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Does it not have the memory wire? Do you maybe have a picture of what it looks like?
  Would be great indeed! Let me know when and I'll come by. Would be nice to try my FLC8S vs Ralf's ASG 2.5 as well!
The cable on these is almost unusable. Very microphonic, a tad too short and that awful memory wire! Who thought that was a good idea? I can wear these FLC8S cable down (always my more preferred method) instead of above the ear, but not sure what to do with that memory wire. Have straightened it a bit and it's just hanging there. Wondering how I would even store these iems without bending the memory wire again.       Has anyone managed to get any decent aftermarket...
 I just received the FLC8S and they sound decent (first few hours with them). Burning them in. Thinking of a portable DAC/AMP for them and thinking between the Mojo or iDSD.
All sold except the Ultrasone which Im keeping for now I think. Time to buy new stuff 
Wow.. what a dumb moment for me! I somehow thought the sub bass ones were all the way through (even though I saw their size when I replaced them!) Thanks man! Going to try the red-black-gold combo now!
So where exactly are the original ones? The ones on the left in the picture are the sub bass filters (I used the red ones) and the ones on the right are the nozzles? 
Placed the order on 29 Feb (Day before yesterday) and it showed awaiting fulfillment till last night from lendmeurears. Emailed them last night and they replied this morning that the order was shipped out and that they will update the tracking number later. Thought I'll get an email with the tracking number. In the afternoon the bell rings and the FLC8S show up by DHL! Fastest shipping ever.    Now I'd like to burn them in and get used to them before I post any...
 The HA-1 is one of the brightest DAC's ive heard. To a point where I couldn't listen to the HE-560 with them and had to sell it. Got the DAC-19 and it is SO much better. I'd really suggest you reconsider the HA-1 for the DAC. Gustard X12 has great reviews indeed.
Anyone knows what is the cheapest price I can get on the IE800?
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