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 Very interested in it! Hope we hear about it soon.
            Just got the Ken-Rad VT-231. I believe these are the staggered plate version? Not the bass monsters I imagined them to be. I liked the ECC32 better overall. However, they are better than the red bass RCA 5692. More fuller sounding.
 Where did you get the Osram B36? Ive been trying to find them. How do you like them compared to the VT231 or TungSol BGRP?
 Did you mange to do this? impressions please if any
I meant how they are named. For example searching for the 12sn7w doesnt yield any results. How do you find a 12sn7 variant of the 6sn7w tube?
What specifically do you like about these compared to your other tubes?   Sorry I forgot to ask you :) Which one of these do you consider to do the best bass? Are the B65 worth the money over the other 6SN7 you have listed? Same question @gibosi  Sorry my knowledge is limited, but can I ask to further elaborate on this? My amp can accept 12SN7 types as well (Liquid Glass). Do you use adapters for these ECC tubes into 6sn7 sockets?  You can go ahead and post your top 12SN7...
Would love to know what your top 5 are in order.Maybe @jazzvinyl @jamato8 and @gibosi you can post your top 5 in order too
Hi,   If you have a matched pair of Sylvania 6SN7W for sale, please PM me.
Perfect time to get into cable making. Should start taking preorders for the queues of people wanting new cables for their headphones. If I had a 13' gap from my equipment to the headphones, I'd be considering speakers a bit more.   So the bass is better on the HE1000, the weight/comfort is better on the HD800, Distortion is apparently lower on the HD800 (?), this only comes with a single 13' cable so you have to hunt for a good balanced cable if you have balanced gear....
New Posts  All Forums: