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OK, just trying to clear out some stuff, this needs to go as a bundle, since it's more about getting rid of stuff I won't be using, or don't use at all   The Audinst has the jumper pins connected, and will drive any of the phones I'm including to ridiculous levels.   All headphones are in great shape. The Audinst is also. I will pack it in one box, I'm not going to bother with boxes, but will include the instructions for tha Audinst, and it's power cord. I...
Anyone with an M stage that doesn't own the x701 akg's seems like it's the overwhelming majority. I was very pleasantly surprised at how it matches up with the HD650 as well. Which led me to purchasing a second one, coolest thing about the 650 is changing amps is kin to changing cans, sources also.   The only other desktop amp I have under 500 is the headroom micro, and the M stage is better, IMO of course.   Chris.......I covered my vents and the bass got...
I'm geussing it was from Tam audio? I've seen them sold through amazon market from tam.
As far as I know all versions marked 2011 or later have the vents, I'd get them from Tam audio/Coolfungadget, I would imagine he is only selling the vented ones now.  I have 2, and bought a third for a friend, all 3 have the slots.
Agreed, 100 percent, although from memory the 880's are a bit less colored than the 990's.  But yeah, even a cheap chinese hybrid will drive beyers decently enough, the woo audio 2 is splendid!!
Prefer a trade for Shure SE210 or 310 in mint condition.   The 558's are in pristine shape.  Any question, please ask   Thanks,  Frank
I have the 325's and it sounds good, My beyer 990's sound kind of rough, I really prefer tubes for beyers. Adds a holographic stage to them.
As stated..... Both are in excellent condition, willing to throw in some extras if you have good enough feedback. For instance throwing in another set of cans, like the 558's or some smaller open cans, I don't have any closed cans I would trade in this price range.     Any questions, feel free to ask   Frank
I can't argue that people will hear differences no matter what, but if that stays true, I won't want a listen, I'll continue to refer the budget minded to the Audinst
New Posts  All Forums: