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 Those are indeed great impressions and make me very interested in buying a pair of the CV-181Z. Considering a pair is now available for USD 110, I think I might as well get one.  I saw the tubes in your profile and my Liquid Glass amp can roll most of them. If you had to rank the top 3 tubes in your list, how would you rank them? Thanks for the impressions!
Hi,   Looking for a pair of clean TH-X00 Purpleheart headphones (No bubble marks or other visible marks or imperfections). Please PM me if you have one for sale with your price.
If the bass on them is better than the Omni maybe. What I really like is the fact that I can "feel" bass on the TH-X00.
 Me and my friends have heard them and really cant imagine how anyone who likes decent bass can like them. They're nowhere close what the TH-X00 offers when it comes to bass. I've been reading good things about the E-MU and Ill be in for the next drop with the removable cables, whenever that happens.  Currently Im not sure what the upgrade path is. Even though I own the HE-6, Code-X, Enigmas, Omni etc, I still crave to listen to the TH-X00 a lot. They're just so much fun...
It has zero bass. I dont know how anyone can like that headphone.
Such a shame considering many people have been praising the Odin to be better than the Utopia, HE1K, HE6 and Master 1 in the aspects I like.
I for one dont like how the TH900 sounds. Gets tiring really fast, whereas I can listen to the TH-X00 for long. So what is the upgrade path if you really like the TH-X00 and dont like the TH-900?
 K Odin is 670 grams.
That cable looks terrific! Where did you get the defunkt HE560 cups from?
  What cable is that?
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