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My pair is up for sale if anyone's interested. Free worldwide shipping!
 You have a lot of denons and LA phones! How do you find them compared to the HE-6? I've been considering them but I've never been sure.
 You have wonderful taste in techno  Just the kind I like! Some days I just feel like getting a funktion one system for my room fitting for its size and be done with it. No more Berlin cravings.  Going to give the ECC32 a good detailed run in my Glass.
Between them, which ones do you like best?Same question as well.
If anyone is interested in a wonderful balanced cable for the LCDs, I have a mint condition Nordost Heimdall 2 for sale.
What headphones are those?
A little surprised here. With the stock tubes EH6SN7, I find my LC has better bass slam than the LG (Using the Omni/Code-X). Those tubes are said to sound just very plain and analytical and sometimes even a little bright. 
The Liquid glass is said to be very transparent and sounds just like the tubes in it do. My DAC is an R2R with slightly warm tonality. Ideally, the exact sound of the tubes should come through. Based on what Im reading, the ECC32/KR-VT231 do bass the best and the Sylvania 6SN7W come close with slam, unless Im missing tubes which are in between.
 Im currently using the RCA 5692, but bass seams very lean and I miss the bass impact. I've read similar impressions that the 6SN7W do bass better than the TS BGRP (Second only to the Ken-Rad VT-231 and Mullard ECC32?), although the TS BGRP might be superior overall. Bass is important to me as I listen to mostly Techno, and currently my solid state LC amp is doing better bass than the liquid glass with RCA 5692 or Electro Harmonix 6SN7. I have the ken-rads on order too so...
Has anyone compared the Sylvania 6SN7W and the Tung-sol BGRP? Which one has better bass definition and bass slam? I've been reading good things about both, but I'm trying to narrow it down to either one of them. I listen to mostly electronic music so bass slam and clean treble is essential.
New Posts  All Forums: