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Hi Joker, How do the TDK BA200 compare with the RHA MA750 and the MEELEC A161?
 The MDR-1r have a mid bass bump whereas the CAL1 have more sub bass The mids on the MDR-1r are very forward and on the CAL they seem to be balanced or even slightly recessed The highs on the MDR-1R are very smooth and on the CAL they're more airy and open but not sibilant at all. You can't really dislike the highs on the CAL even if you don't like treble too much (I hate harsh highs and still dont hate the highs on the CAL) Overall the MDR-1R are cleaner than the...
How are the mids compared to the MDR-1R.. I like the forward mids and the toned down highs on the MDR-1r.. the bass is what I don't like. I have the original CAL and I like the bass on those but I still want more. I'm thinking the CAL 2 would be nice but worried that the mids would be recessed and the highs harsher than the MDR-1r. Are my worries genuine?   Also, comfort wise how are the CAL2 compared to the MDR-1R? MDRs are the most comfortable headphones I've worn!
I don't see any?
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I'm outside the US but I have a shipping address in the US. I can't even seem to create an account at the website to checkout.. let alone enter my credit card info. 
What about the comfort of the tenore and basso? Which one is more comfortable?   I'm using the MH1C. I like the sound but I'd like the bass to be a little cleaner and the mids more forward. What I'm looking for is hard hitting bass with rumble, forward mids and very smooth treble. Which of the two would suit me better?
 Went to check out and already sold out. DAMNIT.
You should check out the Creative Aurvana Live 2 or the Sony MDR-1R. Both are extremely comfortable.
Hi Joker,   if you had to give the VSD1S/VSD1 a sound score what would it be? secondly, are the mids as recessed and treble as harsh as people say it is? and how good are these compared to the R02 Silver?
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