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Hey. I have a chance to get one of the soundmagic products. I wanted to ask.. from their entire lineup, which IEM is the the most "fun" sounding? Im looking for engaging kind of iems which fill me with music. I love clarity. I currently have the UHP606.. there are two things which I don't like.. the BIGGEST one being that I have to listen to music at high volumes to make them sound their best.. at lower volumes they tend to lose "details(?)". The second one being that I...
Bump: No one knows what I'm talking about?
I can't seem to describe the kind of sound I like. I read alot of reviews, but I can't really compare them with what I like and what I don't. Here's what I'm wanting: Sound which is "indulging and surrounding" with music enough? not having phones boom in your ears but having a whole lot of orchestra and symphony? strong basslines? musically moving guitars? no pounding-in-your-head bass? Not leaving empty spaces between the way the sound reaches my ears? I don't know how...
Quote: Originally Posted by TopPop I only ever listen at low to medium volume levels. The RE0 sounds just great at these levels. Im currently listening to my UHP606 at 7% volume on winamp. I feel they're losing out detail and not sounding FUN(?) enough. How do you think the RE0s perform at these levels?
Quote: Originally Posted by KurtC UHP606 sound OK, but I traded them in for the Klipsch Image S4 and there is a massive difference. UHP606 sounded dead to me, not a lot of overtones in the music. Bass was OK, but didn't reach very low at all. With the S4s, I can hear the pedal notes in my Bach organ CD, which are 20hz and even lower. 606s will not go anywhere near that low, despite what it says on the box. 606s are ok, but I wouldn't even spend $25...
Alright I got my UHP606 and KSC-75s. They both sound VERY good! They're what I was looking for. Im happy with my purchase. Thanks alot everyone. Burning them in now with the jlabaudio burn in page. Edit: The uhp606 sound a little "distant"
I just recently got the UHP606 and they sound absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I'd recommend them.
How do these compare with the UHP606? anyone?
hey thanks alot for the suggestions everyone. Went with a UHP606 and KSC-75! Waiting for them to get to me now.
IF i can somehow order the RE2 or the M9s.. would those be a better choices?
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