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Looks like it's telling how many people use that first post as a guide to narrow down choices for everything from deciding on a first set of portables, to just perusing it for new toys to try, the single most important post on portable cans in all of headfi, and the interwebz even :-)
Ok, seriously Max, did you take this picture?  I could never take a picture that well, too many nerves shot maybe, anyway, if you did take it, kudos bro.
The black is way less blingy, but still a bit much for me. No denying the sound of these is a huge jump forward for monster on/over cans. I hope these have great success and monster follows suit in the future.
Haven't heard the 8323's but ordered the DT235's based on your description of the sound, pretty much exactly what I expected, very cohesive sound. I especially like the bass, which takes a slight back seat compared to bass heavy phones, but without lacking much in depth or impact. As you stated, it's rather addicting, and quite a bargain for 47 dollars.  Put on some music, and you'll soon forget they are <50$ cans.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^   Thanks for that illustration, will have to do that, thanks!!!! 
Wow, that looks nice!!!  I'll post my thoughts on the little bear, I don't expect much, but I do get surprised. 
I can honestly say I didn't make that mistake, of course the thread might have had something to do with it.
Just throwing this pic out there. This amp in silver sells for 80 dollars, for whatever reason, the same amp in black is generally won for roughly 25 dollars and 16 for shipping, so it seems like a low enough cost to give it a shot, for me anyway, it ended up costing me 41 dollars, shipping included. It's rechargeable and rated for headphones 16-600 ohms, with a claimed 500 mw output.  I don't have it yet, but thought I'd give a heads up in case the black version also...
Hey Darren, yeah hanging around a bit, and yes they are too glitzy for me. I bought them simply because it's the first set of non iem's monster has made that sound good. They also seem very well built.  I'm honestly very happy to see a set of headphones that give young adults and teens the three things required from my perspective, Looks, Durability, and good sound. They play fine out of portables, improve slightly amped.  They offer all the clarity of the coppers, with...
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