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 Does the LPS not have that power? and in summary I can not use the ECC31 with 6SN7 Adapters directly on the MZ2 with LPS? I dont want to go through the hassle of using these special adapters and more power supplies, but I have the ECC31 with me which I'd love to try without risking any damage to anything.
 What kind of external heating power? Would the ECC31 with 6SN7 adapters work with the MZ2+LPS?
Has anyone tried the ECC31 on the MZ2? is the MZ2 capable of handling the power of the ECC31?
Has anyone tried the U12 with the B1/MAM and a high impedance output source? From what I understood from the previous posts is that the U12+S1 from high impedance out and the U12+B1 from low impedance out are somewhat similar. So im curious how the B1/MAM sound out of high output impedance sources.
What is the difference between the gold brand and the normal brown base 6sn7wgt? Can you please share some pics. Thanks
 I have ordered a pair of Null audio custom tips for my U12. My friend @Koolpep has the custom tips and I tried on his 6mm size tips on the U12 and it fits the nozzle on the U12. However, there's one issue: The nozzle hole thins out by the time it reaches your ear. So to further explain, the side of the tips where the bore of the U12 enters the tip, it's a good 6mm, but the side of the tips that goes in the ear, the hole seems much smaller. As per @Koolpep that muffles the...
Hi guys,   Im moving so will be selling most of my gear. If you are interested in anything, please PM me for details.   1) TH-X00 - Full Peterek Modded - Detatchable 2.5mm Cables, with 4pin XLR cable, and 4pin XLR to 6.5mm Adapter 2) MircoZOTL 2 With LPS 3) Audio-GD DAC-19 10th Anniversary Edition, With amanero 384 Upgrade and dual RCA upgrade 4) Sony MDR-1R 5) Ultrasone PRO 900 6) Hifiman HE-500 7) JVC HA-SZ2000 8) JBL LSR4328 Monitor Speakers Pair  9) Cavalli...
I'm also looking for recommendations, but this time for an amp.   I really enjoy my Liquid Glass. However, I need another amp which uses 6SN7 tubes. I don't want to mess with output transformers etc, so would like the output stage to be solid state like the Glass is. Im open to the idea of rectifiers etc if they are going to sound better than my Glass.    Anyone got any recommendations? Budget will be under USD 2000-2500.
 I just tried the hifiman leather pads on it, and yes I agree, it tends to improve the sound a tad bit. However, I find the Alpha pads more comfortable due to more supple leather and deeper cups. I've never liked the Focus pads. The velour on it seems to give me the itch. The treble on these phones should be used as an example by all manufacturers. Some magic that I can't explain.
What is the pricing like on these upgrades? I also can't seem to understand how many "types" of upgrades there are except the "extreme" upgrade.
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