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These are still available for sale and will go cheap.
Did anyone order the Glass from the last run?   I've been using the Ken Rad VT231 tubes a lot lately and really enjoying them. Outside of 6SN7/12SN7 and ECC32, I'm not sure if there are any tubes that are better sounding. If anyone has any ideas please shoot away.
Can anyone please point me to comparasons between the different cups (Ebony, Teak, Rosewood) on the E-MU.   Waiting for the next drop with the detachable cables.
Thats on the head or the package weight? that seems heavier than the LCD3 at 550g!Whats the weight of the Pioneers?
What is this amp called? Curious how it looks like when the tubes glow!
 Im ok with the weight of planars. Im more curious about how the bass sounds on the M1 vs the Odin.
Yes please do.Your comment about Utopia having less bass is interesting. Someone in the HE-6 thread posted that the utopia has similar bass impact like the HE-6, and I feel the Code-x has slightly better bass than the HE-6.
 It is indeed one of the best headphones (if not the best) I've heard, bar none. I'm listening to them on the Liquid Glass amp, and they are just blissful. It feels like music filling up the room. The imaging is crazy good. Im interested to know how the Code-X compare to the Utopia, K Odin and the Master-1.
Has anyone compared the Utopia or the Kennerton Odin to these? 
 Yes I was considering opening up the amp and rolling tubes on it, but 14 screws with the Allen key puts me off. How big are the differences if I just roll the 6SN7 tubes?
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