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 Which FirstWatt did you get?
Under $3000 is a used FirstWatt J2 my best bet for the HE-6?  
 Waiting for the full review, but can you post some general impressions of how the HE-6 sounds on this amp?
 Anyone in for a $1300 Brand new LCD-3? 
 No Im saying theres much more to audio gear than components alone. Lots of labour, design, production, overheads, marketing etc. This is across the board for all high end audio gear. You think the components cost anything close to the asking price on the HE-1000 or the LCD4 or the Orpheus?
Anyone knows how the Marconiphone B36 (12V) compare to the likes of BGRP, KenRad VT231 and ECC32?
 You do realise the price of "components"  doesnt account for anything in most high end audio gear right?  Im looking for better bass, richer/cleaner treble. The treble on the kenrads isnt the best. Currently im enjoying the ECC32. I was considering buying the B36 (12V variant of the famous B65). Any idea how do they compare to the kenrads/ECC3/BGRP ?
 What was that bonus?  +1  Interested in these too.
Still not sure what woods to order from massdrop. Which wood has the best bass? (impact and rumble)
I have a high output impedance source. Do you still think theres some benefit of the andromedas over the U12?ive been reading very good things about the Utopia specifically that it bests the HE6. Can you post some impression specially with regards to all aspects of bass against the HE6?Would the Utopia not fit the bill?
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