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 I'm glad I do :) Now only to find out what tubes are the same as the 6SN7W..
 That's very interesting. Since they sound similar, the ECC31 go for half price just because people don't want to use adapters?
Has anyone directly compared these to the HE-6 or Abyss?
 What are the differences between ECC31/32 considering the ECC31 are half the price? Sound wise specfically
 Which tubes would you rate as best when it comes to bass?  Would be interested in detailed comparisons between the tall and short bottled 6SN7Ws, if you manage to do them some time.
 Where and how do you order these and how much do they cost? Are the cups directly interchangeable on the TH-X00?
 Would you be willing to share some impressions of the SEM1 vs HE-6 and the DX1000 please Thanks
Hi,   If you have a pair of JVC HP-DX1000 to sell, please PM me details!   Thanks
What headphones are those on the right?
Hi,   Looking to buy a pair of Cascadia Audio Talos. If you have one for sale, please PM me details.   Thanks.
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