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Still looking for answers for these too. Any help will be appreciated.
Still hearing distortion if I go past 3 o clock on the volume knob. Same input and everything else similar is crystal clear into the LC and LG. Anyone knows what could be wrong?
Has anyone directly compared the DAC19 and the mojo? I have the DAC19 which I really like but all this mojo talk is making me want one
 Thanks for the recommendations. Although I have a few pairs of 6SN7 tubes since I use them on the Glass, so I can maybe roll them into this. There are some really good tubes available for even USD 50 per pair, which I believe might be better than the standard ones on the MZ2. So had I bought just the MZ2 without the LPS, how would I have powered it out of the box? I have to buy something extra to run the MZ2 without the LPS if I want to compare the differences with and...
Proud new owner here. I already have a Liquid Glass, but curiousity got the best of me and I got the MZ2 with LPS.   I have some simple questions:   1) I have the version with the LPS. If I decide not to use the LPS, how does the MZ2 power? I only have a small power in port thing, and a cable that goes into the port and into the LPS, and power cord out of LPS to wall   2) How big of a difference does rube rolling make in this amp? Do changing the 6SN7 or the 12AT7...
Isnt the Brimar CV1988 the 6SN7GTY? Also having a brown base and not a black base with BVA on it
http://www.tnt-audio.com/accessories/shuguang_treasures_cv181_e.html Came across this raving review of the Shuguang Treasure CV181. Is anyone using them? the review considers it to be a contender for the ultimate tube, and the review was done when the price was 320 USD. Considering a pair can now be had or USD 120, it spiked my interest. Worth it? It also mentions the black glass Brimar 6SN7GT to be better than the tungsols and sylvanias. Im assuming the 6SN7GT is being...
Does anyone have experience with ECC31 to 6SN7 Adapters? Which ones are recommended ones/best quality?
 Considering they are the same as ECC32 with adapters, and Ive heard and enjoyed the ECC32! However both the pairs of ECC32 that Ive heard, had noise on them (One much more than the other), which I dont hear on on the 6SN7 That I have. It felt like the tubes were borderline going bad, but I could be wrong. The ECC31 are NOS, so hopefully they dont have that issue.
Thanks guys. The differences don't seem all that worth it, considering I use the Ken Rads when Im craving bass, and have the ECC31 incoming.
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