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Perfect time to get into cable making. Should start taking preorders for the queues of people wanting new cables for their headphones. If I had a 13' gap from my equipment to the headphones, I'd be considering speakers a bit more.   So the bass is better on the HE1000, the weight/comfort is better on the HD800, Distortion is apparently lower on the HD800 (?), this only comes with a single 13' cable so you have to hunt for a good balanced cable if you have balanced gear....
 Is there a deal on the ANC7 as well?
The Nordost Heimdall 2 are amazing cables. Do you mind posting some impressions of them vs the stock cables? Too bad I cant get over the weight of the LCDs and can never own them.
 Thank you gibosi :)
Hi @leftside     
 Got some more pictures of the 6SN7W from the seller with this message: "I have attached some additional pictures. These do not have JAN or anchor markings. They do have the W on the end of the designation (6SN7WGT) which means the same thing as JAN or the Anchor symbol, they were made for the military."    
Yes the point is that I'm not looking for the Sylvania bad boys (Which I believe is the 6SN7GT), but the Sylvania 6SN7W, which is why I linked that listing on ebay. That listing mentions 6SN7W and also mentions 2 rivet bad boys, which is why I was confused.
Felt the same way about the Ether C. The Enigmas are still the best closed cans Ive heard. The Enigmas just have something very special yes that draws you into the music and makes you want to not take the headphones off.Well I sold my slants after I compared them side by side with the Enigmas for a while. Except for the bass quantity and comfort, the Enigmas do everything better. Nothing stuck out and it didnt have the feeling of drawing me into the music. For me they...
It does seem to have a chrome dome though right? Ive requested for more pics of the base and from top.
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