how the process goes and your impressions. Will wait for your updates. Thanks
Hi,   Selling a pair of Sennheiser HD800 hjeadphones. There is paint clipping on them, which Ive shown in the pictures. They work great with zero issues. They have been anax modded, which is completely reversible. They come with ZY Balanced Cable terminated in XLR and an XLR to 6.55 Adapter. The cable and adapter new cost about USD 200 (160 + 40). Please note I do not have the original cable. Will be shipped in their original box (pictured) properly bubble wrapped for it...
 Thanks will see if I can find one to demo.
Hi,   if you have a hifiman or audeze cable terminated in XLR in silver (silver dragon, silver widow etc) for sale, please pm me.   Thanks
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