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call j&r, ask them for current pricing on the hd650, then they'll tel you 349, then hem and haw, they offered for 310, I shouldn't do this on the forum, but oh well
No love for Simon Wright? Metal or not Neil is my fave though.
Quote: Originally Posted by h1a8 From this graph and headroom chart it looks like the Turbines Pro sound similar to the IE8 (with extra bass on) but have a slight more recessed midrange and slightly better isolation but lower soundstage. Can anyone verify that? The sound is not that different, the IE8, have more punch, the depth is about the same. On some music the Turbine pro is more musical sounding, at times, The IE8 are. The soundstage is...
Quote: Originally Posted by MacedonianHero Sorry, to update: Monster Turbine Pros: Double A ball IE8s: MLB Hope that helps! lol......ok, nice update!
Call j&r right now! under 400......haggle with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by hockeyb213 I hear the hd800's are really similar to my jh-13's which may make me decide against them if I decide I want a different soung sig out of my full sizer. If that's the case, you're right, that would help if they are similar sound sigs. I look forward even more to that comparison, in as far as how similar they sound to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by tintin47 If you're expecting to spend thousands on phones in the future, and especially if you are planning on getting very revealing phones like the HE-5, spend some money on a good amp and source, like at least $1k. Best bang for buck is usually DIY used on the FS forums. People usually sell at parts cost, and DIY builds are almost always very high quality. Furthermore, the open source nature of DIY circuit design allows...
Quote: Originally Posted by hockeyb213 Let me specify further I bought the ed8's so those I technically own...the hd800's and ps1000's are on loan to me indefinitely while I compare them and do a review. What I will do after my review is keep the one I like most and let the other 2 go unless I have 2 phones that I just can't let go :P HD800's on loan.........errrr not for me, I doubt I could part with them after, I am already looking at them which...
Zana Deux ........I don't believe it get's better. More money or not!
Congrats on not buying the Denons.....enjoy! (saluting you)
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