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How do you like your ken rad vt231 vs the el3n?
 They usually say it on their e-bay page but there's no way to know for sure.
Im wondering how different the hm5 angled sound vs the hifiman pleather pads. Has anyone compared?
Some people have used terms like soft and polite when it comes to bass. How true is this? Do the Sony not have hard hitting based? Seems like the opinions are varied on this aspect.
 How did you like the sound out of the Ragnarok and how did it compare to the WA5?
 That doesn't help much with this case. Makes me want to try the M-1 even more  One of the reasons I like the HE-6 (or a funktion one system) is because of the high energy ALONG with very good bass. I've also noticed you in the techno threads a lot, and I mostly listen to techno music, so I feel I can go with your judgement, which makes this all the more difficult to ignore the M-1 in favour of the Z1R. The problem is there's no way to try the M-1, and see if it's better...
    I assumed we were talking about whether a device like the Singxer or the PUC2 Lite helps with the Yggy (PC usb out to SIngxer/PUC2 >> Spdif/AES to Yggy) instead of going straight from PC USB to Yggy USB. Seems like there IS a benefit of using the AES/SPDIF instead of the USB. AES is considered the best apparently from what I understand. Now what would be considered the best USB to AES device under a reasonable price of let's say USD 400 or so?  How much do you think is...
 Your impressions worry me a bit, since boring/dull is the last thing I would want in headphones. My HE-6 is still rocking and I've ruled out the Utopias too after hearing them side by side with the HE-6 on a well powered system. Let's see how the Z1R compare.
Cavalli Liquid Glass amp.
My DAC-19 is up for sale if someones interested.
New Posts  All Forums: