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How do these compare with the UHP606? anyone?
hey thanks alot for the suggestions everyone. Went with a UHP606 and KSC-75! Waiting for them to get to me now.
IF i can somehow order the RE2 or the M9s.. would those be a better choices?
The cresyns are out of stock at amazon. Im still searching to either get something for $30 as an iem or two for the price.
So you're saying I should go with the UHP606 in all 4? I found something else too. I could get the KSC-75 for $15.. and then adding JBUDS J2 for $14. Im confused though. What if i dont like the sound of the UHP606? Im not getting more chances to order more earphones anytime soon. What do you think? how do the J2 sound clarity wise? I really do like the sennheisers sound and i would want to focus on musical ones instead of more bass. Really appreciate the help.
The UHP606 are reference earphones and people say they have NO bass? how do they compare to the UHP326 since they're with ultimate ears? I do listen to trance too sometimes so keeping clean and fun sound how'd you rank all of them? thanks for the quick response.
Bump. People please help me out here.
Hello, Im looking for some decent IEMs for about $30. I was considering the SoungMagic PL-30 for $23 and the MEElectronics M9 for $16.. but they're all taking long to ship... the thing is i need to get them shipped in about 3 days MAXIMUM i.e till tuesday because I'll have it shipped to my friend and he'll bring it to me. I dont live in the US. There is NO way I will have it shipped directly to me or anything so thats out. Now considering all that, I was thinking of...
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