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 Can you please share some pics of the cable and the adapter
 Aah okay. I'm using the HD201 pad http://www.ebay.com/itm/Durable-1pc-Black-Headband-Cushion-Pad-with-Tape-for-Sennheiser-HD201-Headphones-/171813689989?hash=item2800e4da85:g:2NQAAOSwNSxVbpf4
How did you get the HD600 headband on the HE-6? Got any pics? I agree. I have the Vegan pads + HD201 foam pad + Woolen wrap = Great comfort!
 No vegan pads...
There's an option for semi transparent black or transparent. So i assume it's the semi transparent black?
 What insulation is that? The cable looks different on the website.
Hi,   can someone please test the cables and confirm if they are even a little bit microphonic? Specially rubbing against the table or with your hair/hand near the ear etc
 Different strokes.. It is not universally better for everyone. The soft bass issue similar to the HEK still persists and the treble doesn't have the same sparkle. Where it excels is the bigger soundstage and bass that extends lower (but does not have the same slam as the HE-6).
 Close in sound signature, and some aspects of sound as well. For example the bass slam on the SE846 isn't too far away from the HE-6. Also, I'd appreciate if you do not PM me again to ask to "discuss this in private and keep this discussion friendly". I felt it was important to point those things out. Please stop adding spam and we're cool. I don't wish to discuss this any further with you. Thank you.
 I don't expect the earphones to sound like full sized planars, just that the sound signature is similar to them or not. On a second note, yes it will be appreciated if you stop posting things like "just buy it" repeatedly. You sound like a shill to me. You joined the forums on 10 January 2016 mentioning you'll join the FLC8S club and asking which colour tone is better, and the next day on 11 January 2016 mentioning how it is a beast of an IEM and the best thing on the...
New Posts  All Forums: