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The sound bore from armatures to the ear canals on which the tips go.Thanks!
Thanks. Didnt know that! 
 Ragnarok is too tame and smoothes out details and the bass doesn't hit as hard. Have heard it a couple of times.  Yes. Too much background hiss.
A little late to the party but I've acquired the U12 and have done some reading but can't find answers to the following:   1) How does one get the MAM for the U12? How much does it cost? Couldnt find it on the website 2) Does anyone know the bore size in mm for the U12? 3) Is the warranty transferable to the new owner? The information isnt available on their website
I always wonder, if I should consolidate my amps. What im interested in knowing from people who have heard them is, how do the Liquid Gold or the WA5LE drive the HE-6 compared to speaker amps? instead of having 2-3 amps and my power amp (Parasound A21), I could get the LAu or the WA5le and power all my phones with them. Would that be wise?
   I'd love to have a LAu for $2395 as mentioned before. All the other amps mentioned here, seem to not sound as "musical" as the LC except for maybe the Crimson and the MZ2. So instead of going up the Cavalli chain, is there any other amps that are have a similar sound to the LC is the question. I really enjoy how the LC sucks me into the music, which is what doesn't happen with amps I usually try.
Selling my pair of JVC HA-SZ2000 headphones. Good working condition, with not much signs of wear except one mark on the cup (shown in pics). Comes with headphone with 3.5mm cable, carrying box with outer cover and travel pouch. Will try and throw in a 3.5mm to 6.5mm adapter if required. Price includes free worldwide shipping by courier (check my feedback to see how fast this is). Payment by paypal gift or add EUR 9.   PM for details.
Hi,   Selling my pair of Shure SE846 iems. They are in mint condition and come with the full box, accessories, manuals, cables etc. The smallest foam tips and yellow foam tips are used, rest all of the tips are included. The condition of the shells is perfect (as visible in pics), with no scratches or signs of wear whatsoever. The box with everything including is heavy, but the price includes free worldwide express shipping (check my feedback to see how fast this is)....
Hi, Selling the Q Audio French Silk Cable. It has audeze connectors, and I'll be including audeze to hifiman adapters (screw on type, also made by Q Audio). The cable is directly terminated to banana plugs and is perfect for the Hifiman HE-6, so you can hook up the HE-6 directly to your speaker taps and  you wont have to get any XLR to banana adapters or worry about matching cables etc. You can also use any other audeze/hifiman screw on type headphones if you liked. The...
Selling my Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable for Shure iems. Cable is in good condition with zero issues and no signs of wear except the logo rubbing off a little. Pairs amazing with the Shure SE846. Price includes free worldwide shipping (you can see my feedback to see how fast this is). Payment by PP gift.   Please PM for details.
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