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Quote: Originally Posted by fenixdown110 No doubt the performance was excellent. Youtube quality is just barely passable. Agreed, but it was far better than most you tube streams.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tiemen Hmm, you want a wide soundstage too. Then forget the Q40 I mentioned before, and grab the Sony MDR XB700. The D2000 hardly isolates and needs a good amp IMO. Without it, they sound harsh in the highs, and boomy in the lows. amp they my opinion, not that hot with an amp if you ask me, want mine op?
Take your friends laptop ..sell it, get new ie7' welcome
ok, I took the time to drag out my ad2000' sounded great for streaming...... why full size cans? Are we headed towards a debate on iem's bass limitations?
Well, although simplistic, the creek obh21 will drive both sets great, abot 375 dollars, if you wnat to spend more, other options exist, but I've heard many phones through it (it's not mine) and it makes me wish I never spent more.
all you need is an amp?
Not going to be a huge difference, I find that the cambridge Audio 840 matches up well with the Wharfedales, It;s an integrated amp, but sounds amazing for the price. The denon is fine, I just think a warmer sounding amp brings out the best in the 2 cents
The yamaha player is on sale at many places right now...and is well woth the price, as choka said, the transprot alone makes it a deal, dac's keep improving anyway, unless you must have 5.1 in digital, it's one of the better deals for a universal players ever.
Are you in the us?..Are those Lifelike sound letters gold?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fred_fred2004 The amps dont really care where the power comes from as long as there is enough of it Which amps are you talking about?? Thanks Fred
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