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I think brightness is what Im trying to avoid as I think my Anthem is a little brighter than I like.J2 has ben touted as a very good pairing with the HE6 and his rest of the review of the J2 seems fitting with other reviews Ive been reading. Im just surprised he mentioned something like that about the HE6 pairing.
Steve Guttenberg in his review of the J2 powering the HE-6 mentions: " My only reservation was the bass. Other amps generated gutsier drive and more low-end oomph than the J2 did with the HE-6."   Anyone knows what amp he prefers more or if anyone owns the J2 can confirm it compared to their other amps etc?   At this point Im looking for the absolute best amp to power the HE-6 under $5K.
 Not everyone? Have you seen most high end tube amps? Have you ever seen recessed sockets? If anything that's going to harm tubes that are sitting in flush sockets, would most likely still cause considerable damage even in recessed ones. The harms way is not being able to use socket protectors when you tube roll that much, or having no wiggle room etc for example Also, some would take away the remote and add flush sockets but obviously we can't take everyone's choices into...
 Yes the person who created the cable said burn in was needed. Otherwise by way of extension, we shouldn't trust anything Baldr has to say about the Yggy.  I think we should keep the burn in talk restricted to the science forum. If you hear changes, or didn't hear changes due to burn in on the Yggy, feel free to post your opinions, but let's not turn this into a burn in debate.
 Well that doesn't say anything as everyone kind of knows that the DAC on the Orpheus is just a convenience, and Sennheiser aren't known for their DACs. 
Would it not make sense to have had made the sockets flush so the electrical equivalent tubes with different shapes could also be used? Im trying to understand the reasoning behind it as that design makes sense. MOST tube amps take it into consideration and have flush sockets. Yes schiit can design whatever they want but that doesnt make the design not stupid, when you have an opportunity for wider allowability and dont make use of it. Unless of course they specifically...
You do realize that not all 6SN7 are straight bottle but still within spec, which barely fit the Freya?
Hi, If you have the Pioneer SE-Master1 headphones to sell, please PM.
I wonder what the reason for this stupid design flaw was. The sockets should have been sitting flush with the top chassis. Did they not assume people will roll tubes?
The person who created the DAC says AES is the best input and you somehow seem to have a position opposite to him. I really can't think of a reason where this would be possible unless you a broken AES cable or terrible AES conversion/output even compared to the junk that is USB. Also, what is the RCA input on the Yggy?
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