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 Hi, Can you please post some impressions on the HE-6 vs the M1? Thanks
 Very tempted to try and get some EL3N and give it a shot with the single tubes!  I've made my way up to the KRVT231/6SN7W on the LG, and I'm wondering where to go up from where with regards to overall SQ, (without going lower on bass). I find the ECC32, TS BGRP and Osram B36 a bit too expensive, and Im not sure if they worth are enough of an upgrade and worth the price. 
 Ooh nice! Have fun and try and not focus on SQ 
 Yes the Liquid Glass amp is very special and I love it. Specially with a growing collection of 6SN7 tubes. However, it's just the curiosity in me which makes me want the Elise, just like I got the MZ2. Also, I do like the sound of ECC32 tubes and used them on the Glass, but NOS they cost around $800 for which I can get the Elise and use the ECC31 instead, which are essentially the same with a 6SN7 adapter as the ECC32, just that the Glass does not allow common cathode...
I actually also bought the JBL LSR4325 monitors with room correction, which I really enjoy. They're huge and sound brilliant. After room correction the bass has tightened up but I think I need to add a sub at some point. Still cant use them late at night when everyone's sleeping.   Those EVE Audio look interesting. What are you using to control the volume?
 Ive been reading up on the TH900 a lot after really liking the THX00. How do you think your LA-900 compare to the SE-M1? some detailed impressions would be nice or if you can direct me somewhere where you've posted them etc.
 Ive been reading a lot more about the Pioneer SE-Master-1, thinking of it as an upgrade/sidegrade to the HE-6. Have you compared the bass on it to other planars?  I've never been to Primavera, however that lineup is cool! There are many good clubs in berlin for DJs yes, but the vibe in berghain is close to none. I wish to hear the Elear as well. If you do happen to listen to them, please compare them here against the HE-6+Firstwatt. Would love to hear your...
 Some people have been using a single EL3N with an adapter in place of 6SN7 in the Elise. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1piece-Gold-plated-EL3-EL3N-TO-6SN7-CV181-B65-Special-tube-converter-adapter-/201589213959?hash=item2eefa74b07:g:gVQAAOSwU1FXQXCf So Im assuming this only works in the Elise then maybe? Yes theres not enough space on the glass to fit a christmas tree setup of the EL3N
Has anyone used the EL3N tubes and compared them to the likes of BGRP and 6SN7W? Over at the Elise thread, people tout them to have even better SQ (Bass/soundstage) compared to the ECC31, which I already consider to be a great tube (Having heard the ECC32 and assuming theyre the same with adapters to 6SN7). Now I'm just worried that the EL3N might also not work on the Glass with the 6SN7 adapters.   http://www.radiomuseum.org/tubes/tube_el3n.html
 There were two questions: 1) Firstly if the Elise is powerful enough to run the Omni and HE-500 without distortion2) Would the Elise with EL3N or ECC31 sound good or bad compared to 6SN7W on the Liquid Glass. If I had to just run the 6SN7, Id be happy with the Glass. I guess my first question is partly answered as the HE-560 needs good power too.
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