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I truly wish it was possible to add remarks to each individual can's final thoughts. Of course that would be crazy, I can't even begin to imagine the work that would create for mods and admin to keep civil and on topic.  Things like you mentioning the Portapro isn't quite the no brainer it once was. Likewise, the Grado SR80i, while still great for it's price, has fierce competition. I simply can't stop reading the first post, and have bought many of the cans reviewed. I...
Got it about a week ago, honestly sounds decent, I haven't bothered opening it up yet, but the volume pot has to go, and the resistor as well, the area around the tube get's very hot, I wouldn't recommend this to anyone not into swapping out a few components though. The pot is not good at all.   EDIT: It does have good driving ability though.
Bro, mentioning Rush is never an interruption   
I hear you, I'm pretty cheap with everything else other than music and associated gear. 
Melbourne Florida!  Still own a place on Cocoa Beach, don't get there often though.
Absolutely, we're kids at heart, or we'd be smart enough to be happy with what gear we have instead of keeping up with the new goodies!   Ok, so maybe I wouldn't be smart
Lmao.........that's been some time ago buddy, I'm passed the 50 mark
As much enthusiasm as you have for gear, you're not old, just year challenged :-)
Thanks for clearing that up.
As far as I know, you don't want the ones in the second link, I've never heard that model, but have seen too many posts saying that one is inferior to the HD25-1-II Hopefully some one that has heard the HD-25 can chime in.  I don't think you want the HD25SP II either. 
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