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If you sold them, they would need to be sent to Sennheiser as if they were coming for you, you have an invoice, not sure why you don't have the s/n, but brian can help you with that, and honestly, you don't often hear of a broken pair of 650's, at an rate, Brian is pretty responsive and helpful, and will answer questions.
Not a bad thing at all, except for your wallet :)
I guess the Fiio amps will do ok, the E11 is the best of the bunch, but the HD650's sound far better with a better source and amp, they scale up really well. I don't think think the E17 does them justice, just an opinion.  Now that the people I respect have voiced impressions on the HD700, I know the HD800 is next.
What kind of garbage is this?  Until admin informs me you are the last word in all things headfi, you're not much here. The amping makes a very moderate improvement.  These phones simply aren't very good for their going price, that's my opinion, not an absolute.
As far as sound signature, the sm3 really doesn't have much of one, that's what makes it special. I'll admit it is a bit of work for most people to get that "just right fit", but once you do, it's great for any genre, not the best at any one in particular, but you never feel the need to switch them out. In contrast, similar priced westone um3x/W3 both have more of a signature, the W3 has a bass/treble boost, the um3x is a bit warmer and drops off more than the sm3 from...
I own several good pairs, from 1200 a pair bookshelf to 8k a pair floorstanding, I choose headphones/iem's.......I'm not alone either
Love this post, Purrin and LFF go to great lengths (along with many others) to help the headfi community, so.... no need to defend your love for the HD700, better to read their many other threads and better understand the amount of gear they have heard. I don't know either of them, but these impressions based on their body of work here and elsewhere is enough that I am certain the HD700 isn't for me. Sorry for the rant.
The consumer is as much  or more to blame for high prices. Some truly love the HD800's (for instance)  while others buy them as status symbols. When I used to install custom home theaters, many clients could have spent 1/4 the price and got better sound, yet they insisted on products with insanely high prices and very subpar sound.    I'm curious if the new denon line will sound better, although probably not as visually attractive to many, I always thought some...
One of the fastest ways to upgrade all your gear, book a room at a holiday inn express, take all your gear with you..........after one night, you and your gear will have all improved.  On a more serious note, I have no problems with my k701's with any amp, although I do unplug all cans before power cycling.
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