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I took it as a joke!  In my opinion, the DACmagic (with upgraded power supply) is roughly equal to the MSII+ in sound, but has enough extra flexibility to warrant the higher price. I think the E17 is roughly equal to the audinst MX1 with a slightly better dac on the E17, the amps are more of a preference than one being better. All in my opinion of course.
Lol, is this a honeymoon thing? :)
Care to explain physics? Undergraduate? I'm 52 and have 3 degrees.  Ignoring your foolishness is my best bet.
That's about right in my opinion, burn in is very short time period. Let it warm up good the first time you use it, and why not five minutes or so in the following uses.
Really? I'm an electrical engineer, and I believe different, stop acting like your opinion is absolute.  The only difference between a fact and an opinion is facts can be proven and disproven, and they are all the time. Science is based on measurements and logic. And it's not etched in stone. I respect your opinion, but please don't try to pound it in like it's the last word. 
That's a good way of saying it, nothing stands out or seems missing. Gave them to a nephew in college. I could tell by his face he wasn't impressed at first, that changed radically in the course of a week. He called and raved endlessly.
They come with 3 cables, and you can buy cables on the bay and elsewhere that will work.
Nothing wrong with bling if you want it.
Well, comparing to Monster and their branded (celebrity) cans, much better value.  When I think of great value, the cans that come to mind, are portapro, px100, and grado sr 60/80,
The Olympus is the E10, and It's amp isn't 95 percent of the E11's amp, Not in my opinion anyway. The E11 can push much harder to drive cans.   I would just get the E11 with the extra battery from micca.
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