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Seems like 50K USD it is. http://www.residentialsystems.com/audio/0009/hifiman-launches-signature-headphones/89040
Still having a tough choice deciding between rosewood and purpleheart. Anyone knows which one has better bass?
Im still considering if I should get a J2 for the HE-6 or go for the Utopia. I dont want to have any lesser bass quantity so this is helpful.What amp are you using for the HE-6?
Just be wary of AAW's customer service if you run into any trouble. They promised me a refit for their custom tips with no caveats, made me pay for the shipping across some continents, and now they say they can't do it and want me to pay for another pair altogether. They've stopped responding to emails too. Undelivered promises at it's best.
Im reading conflicting things on the bass of the he6 vs the Utopia. Some people are saying the bass impact is better on the Utopia and others dont agree? Of course this is assuming theyre both ideally powered.
 I was going to buy the Teak with the Ebony and PH cups. Im curious why you rank PH so low?
 I always thought these were inferior to the pre-CBS Hytron Tubes (Hytron Long Bottle), which are reasonably priced as well.
Hi,   I'm selling my Combo of 64 Audio U12 and the Astell and Kern AK100. This is the first version of AK100, with an output impedance of 22OHMs, and if you read the 64 Audio Thread, the U12 needs a high output impedance source to sound it's best and the original AK100 is one of the few players with a good high output impedance. The U12 comes with the S1 Module, which matches the best with the AK100's high output impedance.   The U12 is in perfect condition with no...
Unfortunately I couldnt make it to the meet as Im in San Diego but I would love to have compared my liquid glass to the elise.
I have recently moved to SF and I will try and make it there! If anybody is going from SF or East Bay/Sacramento, I'd be happy if you can give me a ride and I can share the gas bill.
New Posts  All Forums: