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 Interested in your comparison!
Would you be able to comment on the Tungsten vs Glass? Any idea what tubes tungsten uses?
Yes thats what I meant. Have both cables connected, switch output on foobar and input on Yggy.
Can two inputs be connected on the Yggy at the same time (USB and AES) to effectively do a comparison by switching output on the computer and input on the Yggy?
Never said that the comparison was fair. I agree it's an unfair comparison. Was asked to compare so I did.
Ive decided to sell the Z1R. Heads up to people in the thread before they go in the FS forum. PM if interested.
The Rag on balanced has a lot of power before it distorts or runs out of it. I can drive the HE-6 without issues.
 Yes Ive done a side by side on the DACs switching in under 3 seconds on the same exact setup. Some of my observations were: 1) The DAC-19 was more warm/mushy sounding and the bass seemed a bit more pronounced2) The separation on the Yggy was better and the microdetails were much more apparent on the Yggy3) The DAC-19 seemed to come on to me sound wise, whereas the Yggy seemed to stay in a linear stage in and arond me (if that makes any sense)4) Overall the Yggy is a...
 I have not measured listening levels, but I do listen loud (more club like) and I mostly listen to techno. I've had very few phones distort. The last time I had that problem was with the MicroZOTL2 that could not push enough power into the HE-ZMF Omni and the headphones would sound distorted out of it. Rag doesn't have a problem with output power, so I'm not sure what's going on.  
 I'm using Yggy+Rag for the Abyss out of the Balanced out of Rag, and I feel the same way. I can hear distortion if I go as loud as I would go on my HE-6. Not sure what's going on there because the input on the Rag is compatible with the output of the Yggy.
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