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A bit of berghain in the am  
 I would've just bought them to try and see how they fit me, but at their price the cut on the resale is too high.  I find the DT990 a little too bright, unless people have modded them somehow.
@Benny-x   You have the HE-6 as well right? Can you post some comparisons between the HE-6 and the SE-M1
 Yes Abyss is on the top of the list for me to try! Everyone says how good they are with electronic music. What amps have you tried them with and which ones do you like? Also, how is the comfort compared to the LCD-4? Definitely agree with your comment on the clubs trying to replicate the sound. I've been to quite a few "powered by Funktion One" parties, only to find out how badly they've managed to tune it to the space they have. 
 I can never even give audeze enough head time due to their weight! After a few minutes my neck becomes sore and I've never been able to judge them properly even after hearing them many times. I should maybe give in and try the LCD-X for longer. Have you compared them to the LCD-3 for electronic music? 
 I had the HE-1000 but sold it mainly due to that reason alone, that it doesnt have the bass slam I needed. I also felt the soundstage was a little too far for my liking. Regarding the mackies, how do you find the bass/sub bass? Have you compared these to the CR models? I found the CR series lacking bass and thin sounding. How do they compare to the HE-6? I currently own a measly Audioengine A5+ however I feel it does a better signature including bass compared to monitors...
Some people have compared them to the TH-X00 and preferred them. Would love to hear more thoughts on this and some comparisons with the HE-500 as well.
Finally created a thread to discuss headphones and setups for electronic music. I'd love to hear what you guys are using and what are you aiming for!    http://www.head-fi.org/t/812976/electronic-music-fans-headphones-discussion-thread
Any electronic music fans here? I'd love to hear your thoughts here specifically with regards to the SE-M1:   http://www.head-fi.org/t/812976/electronic-music-fans-headphones-discussion-thread
This thread is a hunt for the ultimate setup for electronic music fans. I've been into electronic music for a very long time and a very regular clubber. Mostly into techno, deep house and minimal.   Ideal sound   Funktion One system at Berghain   The best setup Ive ever heard in my life which I'd like to replicate the closest to, are the Funktion One dance stacks at the Berghain club in Berlin ("ideal setup"). In the centre of the main floor. every beat feels like...
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