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I really wish you'd have the silver bullet lined up too! this thread is becoming more and more awesome day by day!
One more thing... when  I sleep i keep low volume on my PL30s I feel that the sound is coming from a distance. That's probably because of the airy feel they have. I want something which on low volumes sounds as pleasant.. with the sound signature i described. So i can feel the music on low volumes when i sleep. Which iem would give me that?
Can't get a used PR1.. not in the US. Also what do you think about the RE0s for me? or the PL50? I'll look into the M1.Although do you think it would really be a leap up from the PL30s? I'm looking for a jump in sound. What do you think of the maximo Im-590? how would that be as an upgrade?   It doesn't have to be "specially" for sleeping.. just something comfortable in which i can sleep is what i mean. I had the EP-630s.. they were comfortable for sleeping.. however...
Joker: I just want the airy presentation and the crystal clear sound which is sort of "relaxing". I don't like the aggressive sound of the KSC-75s. Im not sure if im describing the sound right.. but i want something which is "musical" with not more bass than the PL-30 or maybe just slightly more.. and which is not flat or boring/analytical. I also want the airy presentation and clarity. I use my iems to sleep at night too hence all what I look for. How do you think the...
Im looking to upgrade from the PL-30s. I love the sound signature. So what IEMS will be a logical upgrade keeping the same sound signature?
I don't want to spend right away on another set of iems. I want to know if I can fix this with the fiio E1.. or if something else would help.
Having read all of this.. what exactly would be a logical upgrade from the PL30s in the sub-$100 category having the SAME sound signature??
I got the Soundmagic PL30 after reading about them here. I am loving the iems.. and the sound signature.. however they lose ALOT of details at lower volumes at which i use them when im trying to sleep. How do i help that? I have the option to buy the fiio E1.. would that help? or do i have to live with it? at lower volumes i can feel the sound coming from a distance and i can feel i have the foams in my ear.... need help.
So i got the PL30.. so far im LOVING what they do.. with their airy presentation and crystal clear sound. I seem to have one issue... when im sleeping i keep the volume very low.. at that level the PL30's lose ALOT of detail, bass and the sound seems very distant.. as in its coming from far.. and i can feel the foam against my ear. Can anyone tell me what to do to help it? I have the option to buy the fiio E1.. will that help? I dont want louder volume.. just the same...
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