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Dominik Eulberg, pushing this on the terrific Funktion One system, on the nothing but glass and concrete 42nd floor of an otherwise very posh hotel in Dubai. 2 am.  
I meant the differences in sound.
 From what I understand, the ECC31 is exactly similar sounding to the ECC32 which just has separate cathodes, which are not tied together like they are on the ECC31.  Not entirely sure what the differences between the ECC32/33/34/35 are.
Selling my pair of Hifiman HE-500 headphones. It has some small marks as visible in the pics but nothing too big. It has the open grill mod which is completely reversible and the original grills are included. The headphones come with the following: 1) Hifiman Travel Case 2) Hifiman single ended cable (black) 3) Hifiman Stock silver coated copper cable with 4 pin XLR termination (has a small kink near connector but works perfectly) 4) Hifiman Brand new silver coated...
Very reluctantly I have to put my LFF Code-X up for sale, as I am moving across the world so I can only carry very limited things. These are one of the rarest headphones in the world with around 15 pairs made.    My pair is in pristine condition with no signs of usage, scratches,or cracked wood etc. These are with the hifiman smc connectors and not the audeze ones (the later iterations of the Code-X are hifiman smc). These come with a Charleston UPOCC cable (4 Pin XLR 5...
 Im really going to buy a pair of the ECC32 since ECC31 didnt work on the Glass. On another note, I received the NOS TS BGRP tubes, and the hype is real. I wasn't expecting it and felt like they might be over hyped, but apparently not.
 I've only rolled the 6SN7/12SN7 tubes on it and not any of the Noval tubes. Maybe I should give those a shot.
I do not think the TH-X00 are bright or shrill if you amp them right. Im amping them with some TS BGRP tubes and they sound exceptional. I can't believe I'm picking them much more lately than any of my high end cans.
My TH-X00 has been modded by @PETEREK with a removeable cable mod and balanced termination, with a 4pin to SE adapter. I'm impressed by the quality of his work.   Btw- Im reading mixed impressions on the TH-X00 PH bass compared to the mahogany. If someone owns them both, can you please post impressions? Ive been only reading impressions from people who have either had them for a very short time or only under meet conditions.
 Those are indeed great impressions and make me very interested in buying a pair of the CV-181Z. Considering a pair is now available for USD 110, I think I might as well get one.  I saw the tubes in your profile and my Liquid Glass amp can roll most of them. If you had to rank the top 3 tubes in your list, how would you rank them? Thanks for the impressions!
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