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What headphones are those on the right?
Hi,   Looking to buy a pair of Cascadia Audio Talos. If you have one for sale, please PM me details.   Thanks.
Hi,   I'm looking for a pair of TH-X00 (preferably modded with detachable cables), but an unmodded is fine as well. I'm not looking to pay near $400 as I can get a new one for that. If you have one you'd like to sell for a reasonable price, please PM me details.   Thanks
Hi,   I'm interested in buying a pair of ZMF Omni but not in Cherry or Walnut. If you have any other Omni headphones you'd like to sell, please PM me details.   Thanks!
Hi,   Im looking for some good quality cables for Audeze headphones (X/3/2) with a 4 pin balanced XLR connection. The cable shouldn't be longer than 6 ft. Please PM me details if you'd like to sell yours!   Thanks
 The HE-6 is the closest I've heard headphones sound like one of my ideal speaker systems. I always wonder why we don't have a setup discussion thread for electronic music as I'd love to discuss different setups for electronic music like which headphones are you guys using etc. If some of you are interested in discussing these in detail I'd love to setup a thread.
  Trolling his way to the top. Can't believe how good Tiga plays live!
Can someone confirm if those kenrads are staggered plates?
I won't be buying a Sabre DAC again. It has always sounded "offensive" to me as mentioned here, regardless of implementation. Sometimes less than other times, but still not as good as my DAC-19. I would say go for a DAC-19 and a LC for the Omni if possible (extremely good pairing), otherwise a LYR2 shouldn't be far off. I have never liked the analytical sounding Audio-GDs, including the Master 11. Get a better amp, or imrove the DAC and get the DAC-19. Going above on the...
 Very interested in it! Hope we hear about it soon.
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