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Has anyone compared these to the HE-1000? imrpessions?
Was a great read. Thanks for posting!   @kayandjohn did you notice something in the review  
 How often do you turn off your M11? It draws full power whilst its on right? That's one of my major concerns, I do want to keep the DAC on, but not keep the amp on along with it drawing so much power and heating up. Seems like it would have been a good upgrade from the DAC-19.
 Thanks Has anyone else turned off PLL on their DAC-19? impressions please?
Which cables and have you tried them personally? can you please post some impressions.Thanks.
Has anyone compared the optical and USB input and compared the differences on the HA-1 itself? the HA-1 has a good USB input.
Since I bought all my devices seperate which helps me pair them up with different headphones more easier,I've decided to sell the HA-1. Good deal for someone outside of US. Also, has anyone tried the HA-1 with the HE-1000? impressions?
At this rate I feel I will be ending up with a MZ2 for my HE1000 as well....
 Quote:Originally Posted by x RELIC x It's part of the 1 bit digital volume control of the analogue volume pot that Oppo implemented. Been discussed and answered many times by @HasturTheYellow on this thread. Seems as though your unit is working like every other unit. Personally I use my ears to judge the volume level and don't put too much stock on the (lack of) pinpoint accuracy on the display but rather as a ballpark gauge. Would be nice to be perfectly accurate but for...
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