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I saw some on the website too. Was just curious what an actual one looks like (not pictures from the guy himself) and what choices people make for cable colours etc.
 Hi, Can you please post pictures of the cable? Thanks.
Here is some headphone porn for you guys to drool over :   HE-560 with hand made teak wooden cups http://imgur.com/a/Ev27o
 Great to read the comparison. Strongly considering the amp. Can you tell me which seller did you use on Aliexpress? I only see prices closer to $400 shipped.
 The shipping on it is $5 so $55 in all. Available for $70 on amazon. 
Yeah more details on this please. Thanks.
 So did you receive your H10? How was your experience with Aliexpress and which seller did you get it from? Im also using the Magni2U with my HE-560 and considering the H10. Would love to read your detailed impressions with the magni2u and H10 and the differences. My journey towards upgrading my DAC/AMP is in it it's infancy :)
Would love some nice amp deals.     *steering this thread back to order*
Can anyone who has heard the HE-560 with the Magni 2 and the H10 or LYR2 or Polaris please post some detailed impressions with differences? I can't seem to find any.   Also, does anyone know which other pads fit the HE-560? these ones don't seem as deep and my ears touch the pads. The Fidelio X1 pads were more comfortable.
Hi guys,   I'm upgrading and want to sell my Schiit Magni 2 Uber amp. It's in mint condition (no marks scratches anything) and has been used for a couple of months only. Comes with the original box and everything. Message me if you are interested.   Thanks.
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