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Can you please confirm to me the seller name where you bought yours from? There are two sellers selling at around 15 pounds. One is "Mobile style" and the other is "Total digital stores". In the user comments some people have mentioned they got the older version. I just want to order from the seller which actually sells the MH1C as advertised.
Can anybody confirm that buying from the below is fine and that these are actually going to be the MH1C instead of the older version:   Or if there is any better place to buy these from in the UK?
NOTHING really tops the Creative Aurvana Live for the price. They're unreasonably good value.
Don't you think the mids are more forward on the CAL which are much more similar to the M1s?    
Hey Joker.   What IEMS under $60 do you think would be the closest sounding to the CALs? Preferably from Mp4nation
Like I said, I can't really explain what sound signature I like. From what I've defined, is it mid forward? I do like some bass as well, so what should I be looking for in a sound signature if I want a mix of M1, PL30 and the CAL?   What I'd like in the M1 is the smoothness. It felt slightly "dry" (if that word is correct). What would be a general upgrade over the M1? I read that the M4s are kind of v/u shaped. How do the M5s fit in this picture? Do you think I should go...
Hi Joker,   I need some help with this please:   I've had the PL30, Brainwavz M1, KSC-75, Creative Aurvana Live and Brainwavz R1.   Now here's what I feel about them:   PL30: Extremely smooth sounding, really liked the sound of these, but slightly lacking in bass.   M1: Not as smooth as the PL30, but perfect amount of bass. VERY good sounding vocals and saxophone, just the way I'd want them.   KSC-75: Treble seemed too high.. very...
What is the most reliable place to buy these from which ship internationally? Where did you guys buy your from? Can you please provide links?   Thanks!
  These are the exact things I'm struggling with which I posted previously in my comments. I have to really FOCUS to listen to the vocals which are coming from far on the sides and the instruments are all placed on the sides too. I mean I understand having a good soundstage with separation of instruments but what's the point if EVERYTHING feels like it's coming from a distance.   You're spot on with the bass. Something I like on the R1 compared to the PL30s I had previously.
  Mine isn't with the mic. Some songs sound good.. others not so much... mostly the instruments sound distant and the sound isn't loud enough. Comparing to the M1, the M1 were MUCH clearer with higher volume and felt like i was listening to the band infront of me with enough distance between them to separate instruments. This feels more like nothing is infront of me and everything is placed around me on the sides (Vocals are comparatively distant). I CAN feel the bass ...
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