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I think tonality doesn't matter much with electronic music considering it is already recorded with artificial sounding "instruments". What Im more interested is the slam and tightness of the bass and softening of the treble. Also, a lot of electronic music isnt recorded and mastered well, therefore a slightly forgiving DAC should help. Sabre only makes this worse, for me personally. For reference, I use the Gustard H10 and absolutely love it. The Gustard X9 that I...
I mostly listen to techno and trance. However, I currently have the Oppo HA-1, which I dont like. The treble glare is pretty apparent and is worsened by the fact that I have the HE560 which is also slightly bright. This has put me off Sabre pretty much. Ive therefore been considering DACs with a warm tonality and one which seems very decent is the Gustard X9 with dual wolfson chips and balanced out for around $400. Between that and the DAC-19 im not sure if spending $500...
Some people have commented thaat this DAC has soft tonage. Has anyone tried it with techno/electronica music? how do you like it? My main concern is the bass not being impactful or the tones and shifts being slow defeating the purpose of planar bass somewhat.
Why did you opt for the marantz and which one?
 Objectively, would the DAC-19 be better than for example a TransDAC, Parasound or the Adcom600?
 What would be the maximum one should pay for the GDA-600, Theta Basic II and the GDA-700 before it isn't value for money anymore?
What would be the cheapest R2R dac to buy excluding the vintage DACs? (Which has USB input)
 How do you like the HA-1 as an amp with the DAC-19 compared to using the HA-1 as a dac and amp?  I currently use the HA-1 as a DAC/AMP but I find the Dac to be too bright. I've also used the HA-1 as only a DAC out to the H10 with similar results. Which is why Im looking for a warmer DAC!
 going to be pairing it with the HE-560 with the Gustard H10 amp.
How much did the Theta set you back and have you compared that dac to any other DACs?
New Posts  All Forums: