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 Yeah would love to hear your thoughts as your taste in music seems very similar to mine based on the techno thread posts :) 
 Have never heard these. Thanks for the suggestion. Will keep an eye out for them! From the looks of it, they don't seem to be very comfortable?
 Have you compared them to any headphones? or bigger speaker systems? Never heard it, but I read that it's better than the F version due to it not being as dark.  I have the 6 screw version. Im planning to buy a 4 screw version and see for myself what the hype is all about. Is this the mod? http://www.head-fi.org/t/763965/fostex-th900-mods The problem I had with the TH900 bass was the bass overshadowing everything. Does that reduce with this mod?
@Benny-x   You have the HE-6 as well right? Can you post some comparisons between the HE-6 and the SE-M1
Hi,   if you have a DAC or Amp to sell which works at 220V-240V, please PM me your offer all inclusive (tracked shipping + pp fee included) to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.   Thanks
Has anyone tried the Abyss with the Liquid Glass? I'm currently using the HE-6 out of the LG as a preamp and Parasound A21 power amp. Not sure if this would work with the Abyss. 
A bit of berghain in the am  
 I would've just bought them to try and see how they fit me, but at their price the cut on the resale is too high.  I find the DT990 a little too bright, unless people have modded them somehow.
@Benny-x   You have the HE-6 as well right? Can you post some comparisons between the HE-6 and the SE-M1
 Yes Abyss is on the top of the list for me to try! Everyone says how good they are with electronic music. What amps have you tried them with and which ones do you like? Also, how is the comfort compared to the LCD-4? Definitely agree with your comment on the clubs trying to replicate the sound. I've been to quite a few "powered by Funktion One" parties, only to find out how badly they've managed to tune it to the space they have. 
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