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Buy Shure SE215 for $99 and get a PFE012 free.
Everything looks great and looking forward to the meet. Everyone should also bring any equipment they want to sell or trade. There will a lot of similar minds there who would be interested in your items.
In for the meetup and looking forward to it!
Sennheiser HD25-1 II Closed-Back Headphones - USD 149.99. They havent been this low in quite a while.
The deal on the HD600 & HD650 brand new for $245 & $290 respectively is on again. Free shipping. HD600: HD650:
Would really like to try the TDKBA200, Universal Roxanne, WA7, Stagediver 3, and C1 PRO. Cheers and looking forward to it.
I prefer either dates- Timing 1:30pm-6pm would be suitable for me. Before that I might not be able to make it but of course you can start early and people can come and go as they please. I'll try coming earlier if possible.   I am interested in listening to: HE400i, HD600, HD800, TH600/900, PM3, LCD-2/3,    I will bring this equipment: Fidelio X1, Schiit Modi, Schiit Magni2 Uber, RHA MA-750, MDR-1R. Creative Aurvana Live/Sony ZX701 (if anyone's interested in any of...
They only ship to Canada. Also there's tax of CAD 150 or so.. bringing the price to CAD 1350.
 Which dac/amp are you using with your X1?
 Didn't come up with much in the search. Where did you read this? Also, what is a good dac/amp combo for the Fidelio X1? Anyone here using the modi/magni? Please post some impressions. Thanks
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