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 I hadn't considered the possibility of the LC being off causing distortion. Thanks to all you folks I have one less thing to worry about.
 Thanks man! So glad to read this. I was thinking something was wrong with my DAC-19!
Im sensitive to treble and havent done the fuzzor mod, and still dont find the treble bright or harsh on the A21. It doesnt sound soft or laid back either. When it comes to the Rag, everything seems soft. Some kind of simulation of tube amps. Just doesnt have the slam or the higher notes energy. A fully upgraded WA5 is the best Ive heard the HE-6, so the WA5LE indeed might be the way to go.
 So I turned everything off and then plugged in both amps and turned them both on, and they both seem to work fine. I supposed it has to do with LC being off then, since that's when I hear it many times. I usually only keep only the amp that I'm using turned on.  Can you please link me to the explanation?
 Do not get the HE adapter unless you're using it with a tube amp. Degrades sound quality. You can get an adapter made from BTG for USD 50 or get a cable that is terminated to banana plugs.
 Both, the length of the tube on which the tips go, as well as the diameter of the tube. I'm basically looking to get custom tips/sleeves made, for which I'd need these dimensions. My measurements might not be accurate, so want to confirm.
My DAC-19 is upgraded with two rca outs instead of ACSS. When I use two outputs at the same time into two different amps, both them sound distorted. Even when one amp is powered off, the other one is still distorted. I even tried using a splitter plug to splti the signal from one RCA out to two, and hear the same distortion. When I use a single RCA out, everything is clear with no issues. Both of those ports individually work great, with different RCA cables. Anyone knows...
In comparison to my Parasound A21 power+preamp. The bass pretty much sounds similar to my LC.   My set is modded with open grills, vegan pads with suede mod, cskippys outer ring foam mod. I've never understood what the big deal about the Rag is. 
The sound bore from armatures to the ear canals on which the tips go.Thanks!
Thanks. Didnt know that! 
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