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Which ones do you have and which ones do you consider the best?
I know there is a huge price difference, but has anyone managed to compared the Wywires red to the Heimdall 2?
 Do you own the heimdall 2 as well? How do you like the Atlas Xeno?
 He's willing to ship worldwide, so should work out for you.
Would be interesting to see reactions!
I believe you have the liquid glass as well. Can you please post some impressons of it against the crimson?Thanks
 Once the drivers are out and you can see the wood like sides, that's where the blu tak goes. The plastic baffle comes on  TOP (the part that touches your ears) of the drivers on the front, AFTER the drivers have been pushed back and settled into the cups, with the screws aligned.  So basically, you undo the 6 screws, and take off the plastic rings. You are left with the driver in the cup, you push the driver out very carefully from the back to not break the wiring. Apply...
Just finished the blu tak mod. You guys were right    The biggest challenges were to not break the drivers while pushing the drivers and keeping them out of the cups while applying blu tak, and getting the alignment of the screw holes of the driver against the housing right.    Also, I used faber castell Tack-it (green) instead of blu tak.
 Can you please elaborate on why you liked the ECC31 more than the TS BGRP on the HD650? and vice versa for TS BGRP on the HD800. What are the differences between the two? Im trying to decide if I'd need the TS BGRP if I were to have the Ken-Rad VT231 and the Mullard CV181/ECC32? Going to use with my LFF Code-X and ZMF Omni. Yeah not sure of the LG accepts those either. Trying to find out.
Thanks for the recommendation. Will look for those but initial searches dont yield anything.Regarding the glass, the biggest improvement I had was the soundstage and details. It all depends on tubes too. I only have stock and RCA 5692 tubes yet, and Im waiting to receive a few pairs. This also confirms that the LC is no slouch and punches above its price. I also use the LG as preamp into my A21 power amp to HE6, which has shown good improvement over the Parasound preamp I...
New Posts  All Forums: