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I understand that the ECC31 arent better than the ECC32, but since they were cheaper for NOS tubes, I went with them. I want another amp with 6SN7 tubes as drivers anyway (to use as both amp and preamp), so I might as well get an amp which also runs the ECC31. Thinking of the cheaper Feliks audio elise.
 I see. Disappointed that I cant use the ECC31. Guess Ill try and find an amp which can use all 6SN7 and the ECC31, which sounds as good as the LG. Thanks for the help!
  Some more thoughts by the manufacturer: "I see. This tube cannot work in the glass and will damage it. Please note in manual only tubes with pinouts like 6sn7 or 12au7. Even though you're adapting you cannot separate the cathodes. At least as I read the data sheet. OTOH the ecc32 has separate cathodes and can be mapped to 6sn7 pinouts."   
So I just received a pair of ECC31 tubes. From what I understood, the ECC31 with an ECC31 to 6SN7 Adapter is essentially the same as ECC32, based on this post in the thread:   1) "The ECC32 and ECC31 are identical except that the ECC32 has separate cathodes"   2) And second, the correct cathode resistance for the ECC32 should be 1/2 to 2/3 that of a 6SN7. Well, it just so happens that tying the common cathode in an ECC31 to both 6SN7 cathodes in the socket reduces the...
 The Code-x came with the alpha pads (leather?). I tried the vegan pads on them as well, but they drown out the bass impact a bit, which I dont like. I am a big fan of the vegan pads on the HE-6 though.
 Extremely hard to find the phones and nobody wants to loan them for reviews due to risk of damaging them.
I just use power as an initial benchmark because I cannot appreciate an amp regardless of how good it sounds, if I cant even get it to go loud enough. Im travelling but once I get back ill try a few different combos and see if things improve.Is it possible that something isnt functioning as intended in the amp? what would be the best way to rule that out?
I have a combination of a tube preamp into the A21 power amp which yields the best results for me. Best of both worlds.
Regardless or price, which driver tubes do you consider the best? I have a pair of ECC31 incoming, and Im wondering if there are better tubes out there of any kind that are worth trying.
SQ wise gibosi, which tubes do you consider best sounding, regardless of type? they dont have to be 6SN7 necessarily. Im thinking if there are better tubes than for example 6SN7W that I can roll into my amp using adapters.
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