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  If you had to rank them and the MH1C numerically from 0-10 how would you rank them? Comfort wise are they better than the MH1c? Are they heavy?   Also, are the mids more forward than the MH1C?   I LOVE my MH1c except for the fit issue. These seem good for the price. Where did you get them for $30?   Thanks for the impressions.
  I really don't want any lesser bass than the MH1C. What else would you suggest I go for? I really like the rumble on the MH1C. Max I can spend is up to $100-$120. Would that give me a good enough bump in the SQ as well as the comfort?
Hi ClieOS.   So I got the MH1C and the Brainwavz M2 that I had ordered. I don't like the M2 since the vocals seem very veiled and bloated. Not pleasing at all. The M1 I had previously sounded MUCH cleaner. The mids are also worse than the KSC-75, Aurvana live and the R1. They're not recessed, just bloated.   However, the MH1C are worth their weight in gold. I spent $35 on them. They sound AMAZING. I can't believe how good these sound. ANYTHING I try which I own, doesn't...
  The MDR-1R are AMAZING comfort and sound wise both. I absolutely love them. You should definitely give them a try. I did and ended up buying them.
I absolutely LOVE the sound on these. The only slight thing which could improve is the sub bass. Which iems under $100 sound similar to these? I got the  MH1C and I'm not too pleased with them.
  My main concerns are   1) How good the XBA-3 are compared to the MH1C which I have just ordered 2) Would the highs be fatiguing like the KSC-75 or are smooth like the MDR-1R/Brainwavz M1? 3) Comfort wise are these better than the XBA-2/M1/MH1C?   Thanks for the quick response.   They're available as refurbished from Best buy.
    Hi again ClieOS.    I've ordered the MH1C. I wanted to check one thing, based on what I've explained how good (sound and comfort wise) will be the XBA-2, XBA-3? They're available for $60 and $75 respectively and I'm temped to buy them.
Thanks. Ordered! Can't wait to get them now :D
Hi ClieOS,   I'm looking for some new IEMs. Based on the below can you tell me IEMS (Multiple - whatever fits - so I have a choice - There's lack of availability here) you would recommend me? Budget is max $100 but if it's lower it'll be nice. I might even buy a couple just to keep myself busy.   1) I like the sound of the Brainwavz M1 2) I don't like the fatiguing treble on the KSC-75 - too harsh 3) I like the sound reative aurvana live headphones - and...
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