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An important thing is pairing with the TH-X00. I use some bass heavy tubes (KenRad VT231 Black Glass) on my Liquid Glass amp and I do not hear any splashy treble at all. I actually find the treble refreshing and I generally hate harsh/sibilant treble. With some other brighter tubes, I find them a bit fatiguing sometimes yes. 
Many good memories attached to this one and have been playing it a lot.   Last good memory of it: Panorama bar, 5 am Monday morning, few weeks ago. Tale of Us cranked it up.    
Would love to hear your thoughts on them since im considering buyng them!
Another vote for the BaX. The cables just disappear. Extremely comfortable.
 Hi Amish, Did you receive these tubes? Curious to hear your impressions and how they compare to other NOS tubes like the TS BGRP/6SN7W/ KR VT231 etc.
 It's the comfort on them that bothers me. I recently received a pair of U12 and they're extremely good with Techno.
 Lets say yes to that for now :)
Maybe one more meet before 20 October
 Hi cheeseeater, So what tubes have you rolled on the LG and what are your favourites?
 Does the LPS not have that power? and in summary I can not use the ECC31 with 6SN7 Adapters directly on the MZ2 with LPS? I dont want to go through the hassle of using these special adapters and more power supplies, but I have the ECC31 with me which I'd love to try without risking any damage to anything.
New Posts  All Forums: