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A toslink cable is made that will plug into just a headphone jack, and it works fine from any of my pc's  Just make sure the cable you get is meant to fit a headphone jack on one end.  Fiio recommends you don't use the amplified out directly to your cans.
ANC cans, with case, controls on right ear. 300 USD retail, will trade for a portable dac/amp plus 20 dollars for my shipping cost. Or the Vjay's portable cans. A fiio E10 NIB would fine or a NIB set of vjays. It's a good deal, I'm done evaluating them and won't be using them, so better to let a headfier that will use them get them. Or I'll sell outright for 95 dollars.      
I don't plan to invest any more time listening. My last session 10/10 was through an Ipod nano and an Iphone, those are the only two devices I have left that aren't filled with lossless music. The DT's reveal the differnece very well, a balanced sound with lots of detail, is the short version of how they sound, it's a pretty drastic difference from past Monster over/on ear offerings.  Time to try something new :)
I got the new l-plug on rma too, is it me or did they reduce the bass a bit? The new pair sounds better, I was really happy to find this thread. 
Yes, they're on ears. I don't know of a response graph just yet, but will be looking out for one.
I'd say width is average for a closed portable can and depth is a bit above average. The soundstage is puzzling to me though. While most music the size is fairly small, on cassical music it seems far better, where most phones don't show as much difference. To my ears anway. It's not anything to write home about.   The seal/fit is very easy to get, and the cans are not overly sensitive to placement, and the shape of the cups makes sense. The movement on both the vertical...
The LP2 have more bass, the M100 I have yet to hear, but while they may well be an upgrade to the M80, it's not a sure bet either. The bass is more in quantity on the M80 as well, I'd say the Diamond Tears are not for bassheads. Probably better to stick with what you have until you can hear the M100. The MMM from Skullcandy is also a fair can for serious bassheads. Too much for any non basshead. Finally if you can get a chance to listen to the polk Ultrafocus 8000 it's a...
LMAO, I stand corrected, after reading your post, I checked. From looking at them I had no idea they folded.Thanks, I'll have to correct that.   PS.... Don't I feel foolish, I've had these ten days and never tried to fold them, the hinging is invisible until you closely inspect the inside of the headband.
Having read an awful large number of your posts, these could possibly be to your liking. The bass is so tight, and very well presented, not a hint of midbass hump either with nice full mids, only the lack of air in the treble and upper treble rolloff keep it from matching something better.
I for one think the Beats pro sound awful and forced, I don't review things I don't like, it's not fair to compare the Diamond Tears with something I don't like.  As far as dedication to the Monster brand, you clearly don't know me, I buy, trade all brands of cans. Most of the cans I love have been reviewed extensively. For instance my HD800's. I have nothing to add to all the reviews already on the forum. I tend to review things that have gone unnoticed, like the Monster...
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