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True, but not cheap tube anps. Never heard your amp, but have seen it on the bay.  Is it a rebranded Darkvoice? Sharp looking amp you got there. I've heard the 650's on several under 200 dollar tube amps and it's not pretty, but nothing can sound worse than the 650's out of the Udac, pure torture, hopefully I don't offend anyone with that comment.    
I just tried something, and you're right, the Senn 6xx series do sqeak more while I had my sunglasses on than just about any other can I have, even my 558/598 senns. Like you I could find a spot where it pretty much went away by placing the headband more torwards the front of my head than I normally would.  A friend owns the HD800, and says no sqeaking, but the earcups are very dfferent on them, as you know. HD800's for a grand would be nice!!!      
Lol, welll, I've pretty much managed to stop buying cans and iem's, and for the most part opamp rolling. If only I could quit buying amp/dac's now. I hope after I get the Burson, or the RSA HR2, I can stop!!!!  I gave up the ampop rolling a bit, but I know better opamps exist, not sure how the 627 got so popular. Maybe if the M stage dies, I'll be cured, but it is such a great amp in it's price range!!!!  As chris said, nothing against the 627 series, just not for me.  
Someone posted earlier that the class A biasing made a difference in heat?  Meaning less or more with the mod, mines modded, you can always touch it, and it rarely gets turned off, anyone have opinions, I'm going to try the the LM4562, the 627 is nothing special, but better than the 2134 IMO
The sqeaking surprises me, but yeah, your source and amp are very good, upgades from the V200, and D100, are at the point of tiny incremental returns, unless you wanted a more colored source, I think an accurate source like the D100 is the way to go.    
The Audinst has a considerably better daac in it, so unless you want the dac "just in case" it's a waste. The Audinst is a DAC first kind of product, with a decent amp built in, I'd rate it as just a bit below the HRT StreamerII as a dac, that's only my opinion of course    
The impedance of the Denon D2000, and the rest of that family D5000/7000 all have roughly 25 ohm impedance, you can hit headroom for the impedance graphs.
I don't think the M Stage gets any warmer than the asgard.  They are both pretty warm, I don't own as Asgard, but have never been able to find a surface temp on the M Stage at anywhere near 300 degrees, which is still far from the ignition point of anything you might have as far as paper laying around, it could melt wax maybe. I rember the Asgard having very similar temps.  If you know someone with an infrared thermometer, ask them to shoot the hottest spots on the...
Looking forward to your impressions...............      
I'd say if you don't like the soundstage, yes the 650's are going to suit you better, they do games and movies just fine, as far as the Price there is always razordog deals, an authorized seller that selsl on ebay, you're still covered under warranty, since your invoice from paypal to him is your reciept. He keeps items like this listed as private also. Make him an offer, or wait. Many forum members buy from him. Never seen a compaint that I recall.  good luck.
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