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Ok so I got my pair. The soundstage is wide yes.. but EVERYTHING seems very distant (specially the vocals) and isn't even LOUD enough to "feel" all the instruments. I've tried multiple sources and different tips. If I have to describe it.. it kind of feels like small speakers placed in the corners of my room at the back on the top. Does burn in help with this? Edit: I would also like to mention that I had the M1 before this which I lost.. and the PL30 and I absolutely...
Hi!   Love give-aways :)
Joker how about you make an exception and DO review the RX-700s.. we would have a fresh perspective on them.  Btw- After the 7-7.5 I did order them.. now waiting to listen to them
Hey joker please help me out here.   I was considering buying the creative aurvana live.. but they're at GBP70 in the UK. That's ALOT more than what they cost in the US. An alternate I was considering to those are the JVC HA-RX700 at GBP36. Half the price. How would you compare the two? How much would you rank the HA-RX700 on SQ an comfort (I know you've not done a full review but a tentative number would do too)... Are there any other options I can consider? or are...
I find the M1 sounds a little thin compared to the PL30.. it's not as smooth.. feels rather very dry. The bass HITS hard but I can't feel it.. a little boomy I think. I love how the vocals sound on it though.. Im thinking of an upgrade as a better IEM with a little more bass which I can FEEL.. I think the M1 lacks synergy among the ranges.. they're all good on their own.. they aren't as good TOGETHER... you still think I should go for the Xcape or just buy the M2...
Hey Joker.   Here I am again contemplating over my new IEM. Seems like Xcape is going to be it. I already have the M1. How would you compare the Xcape to the M1? Do you think it's an upgrad? Please give me some details..   Thanks alot for the M1 and the PL30 I own.
Thanks alot for the in ear picture. Do you know of any resellers in singapore/malaysia for these?
Can you sleep in them? Also, can you please post an in ear picture of these?    Thanks for the review. Im SO tempted to buy these!
    How is the sound of the phonak audeo perfect bass compared to the phonaks which cost $140? Also.. what about the build quality issues?
How about you guys also post how much do you get the stuff for singapore? Other than treoo I mean.. any good websites to order online etc.. 
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