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Does anyone have a passive preamp like the Schiit Sys, Emotiva Control Freak or anything similar?
What would be great is to have all the other threads closed and one thread open for discussion now that the fundamentals are established. Would make following discussion on the amp so much easier.
So who is decoding these
 You can always bring the new HD800S and HD800 along with the HD25/HD8 DJ etc or the HD600/650 even though there might be some there. Bringing the IE800 etc is good too. It'll help having more spots for people to listen and nice to have a presence since it helps grow the scene knowing official reps are involved.
 I dont care about how it looks since I'll mostly be wearing it at home or at work when I'm by myself.  Thanks for the suggestion on the Linus. I'm looking at the Linum Bax Cable. Does the standard 2 pin cable work fine with the K10UA? Thanks!
 You don't need an active pre-amp. Some people use the Schiit Sys or the Emotiva Control Freak (comes balanced as well). Look into those if you are on a budget. 
Few questions about the K10UA:   1) Is it possible to wear the K10UA cable down? (Assuming you straighten out the memory wire), if yes, how do they feel and any differences in the sound? 2) Which cables are recommended with the K10UA (without memory wire and not too expensive) 3) Is it better to get the Mojo for the K10UA and use with my phone, or a DAP will sound better in similar price range? Any recommendations?   Thanks
Had similar issues with my amp but was covered under warranty and they even paid the shipping back and forth. There is no reason to worry. It has lifetime warranty that is fully transferable so contact them and they will sort you out. They have one of the best customer service.
Do you mean sound wise? why?
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