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 Didn't come up with much in the search. Where did you read this? Also, what is a good dac/amp combo for the Fidelio X1? Anyone here using the modi/magni? Please post some impressions. Thanks
They said they will be shipping them out on April 1. What are the chances of this being an April fool's day joke? guess we'll all find out! :D
 Doesn't the Aune T1 have the tubes in the DAC part and not the amp part? I thought it was amp with tube =  warmer sound, dac with tube = Distorted/changed sound (like in your case here)
 From what I've read the X2 won't be a significant upgrade over the X1. Specially price wise. I did listen to the HD600 but felt it was a little bass light. Also tried the HD650 but that felt like it had a veil and I hated the clarity on it. 
  Check with Koolpep. He imported it from somewhere if I recall correctly, so he would know of the pricing etc. He's a great guy, and I'm sure he'd give you whatever you information he can. Are you currently using an amp with it? How do you like the sound? I've read so many good things about the HD650 pairing with the bottlehead crack. I was thinking I'd eventually upgrade to an HD650 from my fidelio X1 given prices being slashed on it, but I've got to get a decent dac/amp...
 Maybe a better soundstage, a little bit more clarity in the highs.. and a slighly less darker? I dont mean that I hate the current signature but generally wondering what an upgrade in a similar line would be.
I have the Fidelio X1 and I want to upgrade. What do you guys think is a logical upgrade to the X1?
 Can you please post some detailed impressions between the X1 and the HD600 as well as the sound with and without the amp and DAC. Thanks the pics look great!
 There was a direct gift card of $50 on purchase not via a credit line. However I don't see it now so I guess that promotion is over.
Monoprice sitewide 14% discount code: MPi314   Can be used to purchase monoprice headphones or the desktop amp.
New Posts  All Forums: