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 Considering they are the same as ECC32 with adapters, and Ive heard and enjoyed the ECC32! However both the pairs of ECC32 that Ive heard, had noise on them (One much more than the other), which I dont hear on on the 6SN7 That I have. It felt like the tubes were borderline going bad, but I could be wrong. The ECC31 are NOS, so hopefully they dont have that issue.
Thanks guys. The differences don't seem all that worth it, considering I use the Ken Rads when Im craving bass, and have the ECC31 incoming.
How different are we talking about? would you consider the W worth double the price for example? are these the only differences?
Just got these very nice pair of Sylvania 6SN7WGT. They have the support rod in the middle. Im really liking the sound so far. Im curious, how good are the original short bottle 6SN7W compared to these? Is it worth spending couple of hundred on them? Will I notice the difference at all?      
 Anxiously waiting. By when is it expected to be published?
 Amazon calculates and takes some money for import duties as well. I dont think anyone ordering from amazon pays anything on top of order price. Maybe Im wrong but I havent seen it happen.
Ouch yeah thats quite steep.
What cable makers do you consider good for aftermarket cables?
 Whats the pricing on the balanced cable?
 What was the preorder price for the Ether Flow and Ether C Flow?
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