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Cant wait for the reviews on the westones!
Bump. Can someone please answer this
Do you think the Xcape is a $40 upgrade over the M1s?   the question is.. are they THAT good?   Edit: Is the treble smooth? or is it KSC-75 like aggressive?
Yeah I was thinking of ordering the Zeros but theyre a little over my budget plus the adapter thing is putting me off completely. Any other suggestions?
I'm worried they would be thin sounding with a little less bass quantity than the PL30s. Also since I've ordered the M1s I don't think the PL50s are going to be an upgrade. I'm looking for an upgrade.   Thanks for the quick reply.
Im looking for a smooth sounding IEM under $90. I dont like fatiguing/aggressive sound and I don't need excessive bass or treble. I like them in normal quantities with probably a decent soundstage. Will be listening to mostly pink floyd/radiohead/beatles and so on.   Suggestions please?   I've got the PL30s and ordered the M1s so far.
I'm thinking of getting the HJE-900.   I love my PL30s and I've ordered the M1. I mostly listen to Pink floyd (my main music), radiohead, Muse, led zeppelin (acoustics mostly), beatles and the likes. I want to know if I would enjoy my music with the HJE900 more than the PL30s and the M1s. I don't like excessive bass which gives me  a headache... usually listen to music while im going to sleep so I need phones which are a little relaxing. Btw- I have the KSC-75 and I...
Or it would be really helpful if someone made a comparison with the Re0
Im thinking about how they stack up with other earphones in similar price range
I would like to know this as well. Can someone who owns both or has heard them tell us?
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