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Does anyone know where I can find the Sennheiser HD25-1 II preferably for demo? Jumbo and Dubai audio dont have them.
I'm definitely up for a meetup!   My Fidelio X1 and RHA MA750 just came in which I'm currently enjoying! :)
 Can you please share the song name? Id like to hear what you mean
Anyone has a dac/amp for sale? Can you please pm me the price, condition and model?   Thanks
39 posts and I thought whoaa seems like some big deals are on and I might just have missed them again. The actual posts however went from discussing audio quality and bit rates to headphones sounding vs looking good.   Sigh   Deal:Refurb Harman Kardon NI In-Ear Headphones - $15 http://www.harmanaudio.com/refurbished-speakers/HARKAR-NI+REFURB.html?CJPID=CJ   Logitech Ultimate Ears 600vi Noise-Isolating Headset -...
Looking for a deal on the Sennheiser HD25-1 II. Anyone has any tips?
 Went to the sennheiser store in MOE. Just a few suggestions: 1) There seems to be no way to connect your own audio to the HDVD800 amp and HD800 or the HD700 headphones. Didn't want to bring my own amp to test it, but it would be really feasible if there was some way to connect my music player or phone to the system and test the gear with my own music. I can't tell if the music is good or bad if I'm hearing it for the first time as I have nothing to compare it to. 2) The...
Can someone please compare the fulla to the magni2/modi2 Sq wise? how much quality is lost with fulla compared to the stack?
What's holding me back with the Fulla is the usability. If the volume knob is difficult to use, I dont want to be frustrated with it at all times. Considering a Magni 2/Modi 2 Combo.. but not sure if its worth the increase in the price, SQ and aesthetics wise. Also, how powerful is the combo compared to the fulla? if in the future I intend to buy 600ohm headphones, would the fulla be able to drive them or the combo will be better?
Do you HAVE to use the volume knob or you can set it to a certain point and change the volume through the windows volume control?
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