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So what did you end up doing?
Can get a $15 AES cable off ebay to try. Canare with Neutrik gold connectors maybe.
 Pictures please!
The DAC should be as accurate and transparent as possible and you should be aiming at improving the chain to make it the most transparent till that point. You don't need warmth added at that point. Gives you more flexibility to change your amp/phones to go for sound that you prefer.
 Do you have any pictures of this?
 Thanks for your comparison! Really helpful. Also, I noticed you are from SF! We should have a mini meet to audition phones/mods/setups.
I haven't tried the Dekoni pads, but I just installed the Alpha pads, and I've definitely been missing out. They sound better to my ears than the Vegan pads Ive had for the longest of time. The whole presentation has livened up. Have to try the Dekoni to see if I hear any improvement.
Im interested in buying pairs of Dekoni, alpha pads, zmf pads, hm5 memory foam pads. If anyone has any to sell, please PM.
 Why not just remove the tubes when not using them?
No reason to keep the Rag on and it says in the manual that it is recommended to power down the Rag if not in use for longer than an hour.
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