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 Would you happen to know the price?
I'm out looking for a DAC/Amp. My budget is low as I don't really need an amp so just a DAC would do. Heard some of the FiiO devices but don't work well with my Fidelio x1. Anyone has any other suggestions on local availaibility of anything else or my best bet would be to order from abroad?
 Would love to try out the 7520 and SE535 whenever and if we have a meetup.
 What audio engine products are currently available with EROS? Also, do you remember what models are available at the sennheiser jumbo house? (also what is the location of this place?)
 I also met Koolpep who was really kind enough to show me a lot of his stuff including amps, iems and full sized headphones and let me try it all out patiently. It was pretty much a sound signature galore and I enjoyed every bit of it. I'm in the same boat as you, don't have high end equipment but it's always fun to try new things before upgrades. What equipment do you own? I posted my list a couple of pages back.
 How do you think it sounds on the Modi/Modi combo or the O2/ODAC combo?
 Welcome aboard ;)
Hey Koolpep! Yeah that would be great! sending you a pm now.  I don't have expensive gear but I'd love to be part of the next meetup. (Only have the Fidelio X1, MDR-1R, RHA750, Meelec A161, CAL etc). Might give me an inspiration to upgrade. :) Thanks for keeping the scene alive here.
Does anyone have these and the RHA MA750? Can you please compare the SQ?
 I'm sorry I did not mention my location because I use forwarding services from everywhere and it doesn't matter to me where the product can be shipped to.  I was only wondering if there were any QC related reasons for preference over AKIBA instead of amazon etc.
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