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If you bothered to look at my posting history, you'd know I'm not a monster fanboy. I liked the pro series iem's quite a bit. I had several pairs of each, and many liked the monster pro's. This is the first pair of monstar portable headphones I think are worth a mention, because of good build and considerably improved sound. Many people on the boards know me, what do you mean motivations?   I'm no shiil for monster, draw your own conclusions, enough here respect me, and...
I've heard them all, ask around, I have reviewed all the pro series in ears.  The diamond tears are well built. They are built far better than the beats studio or solo and would take quite a bit of abuse.   I'm finishing up a review, so sit tight
I know many members don't like monster in general, Including me. They have made some good in ears, and in my opinion, this is the best headphone they have made to date.   The build is awesome, this is a new build, I've never seen from any brand before. The top has a a rubbery feel to it, and it kind of sticks to your hair a bit. It's actually nice. I have tested the build since the claims of the design being nearly indestructible. I'd have to agree, very good build....
        A few pics of the cans, my camera skills suck. The cans are by far the most nuetral by monster I've heard.
Woo Audio WA2 is a great match for the HD800, (it's what I use) still not the best, but it's a solid step up from the Lyr, great bang for buck. 
The polk ultrafocus 8000, don't cancel noise as well as the bose, but offer great sound.  a good compromise with great sound.  The bose qc15 actually leaks a fair bit of sound out. I really like the polks, maybe i can find the time for a proper review
I have an otl, have heard many, and own a few hybrids.  Listening to my 990's through my Woo 2 and the M Stage is a very different experience.
Are you trying to say those of us that love the HD650, have some kind of consenus going? This can't be, it's probably against the headfi TOS.  But you can dream if you want
And it was a great read...........thanks
Just use the rca jacks, it's no different than hooking them up to powered speakers or stereo amp. It will act as a dac/preamp.  Should be fine.
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