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The Mullard ECC32 seem to be US 800 a pair and the ECC31 about USD 500 a pair (used with adapters?)What would be a variant of those that can be rolled instead of the 6SN7 type?
 I did try the Mullard CV181 and it was very nice. I think better than the RCA 5692 brown base I currently have. Some others on my very small list (hopefully) are the Tung-Sol round plates 6SN6GT and the Sylvania 6SN7W. I believe both are said to have a nice bass impact and open sound. Edit: Missed the question. Are there any "equivalents" of these Sylvania and CV181? @jamato8 mentioned that the 6F8G version of the Tung-Sol are similar with 6SN7 adapters, so looking into...
Just placed orders for the Ken-Rad VT231 and RCA Grey Glass 6SNGT (Pre 1948) pairs. Looking forward to buying more 6SN7 or tubes which can be used instead on my liquid glass or with 6SN7 adapters.   The sound I'm after, hard hitting bass slam and smooth non sibilant highs. Anyone got recommendations for something better than what I have on order?
 Was plugged into a power amp, turned on the power amp before the pre and blew the drivers.
What is your full setup?
How much of a difference does blu tak mod actually make considering it's the hardest? I tried doing it once on the HE500 and found it very tricky. Would hate to send the HE6 in for repairs again.
Proud new owner :)   One of the questions that I haven't been able to find a definitive answer to is:   There are many kinds of tubes the LG can roll. I've been mainly looking at the 6SN7 type tubes. What I was wondering is, are there other types of tubes which sound better (value for money) and are cheaper? I'm looking for tight bass slam, slightly smoother highs and a wide soundstage. Currently using Red Base RCA 5692.
Pictures added.
As nice sounding and flexible this cable is, unfortunately Ive had to put it up for sale to fund something. Im sure whoever buys it will really enjoy it.
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